We All Have Those Days

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Jacket: Rubbish | Tank: Ann Taylor (similar) | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: c/o ECCO | Bracelets: JewelMint, old, c/o lifetherapy | Sunglasses: Gas Station in Kentucky | Watch: c/o WatchCo

This morning I decided to make an outfit around my new watch. WatchCo let me pick a watch of my choice, I haven't worn one in eons and have been wanting one, so I picked one of their Citizen watches. I Instagrammed my watch-filled arm party the other day but haven't yet featured it on the blog. So my hair was damp, I put in some beach waving stuff I never tried before, and decided to go up in the attic, grab some warm weather clothes and create an ensemble. Well actually, I decided I wanted to wear my white shirt with my Banana Republic red skirt. I know I said the white shirt was too big, but my body is bigger than it was last year so I thought it may work.

The shirt is a no-iron style but everything needs a bit of heat after being shoved in a Rubbermaid bin for a few months. So I got all steamy in the attic, then whipped out the iron which got me even more steamy. And Emerson's asking what I am doing, can she watch, can she try, can I teach her. And time is ticking, I need to leave for work. I'm hungry, I'm short on time, I'm sweaty and I just showered and I try on the shirt… and it still is too big. It looks too crisp, too much like I am wearing my husband's shirt. I try a black boatneck tee with elbow-length sleeves. Too severe of colors. I try a striped tee, felt too cliche. I try the white shirt with cropped pants and feel fat and frumpy. But this time my hair has started drying in crispy curls a la 1989 Alison. And Emerson wants Bunny Fruit Snacks. Please. Please. Please. Please. Pleasssssseeeeeee Mommy I NEEEEEEED BUNNNNNY FRUITTTTT SNACKKKKKKSSSSSSS!

So I told Emerson I needed a moment, if she could go into her room and pick out her outfit for the day. I calmly closed the door, locked it, and slammed a pillow a dozen times into the bed and screamed a bit into said pillow and stripped off all the clothes that made me hot and feel fat and laid down spread eagle on the bed and did some yoga breathing until I literally and figuratively calmed down. And then I just grabbed what was sitting on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed – jeans I wore this weekend, a tank that was just washed and not yet put away, a jacket I have been deciding whether to keep or not. Grabbed a barrette to hold back my mall bangs, put on enough makeup to not have coworkers ask if I was okay and moved on.

We all have those days. And while this outfit is NOT what I should be wearing to work, it's not awful. It makes me glad that I regularly purge my wardrobe of stained, stretched out, faded, and super duper unflattering clothes. Because we all have these days, these days where we say (pardon my French) FUCK IT and just put on clothes so you're not arrested for indecent exposure. And life's a lot better when those fuck it clothes doesn't make you even more miserable and stressed out.

Take care of yourself, and prepare for those fuck it moments. Get rid of the unflattering, the poor condition, the pieces that give you low self esteem. Slowly build up a wardrobe of loungewear that is flattering as well as comfortable, weekend clothes that you can wear outside your home and backyard. You'll thank yourself when the next time one of these days hits.

And this jacket? I guess it's a keeper!

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  1. Thank you for making me feel normal! I’ve chucked out all my ratty clothes because I just know I will pile them on when I’m not feeling my best and make a bad day even worse.

  2. Funny story (although it probably didn’t seem funny to you at the time) that resulted in one of my favorite outfit posts you’ve done! I love the whole ensemble and need to make that jacket mine ASAP.

  3. Bless your heart, even though I giggled when you flopped down on the bed and unloaded the F-bomb πŸ™‚

    We do all have those days. I usually throw on any dress that is as comfortable as a night gown, but last winter was having a tough time with neuropathic pain and could not wear clothes that touched me. I figured out how to wear a loose dress with almost no undergarments and bare legs. I’m pretty sure I looked like a bag lady. Needless to say, no pics that day!I

  4. Great post. I am glad I am not the only one. Even with the extra challenge, you look awesome. You have inspired me.

  5. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt! But definitely don’t ditch the jacket, it’s gorgeous in you.

  6. Oh yes, Allie, I know those moments well. None the less, you really do look cute, but the un-cute feeling is comes from within on those FI days. Tomorrow’s a new day.

  7. omg. the way you described that (minus the kid) is my life. especially since, ugh, this is going to sound stupid, but especially since I blog what I wear. I don’t want to NOT be me, but I want to look nice. But then I look in the mirror and all i see is stringy hair and jowls on my face and its like…NOPE. do not want to look at, or share with anyone, and why do I have to go out into the world today so that everyone sees it too? i wish I could be like “here’s advice woo!” but I guess all I’m saying is…me too sister.

  8. If this was an off day for you, you certainly look fabulous. Last Friday, I had a moment. At aerobics, an elderly lady (at least older than me) asked me if I was pregnant. Mind you, this happened at the senior center and I am 63 years old. At first I laughed, then spent the rest of the class tugging at my exercise shirt. Spent the weekend sucking in my gut and browsing shapewear. Then I decided, f**k it- I’m 63, doing interval training 3x a week, I feel great and do my best to keep from looking “old ladyish.” And besides that- what was she thinking asking me that question!

  9. This is why we love you! You’re so honest about the horror moments that we all have – and you look fabulous even in your F*ck It outfit!

  10. You look fantastic! Seriously ! I am not blowing smoke up your posterior. I’m glad you’re keeping the jacket too because it’s awesome. I have one just like it and I love it to pieces.

  11. Why do I only have these moments when it’s about 150 degrees out and everything is sticking to me??? You look great, rock that lipstick and go get ’em.

  12. Alison, you’re killing it today with these posts. AND you look awesome to boot! AND I want to give you a hug, because I’ve SO been there.

  13. SUCH an adorable outfit, was not expecting this back story! hehe

    Being wardrobe-prepared for those moments is great advice… and why is it that screaming into a pillow sometimes just seems to do the trick? πŸ™‚

  14. I have those moments mostly when it comes to dressing to go out. I guess I get all anxious then suddenly I’ve got nothing to wear and I feel fat and old and ugly… it’s no fun. This is a good reminder to make sure that I’ve got a few things I can wear that are comfortable and flattering.

    Also, the jacket looks great, especially with the aviators.

  15. I actually think you look pretty great! Sorry for the crappo morning, but glad you can put a story about it together in a way that brings the lulz.

  16. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has outfit-induced tantrums. But honestly, you look great! Exactly what casual should look like.

  17. omg I seriously just diiiied you are too funny! I have definitely done the freak out taken the entire outfit off & worn something completely different.

  18. Before I read your commentary, I was looking at the pictures thinking, “Wow, she’s lost weight!” I think this outfit looks great on you!

  19. Allie,

    Your FI days you look so much better than some folks best days, so not to worry. But then you’re not worrying if you can sincerely say F*** It and move on. You always look put together. On those days I am tempted to wear sweat pants to work. I haven’t but I have been known to wear sweat pants to the market. I know, I know. The horror! Fashion felony. But sometimes when the migraine and the allergies hit at the same time and I need some fresh fruit, I don’t care!


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