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NWM 20070806 20001.5NWM 20070806 20002.13I now know why i don't wear dark lipstick often. It ages me. I don't realize until I leave my house and catch a glimpse in a window or see a photograph after the fact. I look as though I am in costume, and my nose looks larger than usual. Really shows you can't believe the mirror. Grab your digital camera, take a bunch of pics and pull them up on your computer. Save them to a private album on Snapfish or Shutterfly and use them for reference. I see this and don't think I will do matte dark red lipstick again unless it is Halloween.

Hair is a bit wacky since I can't wash it yet. It got all wavy from the shower steam, rain the day before and sleeping on it. I coaxed a few more tidy waves with my curling iron. I blew the bangs straight. They didn't look so greasy in real life, the pictures were taken after runnng around after the dog and rushing. It's very warm and humid today and I got a tad… well my grandmother would have said “I was glistening.”

Makeup is the L'Oreal Bare Naturale foundation, Body Shop stick concealer, Nars Orgasm blush. On lips is L'Oreal Endless lipstick in Real Raisin. On eyes, I used the ivory from the Revlon ColorStay Quad in Neutral on the inner corners and on upper lid. heavy line of Maybelline Ultra liner in black, cat-eyed on the sides. L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in black.

White men's shirt stolen from my husband. Dark Ultra Lowrise Flare jeans from Gap. Black city boots from Aldo. Silver medium sized hoops and silver cuff. Don't plan on wearing this ensemble and makeup combo EVER again. We all make mistakes.


A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. The lipstick is not as bad as you might think; however, I do agree with the person who suggested lightening up the texture with a gloss, tho.

    Actually, even better than that plummy shade, I think you’d look awesome in a bricky red lipstick that had a bit of shimmer and was less matte. Ever tried Milani South Beach?

  2. BE did that to me too, that’s why i stopped it. It was AWESOME, and then after a few months it started looking false and itching. I haven’t had any itching with L’Oreal yet… but will be sure to let you know if I do!

    So Dizzy, what’s the decision on the purse?

  3. I did your hair Monday. You could have washed it today. I guess you thought the 48 hours was STRICT. I guess I meant, don’t wash it the day after. AND, you can always rinse and condition. Hope it’s working out for you!

  4. I actually really like the lipstick! I don’t think it ages you at all. To me, it’s a really modern, fall-appropriate look.

    And what do you have against suburban goth soccer moms? 🙂 Just kidding – I am a soccer mom, but far from goth. As a matter of fact, I find it really irritating when moms come to the field will a full face of caked on make-up and high heels.

    A comment about Aldo – the store originated in the early 1970s in Montreal, where I live, so I’ve literally grown up in Aldo shoes. They’re not the best quality, but it’s the place to shop when you want something current at a reasonable price. Having said that, I do have some Aldo shoes in my closet that have stood the test of time – both in terms of style, and durability.

    And on another, unrealted note, I’m absolutely hating my BE foundation lately. My skin is persistently itchy and broken out. WTF? I’ve been using it for over two months now and suddenly my skin’s protesting. Has this happened to anyone else?

  5. Yeah, something about it looks like suburban goth soccer mom. NOt my thing.

    Aldo is hit or miss for me. Doesn’t always fit consistently, quality varies, but the style is great and sometimes you can get some awesome sale items like these boots. Basic slightly pointy toe black zip-up boot with a bit of a glaze to the leather, slim heel. They were like $30, I figured it was worth it, though I had to go up a size for fit. But all I have from Aldo is two purses for dress/evening and these boots.

  6. Relatively recent reader…I think it’s not the color as much as it is so matte on you (at least in the pic). Can you lighten it up with some gloss? I think that would be really nice. Also maybe a more color on the eye to balance? I dunno.

    How do you like Aldo?

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