What I Wore: Ode to My Favorite Striped Shirt (plus a giveaway!)

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cabi ponte jacketI love striped shirts. I think that's clear if you scroll through my outfit posts, my capsule wardrobes, and my sale picks. I think striped shirts are classic, work with so many personal styles, and are way more fun than a solid. I'm not ashamed to admit I had an entire dresser drawer filled with striped shirts – each one had a different look, fit, and purpose.

Note I said HAD.

I had a striped shirt tragedy.

ellos breton teeStriped Top: Off the Shoulder Tee c/o Ellos (14/16) | Jacket: c/o cabi (previous season; similar) | Jeans: Universal Standard (12) | Shoes: Calasee Suede Low Heel c/o Easy Spirit | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

breton top ellos plus sizeA brand sent me a pair of their jeans and I washed them on cold with other denim. The jeans bled like mad, leaving all my jeans a bit darker blue. Nothing terrible, just slightly annoying. Not thinking about it, the next load of laundry in the washer was striped shirts. My daughter and husband also love stripes so we usually have enough each week for a stripes-only load. Well I pulled the stripes out of the washer… and they were all stained blue. I was devastated. That is until I realized this shirt somehow got missed and was still in the dirty laundry pile.

breton tee plus sizeEllos sent me this shirt a year ago. I was hesitant because it's described as off the shoulder, but as you see on me and the model it is not. It's a nice weight of knit, keeps its shape, is opaque, yet has great stretch and a refined finish. I love the longer sleeves, the open yet not too open neckline, and the length that works tucked in our left out. This top has been worn, washed, and dried dozens of times and still looks great. It's the perfect example of why I love Ellos so much.

ellow stripe shirtFrom wardrobe classics like this cotton shirtdress that I wore to death last summer, elegant pieces like this velvet pantsuit, to fun closet additions like this glitter jumpsuit that I wore on New Year's Eve or this luxe faux fur coat that I've worn all winter long, Ellos makes great affordable fashion for women in sizes 10 to 34. When I've featured the brand many of you have commented that you too have tried and fell in love with Ellos.

I've so enjoyed working with Ellos, whether it's partnering on a blog post or meeting the women who work for the brand this fall for a photo and video shoot with Full Beauty Brands. I'm thrilled they wanted to celebrate you by offering one Wardrobe Oxygen reader a $150 gift certificate to Ellos!

How to Enter:

Wardrobe Oxygen X Ellos Giveaway

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Absolutely love a fun stripped shirt!! So classic and goes well with so much–like the amazing blazer that you are sporting! I have been searching for a comfy stripped shirt, particularly with 3/4 sleeves.

  2. O.M.G. That must have been devastating. I washed my white hair towel with a red tablecloth that has been washed zillions of times before and it turned my towel a light pink. Not a big deal but it really bugs me. I hate when that happens!

  3. I’ve ribbed you about your striped top collection. Why? Because I too am a striped top lover. You look fantastic in this Ellos top with its wider stripes and off the shoulder neckline.I too had the issue with denim jean bleeding and keep a regular supply of Carbona Color Grabber in-wash sheets near the washer. Whenever I get new jeans, I throw two sheets in the washer and, for fear of the accident you had, wash a load of dark clothes afterwards with another sheet to absorb any residue. In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll be adding to your striped tops in no time.

  4. I like the maxi dresses and the Sandy shirt dress.

    For your laundry disaster, try getting some OxiClean (or similar generic brand powder) to create a soaking solution. This recently happened to me with some new jeans, and soaking my tops for several hours got the dye out of almost all of them!

  5. I’m a stripe gal as well! Glad one of your stripes survived! Ellos is great for me because I fall into that in-between sizing -12. So plus size doesn’t really work, but “misses” clothing is really built to flatter the size 6s of the world. Also, Ellos clothing doesn’t look cheap; it appears (I haven’t ordered anything yet) to be great quality with materials that flatter those of us who don’t have the flattest of abs. 😉

  6. I loved that shirt dress… it’s kind of exactly what I’ve been looking for for this summer. This top looks nice too- I’ve been struggling to find a striped top that’s not too clingy nor too shapeless. this looks like a good option

  7. Love stripes but it’s hard to find quality tees that are not tight fitting or too long or too short so this one looks perfect!

  8. Not the striped shirts! Anything but the striped shirts!!!!!!!

    Your outfit is super chic and classic. But the striped-shirt debacle had me twitching with empathy.

  9. I didn’t remember that those various pieces were all from Ellos! My budget is slim so this may be a good find for me.

  10. I love striped shirts, but the ones I have from Boden are just the tiniest bit too tight, and I won’t wear them without a cardigan over them. This one looks great!

  11. I love striped shirts and would be devastated if I had this laundry tragedy. At least one was saved.

  12. I always appreciate when a brand designs classic pieces like this striped shirt for its plus-sized customers. We don’t have to wear caftans or ugly prints!

  13. I actually never looked at Ellos until you brought it to my attention. I really like their dresses, especially the Side Belt Knit Dress. Their prices are pretty low though; how’s the quality?

