The Most Wearable 2024 Fashion Trends

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The stores are launching their spring collections, fashion weeks for fall 2024 are taking place, and it's the perfect time to begin eyeing 2024 fashion trends and which ones to consider embracing. I love fashion, but I don't add trends and new items to my closet willy nilly. I want to share the the most wearable 2024 fashion trends that have caught my eye and I think are very wearable for us grown-ass women.

The Most Wearable 2024 Fashion Trends

Embracing Fashion Trends as a Woman over 40

I have fewer f*cks left to give, but I still give a sh*t. I love fashion and expressing myself through what I wear, but I don't have an unlimited budget and prefer to buy what I can enjoy now and years from now. I focus on trends that may be current, but also will look stylish years from now. And above all, I focus on achieving comfort and joy from my wardrobe, on my terms.

I am 49 years old, a soft curvy 5'3″ woman who rides the fence between misses and plus sizes. Call it midsize or cusp size, I call it complicated when shopping and trying to find great style and great fit, even with the assistance of a tailor. I won't buy what makes me feel uncomfortable, restricted, or bad about my body, age, or lifestyle. I will buy what makes me happy, and that means thinking outside the box and breaking a heckuva lot of dated style rules.

The Most Wearable 2024 Fashion Trends

With that, these are the 2024 fashion trends I am considering for my grown-ass self and you may too find appealing this year. I believe these to be the most wearable 2024 fashion trends that can most easily fit into your existing closet and look chic beyond this year.

Western Vibes

Don't blame Beyonce, the Western trend started way before she dropped her two country-inspired singles or rocked a single Louis Vuitton cowboy hat to an awards show. The western vibe has been percolating since the first episode of Yellowstone and has come to a head in 2024.

A look from Pharrell Williams' Louis Vuitton Men's collection for FW 2024 featuring a denim shirt with jeans, western boots, and western-inspired accessories
A look from Pharrell Williams' FW 2024 collection for Louis Vuitton

This doesn't mean you should boot-scoot-boogie down to the western wear shop and get done up from hat to belt to boot in rodeo garb, but a few western-inspired touches can update your existing closet. My favorite methods:

Western Belts

Celine, Saint Laurent, and Khaite all have sleek versions of Western belts in 2024. Smooth leather with shiny curved buckle frames and matching belt caps, these belts hint at a Western vibe without looking like a costume. While you will find brown leather and gold buckles, the most popular is black leather with silver hardware.

This simple and classic style not only looks stylish beyond 2024 but is easily found at lower price points. Madewell has a skinny Western belt for less than $50 and a thicker and more sculptural option for under $60; B-Low the Belt has a chic option that's under $200. Wear as you would any waist belt; style with jeans and trousers or replace a dress self-belt for a touch of the Western vibe.

Denim on Denim

In 2024 you're going to see a lot of denim and this goes beyond 501's and a denim jacket. Denim suits, denim dresses, lots of denim skirts (especially pencil styles that go from knee to calf), denim trousers, denim vests, denim belted jackets and trenches, and lots of interesting architectural denim.

For us grown women who aren't sure how to rock the denim on denim, I recommend keeping it classic, play with volume, and don't try to match your pieces unless they were bought to go together (like this Talbots blazer and matching trousers).

I added this Levi's denim shirt into my closet this spring (here is a plus size alternative). I liked how it was lightweight and flowing so I could pair it with my current jeans collection, but also tuck it into a pair of linen trousers or tie it over a dress with ease. It's a classic style, but a modern textile so it will still be chic after the western trend has ended.

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross in a denim trench, cuffed relax fit jeans, and cream western-inspired heeled boots
Tracee Ellis Ross rocking denim on denim

Denim jackets are longer, looser, or else belted like field jackets and trenches. Jeans are straight, relaxed, bootcut, wide leg, barrel style, and cropped wide leg/gaucho styles are coming back as are refined denim trousers. Instead of your favorite sneakers, elevate the look with a belt, boots, or wood-heel sandals.

Cowboy Boot-inspired Footwear

I am a girl born in the city, raised in the suburbs, and if I donned a pair of proper cowboy boots I'd feel like I was in costume. But that doesn't mean I'm totally digging the cowboy boot-inspired footwear trend for 2024. I personally bought these cream western-inspired booties from Naturalizer (hello wide widths) and think they look great with jeans, but also my Madewell Harlow chinos, with my midi-length dresses and skirts, and even wore them with suiting trousers and a cream sweater.

