What I Wore: Samey Samey

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Wardrobe Oxygen wearing a Vince Camuto Blazer, Jag Paley Bootcut Jeans and a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Wardrobe Oxygen wearing JAG Jeans Paley Bootcut with a Vince Camuto blazer and Nine West pumps Wardrobe Oxygen wearing a black boyfriend blazer, gray v-neck tee, and white jeans with a leopard bag Jacket: Vince Camuto (plus version) | Tee: Old Navy | Jeans: Paley Bootcut c/o JAG Jeans (plus version) | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar, similar) | Bracelets: Had forever (similar), c/o Lifetherapy | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

My high school geometry teacher used to use the phrase, “Samey Samey” quite often and to this day I often use it for things that are similar. Thursday morning I pulled this look together, the stars (or should I say schedules) were aligned and we were able to hop outside for a couple quick photographs before I had to leave for the office. I liked this look, I felt it was very me. Well yeah it IS me because I wore the same darn thing on the blog in May! Not only that…

Wardrobe Oxygen UniformOutfit 1Outfit 2 | Outfit 3 | Outfit 4

Two of the outfits above are from 2013.  Two years ago I was sporting the same bag, the same silver pumps, the same sunglasses, the same bracelet and necklace, even the same Old Navy Vintage V-neck tee shirt!  Not only that, the Gap Sexy Boyfriend jeans in those two 2013 pictures were still in my wardrobe until a month ago when the crotch blew out and I just got in the mail a replacement pair.  To say I have a certain look would be an understatement; this is a uniform and honestly, that's not a bad thing.

Life is short, it's a waste of time to constantly reinvent the wheel or reinvent your style if you know what works.  The black blazer in this outfit post I just bought this summer; I own this blazer in ivory crepe and pale pink (and used to have in neon yellow and regret selling it).  I was looking in my closet and realized while I have black blazers, none of them are classic cuts.  The pink jacket has done me well, it survived NYC, buttons comfortably, is a fabric that works with office trousers or a pair of jeans… why waste time trying to find something different?  I care about style, I love fashion, and I think how you look is important, but being – existing – living – enjoying life trumps it all.  Get out of your closet and get out into the world!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I am wearing white slacks with black white and grey top and a black jacket- like over top in CT for a birthday party. Do you think on Sept. 17th that is ok?

  2. I’ve hit a couple of really “me” outfits in the past few weeks and am happy to repeat variations of said outfits because they make me feel happy and on point stylistically. I work in an office where several folks have great personal style and aren’t afraid to repeat, either, which helps. Yes to getting out of our closets, and to building closets that make that easy!
    Leah from http://thriftshopchic.com

  3. I so enjoy your outfit posts even when the same as other outfits you’ve posted. To me it’s a great reminder of choosing pieces that work with your style and will be worn frequently and not just once or twice. You change up the accessories, perhaps the shirt color, etc. and you have another outfit. I remember a girl in high school that never wore the same outfit twice, she was a master at mixing and matching her clothes.

    1. I started this blog inspired by my German exchange student in high school – she arrived with one suitcase and always looked great and appropriate for any situation thanks to smart wardrobe pieces and mixing and matching!

  4. Love the outfits and love the idea of “uniform”. I hate reinventing the wheel and always feeling not quite on trend!

  5. These outfits are just one more reason I love your style! I recently admitted to myself that my core style will probably always require the frequent wearing of blazers. My current fave is one from Express that looks identical to yours – even has the same striped lining! This has earned me some unflattering comments, especially on dates, who deem me “not feminine/unromantic.” (Perhaps that is guyspeak for “I wanted to see more of your boobs on our first date.”???) I’m attempting to pair more feminine tops with the blazer to soften my look outside the office, but I still feel best in outfits like the ones you’ve shown here. Thanks for the inspiration and reassurance found in these photos. I’ve also been wondering lately about wearing black shoes with white jeans – thanks for clearing that one up for me!

    1. That’s crazy! My husband loves when I wear blazers, he thinks it’s kinda hot. I do make them more feminine with v-necklines, wrap style tops, or something to show more neck/collarbone but blazers are as commonplace as… everything else! And while I prefer white jeans with a light colored shoe to elongate the leg, black works great especially if you have black above to “bookend” the look!

  6. I don’t think the Sexy Boyfriends would do for me in my office. It’s not that women don’t wear jeans and sometimes distressed jeans, between the cut and the fabric it’s too casual for me. As a Senior staffer I want to project a little more seriousness.
    The white or solid jeans would be fine.

    1. Agreed. I used to wear boyfriends to work but in the position I have now I would only wear to the office on a Friday when I know most people are out. I hardly wear jeans M-Th any more and if I do, it’s white or black or maybe a very dark rinse paired with heels and blazer.

  7. I love posts like this because I, too, stick to the same weekend uniform of skinny jeans cuffed at the ankle, pretty flat sandals, and a V-neck tee. Sometimes I add a cardigan – I’d like to do blazers but right now they’re out of my budget and I hate long sleeves. It’s just so easy to dress this way when you have a busy schedule!

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