    1. I find the quality varies. The pieces I’ve featured on the blog have been great quality. Their basics like tanks and tees are awesome. I got a sweater that was sort of meh, and their pants fit me a bit weird, but in general I find the quality 80% of the time higher than the price point and 20% equal to the price point.

  14. Try Shout Color Catcher. I have never tried it but aanother blogger I follow has used it and has had great results.

  15. Oh, what a stripy tragedy. I think ‘off the shoulder’ depends how you are built. I won’t buy Breton style tops any more as I have found, with my narrow shoulders, that they always always show bra straps.

  16. I never heard of Ellos, but I saw lots of things on their website that I want. I am loving that side belt knit dress!

  17. I, too, love stripes; you can never go wrong no have enough of anything striped unless it happens to be prison garb!

  18. Terrible news about your striped shirts! I lost my favorite to a hole last year and I’m still not over it. I am unfamiliar with Ellos – will check them out!

  19. Oh, sorry about your striped shirts! At least the one you can still wear is so cute. I love stripes too & have bought way too many in the hopes of finding the “perfect” one. Still looking but I do have several I enjoy.

  20. The Sandy shirtdress. Hands down. And probably several. Love the traditional full shirt style of them. So classic. So pretty for summer. Another awesome giveaway. Thank you.

  21. The prices are reasonable so I could order several items with the gift card. I would start with the Classic Jean Jacket and pair it with dresses or jeans from Elios.

  22. I have this shirt, striped and the solid black as well. Sized up for the black shirt, I wear it with a black obi belt and patterned pants. It’s a favorite neutral for patterned bottoms. I wish this came in more colors because it’s really flattering.

  23. It’s hard to narrow down choices but I really would like to try the V-neck A line tunic and the long zip front hoodie!

  24. They have so many cute, flattering dress options! I live in casual, comfortable dresses during the summer and would love to add a few from Ellos to my collection.

  25. I love this shirt! I recently had my own striped shirt tragedy on a smaller scale. My favorite black and white striped shirt ended up with those tiny belly holes all over it. Not noticeable at a distance (or apparently when dressing in dim light in the morning), but glaring up close. I was so sad to say goodbye to it!

  26. I am so sorry about your shirts! I have had something similar happen, and it sucks. I hope you can rebuild your collection soon!

  27. I have not shopped Ellos yet, but always happy to try a new online vendor with affordable and cute plus size clothing!!

  28. I love striped shirt recommendations! You can never have too many. 🙂 I love their tops. It’s so hard for me to find tops that are long enough in cusp sizes. I will have to try a few out.

  29. First, you need to get Shout Color Catcher sheets. I put one in every wash and haven’t had a laundry disaster in years.

    Second, I had never heard of this brand but based on your blog post I orded a french blue striped tee and a gingham shirt. 🙂

  30. I like be your striped top….. the blog makes me want to try on this horizontal design I have avoided for years. I don’t want to look any bigger so I have never even tried on horizontal designs of any kind. You make me feel brave.

  31. I’m picky about my laundry. I highly recommend color-grabbing sheets for questionable loads. They are fantastic. Also, there’s a reason new clothes state “wash separately” at least the first time.
    Ellos is great. The prices are so affordable and I’ve been pleased with the order I placed after asking you for tunic-length suggestions. I really like the neckline on this top.

  32. I’m sending you many hugs and condolences for your loss. I’m used to new denim bleeding but (thankfully I’ve never had it last until the next load. Glad there is a lone survivor so you can still rock your stripes!

  33. 1. Stripes rock
    2. Thank you for introducing me to Ellos! I read your blog all the time and for some reason haven’t looked at them yet… They have a lot of good stuff.

  34. drawstring dresses are usually flattering on me, so i’d love to try the knit drawstring in the summery coral color.

  35. i am LOVING that zip-pocket leather skirt!
    i have a bad-ass leather skirt in my closet right now, but it is in a MUCH smaller size than i am wearing now, and i find most plus-sized leather skirts to have details the just dont appeal to me. i love that this one is clean and simple!

    im also really digging the hooded anorak raincoat.
    it is surprisingly hard to find a raincoat in black!
    and honestly, i dont even remember the last time i OWNED a raincoat, but with a toddler, if we ever want to leave the house in the spring, i think mama having a raincoat is a MUST! the hood + pockets make this one super-functional, and the drawstring waist will help give me a little shape.

  36. That striped shirt is adorable! I’m coming off of 2 pregnancies and all my basics need updating. I’m loving all the tee shirt/tank options!

  37. I can’t stop myself from buying stripes either, always on the lookout for the perfect striped top and have yet to try anything from Ellos. Thanks for the tip! So sad about the laundry. 🙁

  38. I love the look of ellos, I haven’t bought anything yet, because ellos is always excluded from the fullbeauty free shipping/sales (and I like a bargain and almost require free shipping). I am too spoiled in this day and age.

  39. The zip pocket leather skirt for days when I want to feel badass!
    Also I remember that velvet pantsuit–you rocked that like no tomorrow!

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