You will find plenty of sparkly and statement western boots this season thanks to influencers sporting them at Taylor Swift concerts and the Houston rodeo. And I think they are a ton of fun, but they may not look stylish in a year or two (unless this is your vibe). If you want to try this trend, consider a short boot in black, cream, or burgundy that can replace a standard boot and look chic for seasons to come.

Goth Girl

Fashion magazines are calling this emo style, but I wanted to use a trend that us grown-ass women may relate to. Think Jane Lane from Daria, Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice, Siouxsie Sioux, Fairuza Balk, and those before them who embraced the darker side of style.

Emo was very Y2K, and the 2000s, in general, are back in style. However, we grown-ass women know that while fashion is cyclical, it's never the same. 2024 mixes vintage with modern, black with unexpected pops of color, and plays with volume. 

Actress Jenna Ortega in Dior at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2024
Jenna Ortega in Dior at Paris Fashion Week

The 2024 grown-ass goth woman wears black and leather and has fun with her hair color and makeup; she appreciates the lug soles, platforms, and boots. She pairs volume with trim looks, and finds way to make it sophisticated. Think a blazer instead of a flannel shirt, trousers instead of jeans, a sleek boot instead of sneakers. Elevated touches will show your inner goth girl you're a grown-ass woman.

Big is Better

In 2024, big is big. Gone are the teeny purses, you'll see oversized totes and clutches able to hold all your essentials. Jackets and coats are big with full sleeves, shoulder pads, and relaxed or oversized silhouettes. Even hair is big in 2024.

Janet Jackson wearing Thom Browne black and white pants look with an oversized bag at NYFW February 2024
Janet Jackson at NYFW February 2024

Unlike the 1980s, when we did things big and powerful, the 2024 volume is more architectural and a bit tongue-in-cheek. Think Miley's big hair at the GRAMMYs, the big ruffled sleeves seen on Melissa McCarthy and Da'Vine Joy Randolph at the Oscars, and the oversized jackets that could be dresses seen on Jennifer Lopez and Ellen Pompeo at NYFW.

Ellen Pompeo at the Michael Kors show at NYFW February 2024 wearing an oversized gray blazer with gray fringe skirt and boots
Ellen Pompeo at NYFW February 2024

Volume is controlled, with tailoring to keep your hands from being swallowed up and shoulders being wide but not Talking Heads oversized. While we're not restricted to pairing volume with something trim, volume is thoughtful so one can see there is a human in there and it is wearing the clothes, the clothes aren't wearing it.

Chic Clashing

Fashion in the 2020s is really accepting, creative, and fluid. Pretty much anything goes and style is found by breaking a rule or two. And in 2024, it has gone an extra step by having something really clash in your outfit.

Actress Katie Holmes wearing a denim shirt, denim jeans, and hot pink socks with heels
Katie Holmes at NYFW, February 2024

I found this photo of Katie Holmes when trying to find a denim on denim example and it is such a clever way to do chic clashing. You think, what the heck is up with those pink socks with those black delicate strap heels? Why didn't she do a black boot/a metallic shoe/a closed-toe shoe in color/coordinate with the bag/something other than hot pink hosiery with black dress heels.

But the more you look at it, the more you can see the thought process. Any of the expected shoes would look a bit too matchy-matchy. A bit dated. A bit too safe. The pink is shocking, it's intriguing, and them with the dress heel elevates the look from taking returns to Nordstrom to going out on the town.

a look from Rabanne's Fall 2024 ready to wear collection of a model wearing plaid pants, a denim shirt, an argyle cardigan, and a coat over it all
A look from Rabanne's Fall 2024 Ready to Wear collection

Rabanne's Fall 2024 Ready to Wear collection is a mega example of chic clashing. Pattern on pattern on pattern with a bunch of textures as the cherry on top. It takes a careful eye to make this work, but I share it to inspire you to think outside the box with your existing closet.

