What I Wore: Day One of #rSthecon

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eliza j jumpsuit spring 2017jumpsuit | earrings | bag | shoes

rewardstyle conference pool party what i woreJumpsuit: Eliza J (14) | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Loeffler Randall | Earrings: ASOS | Lipstick: Revlon

Last Thursday I arrived in Dallas, Texas for rewardStyle's conference known as #rSthecon. In its fifth year, this conference is for the top 200 influencers who use rewardStyle to monetize their blog or social media channel. I've always felt my blog was lower-mid tier; I make money from it but it's not like I'm rolling in the dough or being flown to tropical locations on a company's dime. I was invited last year too but declined  after hearing negative reviews from friends.  I also didn't realize that it was invite-only.  This year I decided immediately to go and booked my flight that same day. I think for an event like this you have to experience it at least right?

over 40 travel fashionI didn't get any decent photos of my flight outfit, and I know that is likely what you all are the most interested in. Here's the selfie I took at BWI airport that was so meh I didn't even share it on InstaStories. I wore my black ponte blazer from Rachel Roy, an old gray and white striped drapey tee from Gap, leather-front ponte leggings, and my Adidas Superstars. I carried my ALLSAINTS tote and I own this bag from Delsey and this bag from Delsey and took them. Nope, I made no attempt to fit my luggage for a fashion blogging conference in carry-on!

rewardstyle conference 2017 bikes liketoknow.itI got to the Hotel Crescent Court and immediately saw Susan from une femme d'un certain âge and Cathy from Bay Area Fashionista in the lobby. I have known Susan virtually for over a decade, but we had never met until this day. Cathy I connected virtually few months ago, but again, never before met in person. We hugged and chattered on like old friends, but after the flight all I wanted to do was check in, unpack, and take a long hot shower. We promised to meet up later.

rsthecon2017 what i wore rewardstyle conferenceThe first event of the conference was at the hotel's rooftop pool. A day or so before the event we were informed this party would be Tulum-themed. That's fine and good, but it wasn't changing what I was going to wear. DC Style Factory suggested I order this jumpsuit from Eliza J and I wondered what they were smoking. On the Nordstrom site it had a giant pink bow around the waist. “Trust me,” Rosana said and I ordered it. The giant bow was only held on by two threads (and is now in Emerson's dress up box). Without the belt, the jumpsuit looked light and airy.

asos crystal chandelier earrings on wardrobe oxygen loeffler randall fringe clutch purse shopbopWe styled it with orange suede pumps I already owned, a pair of dirt cheap but darn awesome chandelier earrings from ASOS, and an ivory fringy clutch bag.  To stay away from matchy-matchy, I went with a hot pink lip.

sole sociaety rooftop pool party rsthecon rewardstyle conference 2017I had exchanged numbers with a few bloggers I knew were coming; Cathy and I ended up ready at the same time so together we headed to the party. There was a DJ, a bar, a taco station that was beautiful but ignored, and dozens over overdressed women surrounding a pool decorated by floating lotus flowers. It was hot and there wasn't any shade. Everyone was either posing or taking a photo. It was weird, but Cathy and I did the same for one another.

over 40 bloggers at rewardstyle conference 2017Soon other bloggers and influencers we knew or knew of and followed showed up and conversations and greetings happened. I snagged this photo from Erin's InstaStory of Cathy, me, Maria, Angie, Beth, and Erin at the party.  Who says this conference is only for the 20-something bloggers?  It was fun to meet everyone but it was so hot, I think I lasted maybe an hour.

nine west orange suede pumps Cathy and I met up in one of the many beautiful courtyards of the hotel to take outfit photos of one another; she captured the ones you see in this post of me in my outfit. It was really great to know a few women ahead of time, to have a photo buddy and moral support the first night. However, people were quite nice. I have a post coming that delves more into this, but I was pleasantly surprised by how kind, friendly, and real the majority of the attendees were at this conference. Don't believe the snark, I met many of the women who are critiqued on message boards and in Facebook groups and I have to say for most of them, you're wrong with your assumptions. Super nice, super friendly, and yes, that beautiful and thin in real life. I'll delve more into this in a future post…

rewardstyle conference 20176 what i wore first night pool partyAs for the outfit, it was perfect. The chiffon overlay was festive and kept me cool while keeping me covered. The elasticized waistband gave me some shape but didn't dig. I love these heels, they're pretty comfy for the height and gave a necessary pop of color. The earrings got so many compliments, as did the bag.

