What I Wore: Metal to Market

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Blogger Wardrobe Oxygen in a Metallica Choker T-Shirt from Topshop, Junarose coated jeans via Dia&Co, and an ALLSAINTS black leather tote

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Blogger Wardrobe Oxygen in a Metallica Choker T-Shirt from Topshop, Junarose coated jeans via Dia&Co, and an ALLSAINTS black leather tote Blogger Wardrobe Oxygen in a Metallica Choker T-Shirt from Topshop, Junarose coated jeans via Dia&Co, and an ALLSAINTS black leather tote Blogger Wardrobe Oxygen in a Metallica Choker T-Shirt from Topshop, Junarose coated jeans via Dia&Co, and an ALLSAINTS black leather toteTee: Topshop (14) | Jeans: Junarose via Dia & Co (14) | Boots: L'Amour de Pieds (on sale) | Bag: ALLSAINTS | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bracelet: Had forever (similar) | Necklace: Etsy | Lipstick: Lancome ‘Le Carmin‘ over lip balm

Blogger Wardrobe Oxygen in a Metallica Choker T-Shirt from TopShop I love taking band tees and cutting them up for a more feminine shape.  So when I saw the trend to cut tees with a v in the front leaving the collar to imitate a choker I was all about it!  I have a tee shirt I plan to DIY this look on; I saw this one at Nordstrom and loved it and also thought it could make for a good template for my DIY.  Growing up, my sister was far more the Metallica fan than I though I still loved their music; she saw them in concert and treasures her band tee from that show when they played with Guns n Roses and Faith No More!

Blogger Wardrobe Oxygen in a Metallica Choker T-Shirt from Topshop, Junarose coated jeans via Dia&Co, and an ALLSAINTS black leather toteSome of you may have seen my Facebook Live with Dia&Co the other Saturday. It was my first time doing a live video and it was a lot of fun!  Dia& Co is a really unique program for plus size fashion – for a low monthly fee you get a real life stylist who gets to know you, your personal style, lifestyle, and budget and curates boxes of clothing and accessories for you.  If you like what you receive, use your monthly cost as credit toward the item/s.  Return what you don't like and the stylist notes your tastes to better refine future boxes.  I received my first box from Dia and on their Facebook page did a live unboxing of the contents.  These pants were one of the items and I was so psyched! I've been on the hunt for faux leather pants to replace my favorite ones that started falling apart.  These are uber comfy, really stretchy but don't bag out with wear.  I got some other great items in my Dia box that you'll likely see on the blog or Instagram in the near future.

I'll take a bit of metal for my trip to the grocery store – this is essentially a look of stretchy pants, a tee shirt, and comfort brand shoes but with a rocker edge.  Who says comfortable has to be boring?



A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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    1. Ooh do tell! When did you try them? I’ll admit this is my first box and likely it was easy to figure out my style thanks to a blog and instagram full of my outfits. I’d love to hear honest reviews of it, I think it will help others and me too!

      1. I’m going to say I got 4 or 5 boxes maybe. In 2, I only kept one item each, one was a necklace and the other a shirt. Another box was fantastic and I kept everything but on second thought I donated a dress as I wouldn’t really wear it. I found that size was not consistent and then you couldn’t exchange. I had sent info to my stylist that I was looking for shorts and my next box, no shorts at all, out of 5 clothing items. Was told they were sold out. This was last spring. I will say that my favorite pair of jeans came from a Dia box.

        I was very explicit about not wearing things tucked in because I don’t like to show my belly. So instead of sending me something that I’d have to tuck they sent me boxy, cropped shirts. Um, That shows my belly and makes me look like I have no waist. Over the different boxes I got a black jumpsuit, a black shirt, black jeans and a black long line badly draped boxy vest, lots of navy and solids. Take a look at my clothing/shoe board on pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/mvanellis/clothing-color-palettes-outfits/, not exactly color or print shy.

        I just think I can style myself better. That experience though made me look harder at outfits I like and try to shop my closet/dressers first and really evaluate how often I will actually wear something, how many pants/tops do I already have that this item will work with and am I sacrificing comfort and fit for trend.

        I haven’t tried Gwynnie Bee yet but I think that may be the way for me to have that experience of “ooh, I got new clothes”. The only person who I can be disappointed in is me!

        1. That is amazing feedback, thank you! I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to try them or any other box program like StitchFix because my best friend used StitchFix and everything was… not quite right. The sizing was often off, the clothes not really her style but she’d make them work. I’ve spent too many years trying to make things work and justify purchases because of a low price or PITA return policy. The box I got had these pants which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and a bomber jacket I like pretty well, a dress that is technically my style but I don’t love it, and a bag I know I’ll never use and gave to Emerson (I got my box free in exchange for the FB live). The dress is hanging in my closet but really I should give it away before I try to make it work. I learned a lot from those who chatted during the FB live, I think it is good for those who don’t know their style, who despise shopping, who don’t know how to update or where to start. And then over time you create a relationship with your stylist and it improves as you improve your style. But like you said, Gwynnie Bee is a nice alternative if you know your style because it IS on you, and if you get something terrible you can box it right up, send it back and get something else. I do that often, send things right back. When it’s good it’s really good, and when it’s bad I get a new replacement piece pretty quickly!

          1. I watched your video just now. That dress in your box looked like it was going to be huge on you. I didn’t think you’d like the purse, because, while animal print, the shape didn’t look like anything you carry. Except for things you probably take to a festival or show your bags all have rather clean lines. An olive shirt, a dark denim jacket and the dark pants? It was like a bruise in a box! I love that you love the pants though. Score!

          2. I forgot about the top. I’ve worn it twice, once with the leathery pants, and once tucked into ivory work trousers with leopard shoes. I do like it, it’s soft like sandwashed silk but it’s washable. I’d totally rock it this spring with white jeans. I’m so picky about my prints and colors I’m kinda glad they didn’t send me any. I’ll be doing another box this month, will see how it goes!

  1. When you DIY the band t please post a tutorial! I have a reunion of my college radio station coming up next year – the station turns 40 years old- and I need to figure out a way for a 50+ year old to dress with just a touch of my old “punk/new wave/retro 1950 and 1960s/indie rocker” self without feeling ridiculous or like I’m wearing a costume. Today’s outfit might fit the bill with a different band t.

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