My Wardrobe Today – Thursday

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Red and Black Belted Ponte Knit Dress – Calvin Klein (I got at Marshall's but found a similar one at

Black Ponte Collarless Jacket – Banana Republic (several years old)
TightsSpanx Tight-end Tights
Black Patent Mary Janes with Red Heels – Nine West (several years old)

This weekend my husband did a couple holiday portrait sessions in our dining room – we shoved all the furniture into the living room and set up a backdrop, lights, the whole shebang.  And well… we took down the backdrop but the dining table and such is still in the living room and some of the lights are still up.  As that it is COLD in the DC area this week (we should get snow today), we took pictures inside and took advantage of a big open space and one light still up.

These pics also show what attention hogs the other two gals in the house can be – Emerson wanted to be in a picture and Cindy the dog is always there when there's a camera!

This morning was really hectic, so we took three pictures and these are them – glad at least my eyes were open for them!  I kept it super easy for a busy morning by going to my dress collection – far easier to get dressed when you only need to worry about one piece of clothing!

So I got my hair “did” last night by the wonderful Kathleen at Bananas Hair Salon.  I asked to have my natural color, but a shade darker and a bit richer, but not red.  Also just a trim and bring back my bit of sideswept bangs.  Pictures don't do my hair justice – it looks so healthy and lush!  I think in the New Year I will do something a bit more bold for my hair, but for now I just wanted healthy-looking hair again.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. That dress is so beautiful! It seems so perfect for the holidays, but wearable all year round! You hair looks fabulous, I love getting my hair “did”!

  2. I love that dress! So chic and elegant. Your baby! AAAH! Adorable.

    I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciate the wonderful comments you write on my blog! Thank you!

  3. And Lorena, I hear you about Mary Janes cutting off the line of the body and making us shorties looks even shorter. I really only like wearing these shoes with very opaque black tights. πŸ™‚

  4. What a pretty dress.
    I have those shoes and I adore them. But, I have realized that the MJane strap cuts my little self instead of elongating me.
    I think its a great idea to wear with tights …

  5. Thanks so much! I just got back from the bathroom and was fluffing it and it looks so shiny, and the layers are really getting settled in. I can’t wait until I can wash it and play with it!

  6. Thanks Moni! And isn’t the dress great? So comfortable!

    I wash my tights in the washer on the gentle cycle and then hang them up to dry. I used to hand wash, but that was when I was buying cheaper tights. The Spanx tights really handle the machine great.

  7. Your hair looks great. The color looks very rich. I have that exact same dress, except in the black/white color combination, and I love it. It’s so easy to just throw on with a jacket or cardigan.

    How do you wash your tights?

  8. Thanks Sarah! Love Kathleen, have been going to her for a decade, and have been going to Bananas since I was in college. Always pleased!

    And Aisha, these tights actually have a split crotch so you don’t need undies AND you don’t have to take them off to go to the bathroom. They are control right up to the bra strap yet uber comfy.

    For other tights, I rarely wear underwear, too many layers and it gets bulky, lumpy and uncomfortable. I just wash my tights after each wear.

  9. You look wonderful!! I have been having this question on my mind lately and I think you are just the person to help me out. Do you have to wear undies with tights? πŸ™‚

  10. When the backdrop is up, you can’t get in the house. It is the exact height and width of the dining room. We have a small hallway that goes from front door to dining room and it is COMPLETELY blocked. During the shoots, I had to go out the front door and come in the back door to get through the house (and it was raining BTW).

    It’s great we have the space now to do it, but it really puts a cramp in living as normal human beings! πŸ™‚ It IS like having another pet!

  11. Love this look – also I love that you set up the full photo gear in the house. My hubby is a serious amateur, who recently bought himself a 9×20 backdrop and stand, lights and the whole shebang. Our livingroom is a bit smaller than that. While I love the pictures he takes, I did comment last night that having the backdrop was a bit like having another pet in the place!

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