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Wardrobe Oxygen Banana Republic Shopping Review Hits and Misses Spring 2017Suiting is tough for a curvy gal. All that structure isn’t made for bellies, boobs, and bums. However, Banana Republic seems to get it better than others and I’ve had more luck there than other retailers. The quality is also quite good for the price. They also often have great promotions like 40% off.

I shared that I bought a pink pantsuit from Banana Republic recently, but have yet to feature it on the blog. Life has been… busy to say the least so yesterday morning I tried it on along with a recent order I made with Banana Republic.

I only have two store credit cards and one is a Banana Republic Visa. With the Banana Republic card, you can use it anywhere like a regular credit card, but you acquire points. Of course, you earn more points when you shop at Banana, Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta (the only time I use this card). You then get a code for store credit that you can use when shopping with your store card. Also, these retailers often have discounts only for cardholders. I’m not a big fan of credit cards especially when it comes to fashion; let’s be real you don’t REALLY need that new dress. But if you can manage your credit and like Banana Republic and the Gap family of stores, it can pay off.

So anyway, this order was nicely priced because I had $100 in rewards and they had 40% off suiting and dresses (which includes jumpsuits). Too bad when you make returns you don’t get back those points… anyway, enough with it Allie let’s see the clothes!

Banana Republic Red Jumpsuit Spring 2017 ReviewBanana Republic Red Jumpsuit – 14 Petite

Let’s get things straight, this is NOT red. It’s orange. I don't know what Banana was smoking to call this red. The reviews state this, and it’s why I ordered it. I love orange, and I loved the idea of an orange jumpsuit for spring and summer to wear to weddings, date nights, blogger events. The crepe fabric looked to be a seasonless one, so it could worth through most of the year. And well, it’s orange and it has pockets so it needs to be in my life, right?

Banana Republic JumpsuitWrong. This jumpsuit has so much potential! From the waist down, it fits really nicely. The fabric is a pebbled crepe, which can dress up quite nicely for an evening affair, go to work with a blazer, or even dress down with gold sandals and a wood bangle bracelet. But the top… oh the top of this jumpsuit is such a tragedy. The ruffle/placket thingie on the top is really odd and doesn’t lie nicely. The wrap front has no closure and I don’t think would lie closed on any body shape or size. And no, you can’t tack or safety pin it closed because the way it’s constructed it will be super obvious. The top turns this jumpsuit from being elegant and fun to something pulled from the back of Carol Brady’s closet. And then the zipper under the arm in theory is a great idea, but it was a challenge to try to get this thing on and off since there’s no stretch. It’s truly a shame because it is so close to being a really gorgeous piece. Miss.

banana republic pink pantsuit reviewBanana Republic Lightweight Peak Wool Lapel Blazer – 16, Hot Pink

Ryan-Fit Pink Lightweight Wool Slim-Straight Pant – 14, Hot Pink

Wardrobe Oxygen - Banana Republic Pink Pantsuit ReviewHow could I resist a hot pink pantsuit? My 14 jackets are a hair snug, so I went up with a 16 and it was the right choice. The sleeves are a hair long on this blazer, but I am going to a tailor in a week to have them shortened. I wore the blazer once, but rolled the sleeves (wore with a striped tee and jeans). It’s hard to tell online, but the lining is the same color as the jacket. I have yet to wear the two together as a suit.

Banana Repubic Ryan Pants Review - Wardrobe OxygenThe pants I went with regular instead of petite to have more of a traditional length since they said they were ankle pants and ankle pants sometimes look weird on me. I’ve worn the pants on the blog already in this post; I’ve worn them three times and you’re seeing them after three wears, stretched out from hours at a desk, and life in general. I didn’t untack the pockets; I plan on having the tailor remove the pockets and sew them up so it’s a cleaner line.

