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A few looks from the last two weeks… while our weather is all over the place, my mind is definitely in a springy place. We've had days where we drive with the car windows open and the next day experience a blizzard. Nights where the windows are open and we're sweating under a single sheet and others where we bundle extra blankets on the beds. But March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb and I'm just switching out footwear and outerwear to make the wardrobe work!

Color on Color on Color

When all else fails, wear color. This is a motto of mine after I went through a period of life where I felt black would make me look chic and modern and would minimize my wardrobe but it just made me feel sad. So now when a day is going to be tough or I wake up on the wrong side of bed, I try to give myself a good dose of color and it usually helps!


This blouse is from Chico's size 2. It's a bit snug in the bust since it's not stretchy, and this was the time of the month when my boobs are their most bodacious so I added a safety pin to keep them contained. This is a really lovely blouse and proof of why I continue to love Chico's. The pants you have seen many many times before; they are from Banana Republic and no longer available.


The shoes are from Ally NYC, which I have reviewed many times before. This pointed-toe low block heel is a really comfortable alternative to the pumps I rocked in Beforetimes and I love this yellow suede as an alternative neutral. Yellow isn't a color I enjoy wearing near my face but love for accessories like this.

Sightseeing on a Spring Day

I took my daughter and a few of her friends to DC the other weekend. We went to the Natural History Museum and then since it was a beautiful spring day, enjoyed some time outside at the Sculpture Garden and out on The National Mall.

ACS 0703

I chose to wear this jumpsuit I recently bought at J. Crew; this is a size 14. With the elasticized waist and large buttons, it's easy to get on and off in a public restroom, has big pockets, and will be comfortable while walking and standing for long periods of time.

jcrew denim jumpsuit

I added my Maxwell Scott saddle bag (use ALISON10 for 10% off at the site) which I have had for several years. I like how sturdy this bag is; you can sling winter coats over the bag and the strap can handle it. It has an interior zipper compartment big enough to protect a wallet and phone, and an exterior zipper pocket perfect for essentials as well as three other sections. And the strap adjusts nicely from shoulder to crossbody even if you have curves.

I chose to tuck the hem of the jumpsuit into a pair of boots to create a flight suit effect. These Docs seem sold out everywhere; a shame because they are comfortable right out of the box. I did find a few on Amazon. I added my ROKA aviators and these gold hoops from Baublebar to finish the look.

A Good Buy

I got this dress from Boden last year; you can see it in this blog post but I wore it so much through the spring, summer, and early fall. And when we had a slightly nice day, I was excited to bring it back out.

boden shirtdress

This is a size 14 regular and it fits great, even on my upper arms. The dress is a lightweight cotton, but the skirt has a lining so it has volume and opacity. And the cotton is more like voile so it doesn't really need to be ironed to look nice. I did iron the self-belt (so easy to do with a flat iron if you don't want to bring out the board and big iron!). Boden looks to have the same dress this season, just in a variety of other beautiful prints. There are also a few from last year on sale. I can't recommend this dress enough; I am tempted to get another one for myself!

With it I'm wearing my Allbirds sneakers; here you can read my Allbirds review and if they fit wide feet (for me, they do!).

Same Blazer, Different Day

I shared this blazer in last week's outfit recap post. Then I wore it with my Universal Standard NTN bodysuit. This time I dressed a bit more… completely.

jcrew chino blazer

These pants are the Chico's Brigitte Ankle Pants, which is a classic pant the brand has carried for years. And I have been a fan for years. The fabric is this microtwill with a hint of shine that looks at home at Target as it does in the workplace or even a night out. This is the 2 Petite, which is a pretty great fit and length on me. They are a pull-on style with deep functional front pockets that don't bow out, and a subtle slit at the ankle. They come in so many colors and prints, different lengths, don't stretch out, and are machine washable.

petite midsize blogger

In fact, the morning before these photos I wore these pants and this top (this is the under-$25 Breton I review in this post, size XL) while cleaning my bedroom. I was crawling around on the floor getting under the bed and furniture and the pants kept their shape.

