What I Wore: Glam Plaid

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gap plaid shirt blue full skirt black
alison gary
ruth barzel necklace
black taffeta full midi skirt
Shirt: Gap | Skirt: eBay | Shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors “Flex” | Necklace: c/o Ruth Barzel Jewelry Design | Bracelets: Nordstrom

As a curvy gal, heavy and stiff fabrics can often hide what I want to show off and add bulk where I don't want it. I like this shirt from Gap because it's very lightweight and soft, so it has a nice flow but still lets me rock the plaid trend. It's long enough that it looks good buttoned (maybe one or two unbuttoned at the bottom for a nice shape) with narrow jeans on the weekends, or open over a v-neck tee and jeggings. However for work, I decided to glam up the plaid with my taffeta skirt and this gorgeous necklace from Ruth Barzel Jewelry Design.

I love necklaces like this that seem delicate but pack a punch. I've worn this necklace with a navy silk shirt, with a simple white v-neck tee and jeans, and each time I wear it a stranger stops me to ask about it. I think it would look lovely with a holiday dress, add a bit of sparkle without being over the top.  The necklace also comes in other colors, I chose the aqua color because I think it looks so pretty against my wardrobe's main colors of black, white, gray, and navy!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Cute outfit – an unusal pairing of skirt and shirt, but it works I think. Only thing I might suggest is hemming the skirt a couple of inches – I don’t know why, it just looks sliiiiiightly long for you. I could be wrong…

    1. One thing I’ve found about some wardrobe items is that sometimes if you like one thing about it you live with the other things. Oftentimes statement items are designed to be the way they are and altering them ruins the lines/design. The overall look is what’s important.

    2. I’d agree that the skirt’s a wee bit too long (or too short, depending on the look one is going for) but I don’t think it’s really a big issue or that easy to notice. It’s still dead gorgeous.
      I love the plaid shirt with it, too! I can’t do that tied-at-the-waist thing, it always looks ridiculous on me, but it definitely works here.

      1. That’s my goal with my jewelry—to add that little something extra that makes an outfit special. So this is a huge compliment!

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