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wardrobe oxygen over 40 blogger wearing cabi

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I have a well-documented love/hate relationship with jumpsuits. They’re so cute, they’re so easy, they’re often adjustable so they work with my size 14 width-wise but size 6 height-wise figure. But man, why are so many made to not let you pee? And those that are easier, it means you’re practically naked when you are peeing, being careful to not have your sleeve fall on the floor or in the bowl.

wardrobe oxygen with a rebecca minkoff mab camera bagCabi reached out and asked if I’d like to try a few pieces from their spring collection. I haven’t checked out Cabi for a while (last time I wore Cabi it was CAbi) and was pleased to find their clothes still fun, fashionable yet not too trendy, and made in ways to be flattering. And then I saw their playsuit.

wardrobe oxygen over 40 fashion blog 2Hrmmmm… Cabi prides themselves on smartly designed clothing. I’ve never before experienced a brand where a 5’ tall size 2, 5’ tall size 16, and a 6’ tall size 10 can all rock the same garment like I’ve seen with Cabi. Often their pieces are versatile – add a belt, tie this edge, turn it backwards and you have a completely different garment. On the Cabi site, each garment has photos from Instagram of individuals wearing the garment. I saw all shapes and sizes of women in this jumpsuit looking very happy and very hydrated, so I decided to try it out.

The box of Cabi clothes came, and the jumpsuit was the first piece I pulled out of its plastic wrapping.

wardrobe oxygen over 40 fashion blogger in cabiWhat the…??? Is this a jumpsuit? What the heck is this thing? There’s a big hole, and these flaps, and the garment is like 10 feet long… after moving it this way and that I saw there was a waistband. I walked into the pants and realized the other part was the top. Got it on and… MAGIC.

wardrobe oxygen wearing the Cabi playsuitTHIS is why Cabi is amazing. This weird item turned into the most flattering jumpsuit. The effect is drapey jersey pants with a half-tucked tee, but it’s all one garment. The half tuck is just the right amount to create a waist without being clingy. The back part hangs down to cover just the right amount of your rear (jumpsuits aren’t always kind to rears).

wardrobe oxygen in the cabi plaaysuit 2017The legs with the pleating and draping are super versatile; pull up the waist and have slimmer pants, wear lower on the waist and have more of a drop-waist or harem pant style. Are you 5’ tall or 6’ tall? No problem, this jumpsuit’s legs are made that the legs can gather in a purposeful way or stretch out to cover long gams.

wardrobe oxygen wearing the cabi playsuit from spring 2017

Jumpsuit: c/o Cabi (XL) | Booties: c/o Marmi Shoes (similar) | Bag: Rebeccaa Minkoff | Necklace: Boutique in Rehoboth Beach (similar) | Cuff: Had forever (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Lipstick: L'Oreal La Lacque in Lacquerized

And the best part? You can easily pee in it, AND you won’t be naked on the toilet! Just pull down the pants, the fabric stretches so you can comfortably leave the top as-is. No ball of clothing in your hand while you take care of business.

wardrobe oxygen over 40 us fashion bloggerI got the Playsuit in XL; I think I could have done L just fine. Cabi runs large, so if unsure size down. However, if you do end up with an XL when you think you should have gotten a L it still works, it still flatters, and you’ll still love it. You’ll wear it to work and not want to take it off afterwards because it’s cute and comfy and will sit on your couch still in it and write a long post about it even though you spent nine hours already in front of a computer because it’s so cute and so clever you can’t keep it to yourself. While the Playsuit was gifted to me, this post wasn't required to be written, it's not sponsored, it's all my thoughts and opinions. It's a brilliant garment, I should have known Cabi would do a jumpsuit right!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love how the primary focus of your wearing a jumpsuit was the inability to pee! I know and have felt your pain!! Years ago, when culotte dresses were out, I was at a business meeting with my boss and had to use the bathroom. I had to go bad and was struggling to get the zipper, located in the back, to go past my waistline. It just refused to cooperate. So, I did what I had to do and ripped it down. Luckily for me, I was able to get it to zip back up and hide the damage with my jacket. Once I got home, I tossed it into the garbage. Ever since, I’ve been hesitant to wear a jumpsuit or culotte dress again for fear of getting stuck.

  2. Allie, I’m not understanding the Cabi concept. If you want to buy something, do you have to do it through a stylist or through a party? Neither appeals to me.

    1. You do have to do it through one or another. However, these days it doesn’t seem to be as salesy as it used to be with at-home sales. I buy only one product from Rodan + Fields from a friend. I go to her specific URL, buy the item, no emails, no spam, no harassment or pushing to buy more. Cabi has the same thing; find a salesperson and you can buy from their site without having to interact much with them, no need to even create an account. I am not pushing a specific sales rep, but to see an example here’s my friend Lisa’s online store: https://lisaholt.cabionline.com/collection/clothes/ the only thing is when you return you need to contact your rep, but they can get you a $5 UPS return label and you can return on your own: https://lisaholt.cabionline.com/shopping-faqs/

      1. Thanks for the reply, Allie! Sales parties make me cringe. If I’m still thinking about this jumpsuit on Monday, I may just go through your friend!

  3. I love cabi! This jumpsuit looks great on you! and its awesome that you featured this jumpsuit and explained how it works. I usually find that I wear one size down from yours (ie I take a 12 in the Jag jeans) so…do you think I would need a large or be OK with the medium? Thanks again for helping take the mystery out of shopping and sizing!

      1. Allie, I ordered the jumpsuit and I love it. I took your advice and went with the large because I didn’t want sausage casing legs and it’s fabulous. Thanks again for showing the cut and the fit on the blog. I can’t wait to see the rest of the items–but at the same time my credit card is terribly afraid! LOL! 🙂

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