What I Wore: Ikat Believe It

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loft ikat print pants
Jacket: LOFT (similar) | Tank: c/o J.Jill | Pants: LOFT | Shoes: Nine West | Bracelet: Rebecca Minkoff | Lipstick: Korres Guava Lipstick in Wine Red

I swore off LOFT for a while, the quality had really gone downhill and the sizing was inconsistent. However, this winter I tried them again and found some great wardrobe staples that were the quality I remembered from before and a 14 petite pant, especially in the “Julie” cut fits me quite nicely. I haven't really been a pants person in recent years, but after being in a cast so long I really enjoy more effortless clothing and pants allow me freedom. I've been gravitating towards more pants for the workweek, and have to say most of the pants I now own are LOFT.

While I paired the pants in this post with an ivory jacket, I wore them to work with a black boatneck tee (see here on Instagram) and out to dinner with a bright green silk drapey sleeveless top.  Crazypants can be versatile!

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  1. Those are *great* pants! I’m on the lookout for a nice pair of patterned pants. I’ve got some in cobalt blue with a small black pattern which have been very useful but I’d like something a bit lighter for spring/summer.

    Anyhoo, you look great!

  2. The Loft is not a store for me, but I love those pants. They look like a good skirt substitute with their flowy lines. For lightweight pants like this I like to add my petti-pant slip underneath. It’s cooler than spandx and keeps the sometimes thin fabric from sticking to my unmentionables.

  3. Great outfit, love the bold print of the pants…I’ve been on a LOFT boycott for 7 months and although many of their new arrivals look tempting, I cannot shop in a store that tracks my returns with my license! Especially when I too wear sizes that are not in store, 14P pants-16P dresses, so I have to buy online. Oh well, there are plenty of other retailers out there.

      1. Beginning last October, all in store returns
        require a photo ID. The info is gathered by a company called Retail Equations
        that tracks your return activity, both with and without a receipt. When
        you’ve reached a certain number–which they refuse to give you an exact amount–you
        get a “return warning” paper that says you can’t return for 90 days;
        which is conveniently longer than the 60 day return policy. I’ve
        complained to store management and corporate but they haven’t changed their
        policies. Being that I live in NYC it’s convenient for me to do returns
        in store as opposed to shipping it back. And until they change this policy, I won’t

        1. THAT SUCKS! I mean, I haven’t worked retail in a decade (OMG time flies) but that just seems so inappropriate. I too would boycot, and it’s making me reconsider purchasing more from them online. In this day and age brick and mortar shops are struggling, why make it less appealing to shop in one? Theft, shrink, return abusers… yeah they exist and always have but to penalize the majority for a few bad apples is bad business.

        2. I too have had the similar exp. as Lyn described with Loft. So frustrating … the whole reason I order from the on-line is exactly as Lyn – they don’t carry larger Petite sizes in their stores … I have had exactly the same frustrating experiences trying to contact anyone in their company that cares. I too am now boycotting Loft. Strength in numbers – maybe they will hear!

  4. I Love Loft. I can’t walk through the store without wanting to buy a whole new wardrobe…. That said, there are some things I have sworn off, specifically the light weight tees. I love their cut, and am always sucked in, but within one or two washing they are riddled with holes 🙁 I’ll go to Old Navy or Target for my lightweight tees, and plan on tossing them at the end of the season. This spring I found Loft has knit linen tees that appear to be a more durable fabric, and still very light weight. I have purchased one, and just ordered a few more. Fingers crossed!!!

    1. I was JUST looking at those tees online! I find the sizing and fit inconsistent with many of their knits, have gotten long-sleeved ones where I can’t fit them over my hands, and others where they look two sizes too big. Good to hear these tees are good!

      1. they run pretty much true to size for the brand. Just be careful when putting them on not to stretch them. Because they are linen, there’s not much snap back. They are on sale right now 3 for $35 so I ordered 3 more. Living in NC light weight and breathable is key.

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