Why not try those navy plaid trousers with a navy striped Breton? Staying in the same color story is an easy way to “clash” while still looking cohesive. Consider adding something in an animal print (another 2024 fashion trend). I consider leopard and cheetah prints to be a neutral, and adding a cheetah print cardigan, a leopard print belt, or a tiger-print scarf can work while also clashing in a chic manner.

What Items You May Wish to Add to Your Closet in 2024

Beyond fashion trends, there will be certain items you will see at many retailers that you may wish to buy this year as it will be something you will enjoy beyond 2024. These are pieces that may fit a hole in your closet, may be a style you love that isn't always available, or in a color not always available. I think you'll find these at a range of pricepoints:

  • Tote-style handbags: In leather, neoprene, nylon, raffia, and many other textiles. Classic handbag colors like black, tan, and brown but also graphic color combos, white and near-white, and rich shades of red, navy, and green.
  • Belts: Hip belts, waist belts, big belts, skinny belts. I am personally thrilled for the return of belts, I love them and since they take up so little space I rarely pare down my collection. I know I will be rocking belts that have been collecting dust and likely adding a few to the mix.
  • Trench coats: I can't guarantee they will actually keep you dry in a rainstorm, but trench coats are huge this year. They are classic, quirky, quiet luxury, and loudly colorful. Practical versions in tan and other neutrals, and dressy versions in taffeta and chiffon. All lengths will be found from mid-hip to ankle-grazing.
  • Denim trousers: If you love a refined denim trouser free of rivets and yellow stitching, this is your year. I already have my eye on this pair at Talbots.
  • Leather blazers: Leather blazers were popular this past fall, and I think the trend will continue with belted options as well as single breasted, tailored or oversized. Black will be available, but I also expect to see shades of red and burgundy, chocolate brown, and possibly some unexpected colors like mustard and bottle green.
  • Flats: High vamps and toe cleavage, pointed toes and square, D'Orsay and Mary Jane, metallic and matte… flats are having a moment. The key to 2024 flats is they have some structure; you already own enough Tieks and ballet flats that show the shape of your toes.
  • Suiting: Suiting has been a thing for a few years now, but this year it has left the nightclub and returned to the boardroom. Boucle, belted blazers, architectural details, power shoulders, slouchy styles, and plenty of colors… suiting is creative, corporate, chic, and interesting.
  • Feminine Touches: Rosettes to pin to your lapel or tie around your neck, dresses in rose and other floral prints, chiffon ruffles and overlay, bows and ribbons… some call is GirlCore, I say it's an opportunity to find a trend that isn't always available to grown-ass women done in a sophisticated manner. If it's your vibe, enjoy!

What Colors Are Fashionable in 2024?

Ice Blue

If you watched the Oscars, you saw plenty of actresses in icy pale blue gowns. Expect to see a lot of this color in 2024, and paired in unexpected ways like with burgundy and brown. You will also see looks of all ice blue (pantsuits, blouse and skirt, etc.) but also ice blue will be a big color for outerwear and dresses formal and casual.

Ice blue oversized pantsuit over a very pale celadon shirt and blue suede shoes at Stella McCartney spring summer 2024 runway show
A look from the Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2024 runway show

I recently wore a pale blue twinset and trousers. Especially styled with ivory shoes and belt, it felt fresh and modern. Ice blue also feels springy when paired with other pale icy pastels as well as silver metallic.


White is always a color to wear, but in 2024, you will see a lot of white dresses for spring and summer and white pantsuits, and I think whipping out your white jeans and trousers sooner rather than later can be quite chic. And in 2024, it is white not vanilla or ivory or even winter white.

A white sleeveless fit and flare midi dress with a large black leather studded hip belt on a model at the Ferragamo S/S 2024 runway show
White dress with black leather at the Spring/Summer 2024 Ferragamo show

I plan to wear my white linen Madewell linen trousers I bought last year that I know will be getting a lot of wear again this year. I wore my white jeans just this past weekend with a black sweater and black boots. I own a white pantsuit from a few years ago and if it fits my current shape will wear it again. If you bought any of those white shirtdresses that were on trend a few years ago, bring them back out. But now pair with some chrome silver flats or sandals.


I am so thrilled that lilac is back! Not lavender, this is a crisp color that goes from icy to rich like the crocuses popping up this season.

