Ponte Cropped Wide Leg Pants

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Wardrobe Oxygen in ponte wide leg cropped pants from LOFT with a striped short sleeve sweater and blush colored suede bag from Talbots

In a recent Weekend Reads, I suggested a pair of ponte cropped wide leg pants from LOFT as a good buy during one of their sales.  I decided to buy a pair and see if I was right, that they were a good wardrobe addition and show how to style them.  This is a casual look – one for the weekend, maybe if your office is more relaxed, could maybe be worn in the classroom.

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Top | Pants | Bag | Shoes | Sunglasses | Earrings | Ring

Wardrobe Oxygen in ponte wide leg cropped pants from LOFT with a striped short sleeve sweater and blush colored suede bag from Talbots

Top: J. Crew (very old; similar) | Pants: LOFT (Large Petite; here is the link for the pants in plus size) | Shoes: Clarks (they come in other colors as well as widths) | Bag: Suede Shoulder Bag c/o Talbots | Earrings: Domain Portrait Hoops c/o REALM | Ring: Insignia Empress Luxe Ring c/o REALM | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Wardrobe Oxygen in ponte wide leg cropped pants from LOFT with a striped short sleeve sweater and blush colored suede bag from Talbots

Ponte knit is a favorite of mine – it's stretchy and comfy but looks refined enough for the office.  Ponte knit comes in different weights.  Lighter weight ponte is great for dresses, I prefer a heavier weight for pants and suiting separates because it looks more professional and better skims the body giving good drape and a bit of camouflage.  These pants are the lighter weight version of ponte.  They are heavier than yoga pants, but I don't know if they'd work in a traditional office setting, even if styled with a silk blouse, a blazer, and a pair of pumps.  They do have welt pockets on the back which give a better effect of “traditional” pants, but the weight plus the silhouette skews more casual. In fact, I planned to style these two ways – for weekend and for work and decided not to style them for work and mislead anyone. 

Wardrobe Oxygen in ponte wide leg cropped pants from LOFT with a striped short sleeve sweater and blush colored suede bag from Talbots

The pants have a wide elasticized waist – the kind where the elastic is sewn on and then it's folded over so there is no band and the elastic is invisible. I like this because the elastic is so wide it won't bend or roll on itself, and it provides a clean line for tucking in or leaving out fitted knits.  There are no front pockets, which is good for a clean line but bad for life in general.  I think if these pants had front pockets, I'd find them more work-appropriate because I wouldn't feel as though my whole lower half is on display. The length is great for petite, exactly where I'd like the pants to end to wear with flat shoes as I have here, or glam up with some heels.  LOFT usually has the same link for Misses and Plus sizes; this pant they do not so here is the link for the pant in plus sizes.  I haven't washed the pants yet, but I've had luck laundering ponte – I wash it on the gentle cycle, line dry, and use a steamer (I have this steamer) to get out any wrinkles. 

Wardrobe Oxygen in ponte wide leg cropped pants from LOFT with a striped short sleeve sweater and blush colored suede bag from Talbots

This pant silhouette is one I despised, then grew to love. And I don't think it's going away any time soon.  the fluidity of this fabric makes these feel more graceful.  If you're into these pants or a similar pant, here are some styling ideas:

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As I mentioned in this post, I'm feeling softer colors for fall.  The fall color trends show that blush pink is a hot color for the season and I really fell in love with this bag from Talbots.  I think this shade is a neutral, one that would work with most colors.  Because it's new, I wanted to show it off and felt it could take the spotlight with a simple black and ivory look.  I was pleased to find my Clarks loafers (previously seen in this post) were a good match and pulled the look together.  Blush is a great low-contrast color for my skin; especially with a black pant which can segment, I felt a lighter colored shoe was a good choice for this look.  With cropped pants, you either want the pant low contrast or the shoe or else what everyone's eyes goes to isn't the look but that bit of skin between hem and shoe. 

Shop the Look:

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Alison, there was no link to your steamer. I’ve been on the hunt for a small steamer that I can travel with.
    The Ponte pants are interesting. I haven’t decided if. I like the cropped pant look on me. I am 5 ft. tall and feel that they cut me off and I look shorter, but you have demonstrated that us short gals can pull it off, and I thank you for the shoe suggestions. I’ll try that next!

  2. I bought these pants after seeing you mention them in your weekend post. They arrived today, and only when I pulled them out of the package did I realize I own a VERY similar pair already., oops! They are the Cropped Pintuck Pointe from Brass Clothing (https://brassclothing.com/collections/bottoms/products/the-cropped-pintuck-ponte?variant=28545133281341) . The differences between the two are that the Brass version is much thicker ponts, has a permanent pintuck crease down each leg, and an even wider elastic waistband. The pintuck and the thicker ponts make them more work appropriate. I’m mentioning all these details only because I think it’s an interesting contrast to Loft’s more casual version. Also, I’m don’t remember if you have reviewed Brass before, so just wanted to put them on your radar if not.

  3. It’s good to have some casual outfits that look sharp and are comfortable. I could see wearing those on a trip where you want a softer waistband than jeans and more style than light sweats.

    I don’t care for pumps with wide cropped pants, but since i don’t ever wear pumps with anything that opinion isn’t too meaningful.

    I’m all for softer colors. The brassy brown that I keep seeing is not my favorite shade.

  4. It’s like you read my mind. I wanted these when you first linked them, but I wanted to see how they looked on someone who isn’t super model dimensions. I think I might go for it. I love the way they look on you!

  5. That purse and those loafers–LOVE! Blush pink is just so pretty and feminine without being “little girly” and it’s a color I’ve come to enjoy in the last few years. I keep buying blush colored cardigans and have a pair of suede blush mules that are so great in the Fall. Glad to hear this is a color that is sticking around. You look great in this outfit–stripes for the win! By the way, Loft carries a short sleeve sweater in black and white stripes that reminds me a lot of your top. I have the Loft version and really enjoy wearing it with different colored casual pants for work (I’m in public education so casual and comfy works well!).

  6. Good review. Just by looking at the pants I would have thought they could be worn for work but your description of the material, etc. indicates otherwise. That’s why I enjoy your reviews. But no front pockets…. That means I wouldn’t even do them for casual wear. I am a hipless (is that a word? lol) person and in addition to pockets being useful, they usually add a little bit of a curve that someone like me could use. But they look great on. And I love the purse. It reminds me of something I’ve seen in Coach stores, years ago.

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