This is a nice suit – lightweight wool that is relatively seasonless, lined pants, well crafted, classic but not boring. It’s currently on sale too! It’s so nice I bought another suit…

Banana Republic navy suit review - Wardrobe OxygenBanana Republic Navy Lightweight Wool Blazer – 16

Banana Republic Ryan-Fit Lightweight Wool Solid Pant – 14 Petite

I have a navy pinstripe suit, but it’s more of a stretchy crepey fabric. I liked the idea of a wool suit with a modern silhouette. I decided to go this time with the petite version of the pants because when I met with a stylist she recommended shortening my pink pants and I thought this may save tailoring costs.

Banana Republic Ryan Pants petite Review - Wardrobe OxygenBanana Republic’s petites are a true petite; these pants fit completely different from the 14 regulars. They are lower rise, more narrow in the leg, and all over smaller. I don’t mind the length, but the rest of the pant is too small for me. My height may be petite, but my curves are not! The navy is a light navy, there’s no way you’ll confuse them for black in the early morning when getting dressed.

Banana Republic Navy Suiting 2017 Spring Review - Wardrobe OxygenThis blazer is not the same fit as the pink blazer. This one is longer, looser, and more relaxed of a style. This is when I wish a 16 petite was available.  Come on retailers, supposedly the average American woman is my height and my clothing size, why are there so few petite offerings over a 10 or 12?

While this suit is really nice, neither piece fit me. If the jacket was shorter or came in petites, I’d consider exchanging to the right sizes and get them tailored. But on my short curvy frame, this jacket is too long to justify it. I hate to call this suit a miss because it’s really nice, just on a different figure.

Banana Republic crystal braceletBanana Republic Crystal Flower Bracelet

So many times I want to glam up a black dress with some sparkle and realize I don’t have what I need. I have two sparkly stretch cuff bracelets I snagged on clearance at Ann Taylor many moons ago, but they’re very bold and specific. I wished for a more feminine sparkly bracelet in my arsenal and saw this one on sale. I’ve had good luck with Banana’s costume jewelry in the past and thought this may be a good bet.

It is. It’s really pretty – a hint of vintage, a hint of girly, a hint of classic, a hint of trendy. Plenty of sparkle, but it looks like quality. The bracelet is adjustable and it was easy to put on one-handed. It may be too big for those with really small wrists, but for me I found it quite nice! Win!

There’s a lot of cute things at Banana Republic right now, but this is all I ordered because I’ve spent my budget on the rewardStyle conference. If you’ve bought any things at Banana, whether they are hits or misses, share them in the comments below!




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  1. Allie,

    What is that light grey bit up on the collar of the navy blazer on the model? It’s not in all pictures. I can’t figure out what I’m looking at.


  2. Just from the photos I thought the jumpsuit was going to be a hit. I LOVED it on you. Looked better than the model. Sorry it didn’t work.

  3. Have similar body issues you have. So nice to see all different body shapes trying on clothes. I agree where is the designer/manufacturer for your “average” female body? Shopping can go from fun or necessary to frustrating and exhausting. Thanks for your posts. 🙂

  4. Too bad the jumpsuit had the fit issue in the bodice, overall it looks good. You could put it with all kinds of high contrast sweaters/jackets/t-shirts.

  5. I just read that a tailor to the stars says that tapering the back of a woman’s jacket sleeve makes any suit look custom….looking at that pink jacket, I’d say that’s a good candidate. Great suit!

  6. I just went on a hunt for dress pants that ended with me deciding to just never wear pants and always wear dresses instead. Pants are the worst.

    I’m a Banana card holder, and I believe that you do get to keep your rewards if you return stuff. Once you return items, it takes a bit of time, but I thought they end up going back to your account.

    1. Ooh they do? That’s awesome! And yes pants suck, I have the BR Ryan in black and navy pinstripe stretch and now pink wool, and the Custom Stretch trouser from LOFT in black, navy, and ivory. That’s it. All the rest of pants suck.

      1. I have never gotten my rewards back after being spent on pieces I’ve had to return. I try to be very certain about items I purchase when using the rewards, specifically about sizing and colors. It’s very frustrating that none of the Gap brands (Banana and Old Navy as well) carry petites in their stores. It would make my life so much simpler if they did.

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