My Red Dress?

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Okay, so I love my red Maggy London dress from Nordstrom and I know ya'll do too. It's good for work, a night out, a wedding, most anything dependent on shoe and accessory choice. I walk into Subway and teens compliment me, head to the mall and Ladies Who Lunch ask me what designer made it. Loverly!

splashnews spl5371 001And so last night while flipping channels at 6:30 PM trying to find ANYTHING decent I came across TMZ and there on the screen was Britney Spears in a similar version of my dress, heading into court. What a good choice Brit, it's fun yet conservative… oh and the sunglasses sort of look like my sister's from Ann Taylor Loft that she left in my bag last weekend (that I have been wearing and feeling very glam celeb). So Brit is cleaning up her act. Very nice. Good job.

splashnews spl5361 002Then the angle changed and I see that she chose to unbutton a few of the center buttons. Okay…. not how I have thought about wearing my dress (nor ever plan to) but I am not a pop star, and my breasts don't sit up in that manner any more.

splashnews spl5371 018Then come to find out this dress hardly covers (and per the news didn't cover) her lady bits. Oh my!

And with black calf-length boots and a white leather purse? This is SO not something I would even possibly wear ever ever in my entire life. this is NOT my red dress!

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. I rarely write about celebs because there are far enough blogs that do such, but it humored me, especially when my husband looked up from his dinner to say, “hey Beeb, isn't that Britney Spears in your red dress?” Eh, notsomuch.

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  1. None of these “fashion” choices would ever occur to you because you’re not a skank! I wish you could style some celebrities, rather than having them turn to Rachel Zoe or Hustler magazine for inspiration.

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