Lessons Learned Day 1 of the RewardStyle Conference:

  • Don't judge a book by its cover.
  • Get your clothes tailored. You can hide a visible bra strap or a gaping waistband in an outfit photo but you can't in real life.
  • This season is about the statement earring. It's a cheap and fun way to update your wardrobe.
  • Kindness always wins. Give strangers compliments, when standing alone wear a smile with your sunglasses, say excuse me and thank you, if you go to the bar offer to grab a drink for another.
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. obsessed with this look on you…very flattering jumpsuit on you and love the choice of the pop color shoes!

  2. Allie: did you have to alter the jumpsuit other than removing the pink bow? Really enjoying your blog! Rock on woman!

  3. Allie, I “found” you thru Susan’s blog, and I love you both. Thank you for the introduction to Beth! I just subscribed to her blog. So much fun to attend the conference vicariously, without the pressure of dressing for it. You look fabulous, dahling, fabulous! 😀

  4. I don’t like many of the other bloggers because they are too skinny. It’s just that I don’t care about their clothes because I doubt they would good on me. I’m a 12 and you rock the clothes in a way I feel I could.

  5. Were there speakers or is it not that kind of event? If so, what were the talks like? I’m happy to hear folks were nice. I know you’re at home in the fashion world but I can’t imagine an event where I would be more uncomfortable.

    I feel fairly confident in venues where it is about my work or education. But it this situation? I’m convinced everyone would say, “Who let that homeless person in here?”


  6. You look marvelous!! And I have been hoping so much that you’d do some posts about your conference experience. Yay! You keep it real & that’s much appreciated. There are a few other bloggers I follow that also attended & it’s very interesting to read your similar comments regarding feeling a bit anxious about what to wear, meeting other bloggers, how nice most people were, etc. Again, it shows how “normal” you are & I really enjoy your thoughts.

  7. That jumpsuit looks fab on you! Nordstrom and Eliza J need to re-think their pictures of it, I would never look twice at it one their site but it looks SO great on you!!!

    1. Tulum is a place in Mexico that’s gotten really popular as a tourist destination. So probably a trendy beach vacation type of theme.

  8. After clicking on the outfit photo, that pink bow is perfect for Emerson! And you looked perfect without it. Good call!
    i’m now re-thinking of pulling out some palazzo pants I bought but never worn and trying it out a few ways. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Actually, we were some of the most reserved. It was a party of peacocks, and some of the most fantastic fashion. One woman wore a jumpsuit I swore was vintage, maybe Pucci, but thanks to LikeToKnow.it I found out it was Lauren Ralph Lauren and ordered it immediately. Granted, there was some utterly ridiculous and bad fashion, but this was an event where you could wear the stuff that has no purpose anywhere else but a rooftop cocktail party at a fashion conference!

      1. Oh, how many times have I bought clothes I’d never wear anywhere but at a rooftop cocktail party at a fashion conference! Or strolling on a beach in the moonlight…
        Actually the hardest thing for me to dress for is not my “real life” but events like this, or fashion shows where everybody is on their “A game”. And in your case, you’re going to be photographed and have to blog about it.

  9. I really enjoyed following your InstaStories from RSCon and getting a behind the scenes look at the conference! Love this look — that jumpsuit looks great on you. So much better than the image on Nordstrom’s website for sure 🙂

  10. You look beautiful in this jumpsuit! You and Beth Djalali are two of my favorite American fashion bloggers. How fun to see you in the same photo.

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