The blazer is size 16. It's a lightweight chino fabric which is great for spring, and I like the oversized effect. The shoes are the LISSOM flats; I've been pretty transparent with my relationship with this company. I still love these shoes, own two pairs and wear them regularly.

Not that Jumpsuit AGAIN!

Yep, here's that same J. Crew jumpsuit! It's why I love jumpsuits; they're so easy to get dressed. One-piece outfit, but no need for specific undergarments as one often has to do with dresses.

j crew jumpsuit

I actually was thinking of writing a post on how to style a denim jumpsuit with sneakers, boots, heels, and sandals and cuffed this jumpsuit twice to wear with my white Birks. It was cute, BTW. But I didn't shoot that day and the next day was this day and with the legs stiff cuffed I put on my boots for the cooler weather… and liked the result!

side view j crew jumpsuit

The bandana was my dad's but you can find similar on Etsy and Amazon. My tip for bandanas is throw them in every load of wash. It takes at least five washings for a bandana to get soft and awesome. After wash one, don't be afraid to use it as a napkin, a handkerchief, to wpe on or wash off facial products. The more a bandana is used, the better it becomes. Once it's soft it's not only a better accessory but then great for having in your bag to mop your brow, wipe your nose, protect your scalp or neck from the sun and much more. I learned this from my sister; carry a bandana in your bag. It's small and practical and stylish too!

gwen stefani lipstick review

The boots are these from Dr. Martens. And the lipstick… as soon as I heard Gwen Stefani's clean beauty came out I had to try it. In the minimal collection are two lipsticks – a matte and a shine, each available in just one color of red. This is the shine. It's a beautiful cool red with great pigment. At first it's a bit of a messy red that will get on your hands and teeth. But it dries without feeling drying and wears away quite evenly.

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  1. Jumpsuits are really versatile, aren’t they? I have one just like yours but sleeveless & in dark brown – despite not usually wearing utility styles, it’s been so easy to both dress up & down with a cropped cardigan or belted blazer!

    PS – Just FYI Allie, I’ve been seeing some fairly weird adverts under your ‘From Sites We Love’ widget – specifically ‘BRITNEY SPEARS SHARES BUTT NAKED BEACH PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM’ by Your Next Shoes – don’t know if that’s actually a ‘brand you love’ (I didn’t click the ad, so ignore me if it is lol) but just thought I’d point it out because I’m not sure how empowering those sorts of clickbait titles are for women (& therefore whether it fits your brand)…?

  2. I really enjoy these posts but came here specifically to say, please do a post on ways to wear that jumpsuit & with different shoes. Please! Obviously, lots of us want it…I’m not a Dr. Marten-wearing-gal so am feeling stumped as to how to wear it & would love ideas before I take the plunge & order it. Also, how awesome is it to have DC in your backyard!? Your weekend visit sounded so fun.

  3. I’d love a blog post on the styling alternatives for a jumpsuit! I love them but always feel kinda… utilitarian? Thanks!

  4. These are great looks again. I really like the blend of colors you have with the blouse (looks like teal on my computer screen) and fuchsia pants. I would never have thought to try that combination, but it’s fantastic!

  5. Wow, the jumpsuit looks incredible on you! Even my husband swooned (he’s a big fan of the flight suit look, LOL).

    All the years I sweated through long summertime Metro rides, I had a Japanese tenugui or two in my backpack — it’s a cotton bandana, basically, that also softens with age, and it’s perfect for a variety of uses. Amazon has a variety, just make sure they’re 100% cotton with unhemmed ends (traditional).

  6. That jumpsuit looks great! I was briefly tempted, but then I remembered that I am 5’7” with a long torso. If it fits you just right, it’s probably an insta-wedgie for me! Do you have thoughts on that?

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