A look from Tom Ford's Spring/Summer 2024 runway collection featuring a lilac satin pantsuit with a lilac blouse
A look from Tom Ford's S/S 2024 collection

Just as with icy blue and white, you will see a lot of lilac on lilac, but also lilac paired with unexpected colors like red, burgundy, and brown. There is a good chance you have lilac in your wardrobe from previous seasons; it is also being seen already at popular retailers like Old Navy and Ann Taylor.


Brown can be out out out, or it can be chic chic chic. And in 2024, you will see a lot more brown than in previous years. Look for brown on brown looks, brown with gray, brown with navy, and brown with more delicate of colors like ice pink and lilac.

A model walking the runway in the Loewe Spring Summer 2024 show wearing a brown leather calf-length double breasted coat
A look from the Loewe S/S 2024 runway show

In the past, brown has been the more casual cousin to black and the less sophisticated sister to gray. In 2024, brown has gotten a glow-up with rich shades of chocolate in luxe fabrics. As we head into fall I think we'll see even more luxe brown in fashion but I am hoping for brown linen, silk, delicate sandals, and swimwear this summer.


We've done millennial pink, Valentino pink, and Barbie pink. And while those are still hot (check out Katie Holmes' wacky hosiery as an example), in 2024, you will see more delicate pinks. Not quite millennial pink, this is a bit more like ballet pink. However, any millennial or pastel pink in your closet will work in 2024.

A pale pink dress with rosettes seen at the Simone Rocha Spring 2024 Ready to Wear show
A look from the Simone Rocha Spring 2024 Ready to Wear collection

Pink is a color that can be tough or sweet, and 2024 is a year that really embraces pink's versatility. You will see pink being quirky with shades like brown and mango, bold with modern white and black architecture, and delicate expressed through bows, chiffon ruffles, and rosettes.


2024 kicked off with everyone rocking a pair of red tights and home decor gurus encouraging a pop of red in every room. And this red trend will continue through 2024.

A look from Hermes Spring Summer 2024 runway show of a model in a dark red dress and matching cape coat hybrid.
A look from the Hermès Spring Summer 2024 runway show

While Crayola red tights are on trend, in general red for 2024 will in general be richer, like a ruby or dark cherry. Think a dark red glossy lip, a slim leather belt with a gold buckle, a clutch bag or tote, maybe a pair of glasses or gloves or even a coat. These reds will be paired often with neutrals like tan and dark gray.

There is no need to embrace this trend, no matter how many TikToks are on the subject. I feel pops of red, especially red tights, will be very specific to 2024 and feel dated more quickly than the other trends. I only share it because many of you may have pops of red from previous times this trend was hot and they would be easy to add back into your wardrobe. I think of a red croco-embossed clutch I bought about 20 years ago would be a great accent piece in 2024.

You Don't Need to Embrace a Single Fashion Trend to Be Stylish

The greatest thing about 2024 fashion trends is that you don't need to embrace a single one to look stylish. Keep doing you, and wearing what you love, and if you do it with confidence (and maybe with breaking a style rule here and there) you will look great. Seriously, there is no need to buy anything new in 2024, I translate style trends only for the curious, not the masses.

As grown-ass women, we have earned the right to wear what brings us comfort and joy. We can wear the trends or buck them, wear clothes that emphasize our favorite body parts or clothes that hide every aspect of our shape, every color of the rainbow or a single shade or tone. And we likely have a closet that already contains a lot of good things that will be given a new life with a bit of restyling and play.

The most stylish thing you can do in 2024 is break some rules and play with fashion. Put an unexpected shoe with your jeans. Pair two colors or prints you may have previously thought clashed. Add some fun hosiery. Try a bold lipstick, or reduce your makeup look by half. Let your hair be windblown. Mix silver with gold.

Wear this unexpected combination at home to get a feel for it. Then try it again with small stakes: a trip to the bank or the grocery store, lunch at a friend's house. If you don't like it, don't wear it again. But the exercise of stepping outside your comfort zone is the key to finding personal style. You may be surprised what you find out about yourself!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I truly enjoy posts like this… I find I get more inspired, even if I don’t end up trying many of these trends. I did step out recently in sparkly slip on sneakers paired with jeans and I got so many compliments. I love all the tips, ideas, and helpful posts you create, Alison, you have really changed my style!

  2. Looking at the Tom Ford suit and taking it as lilac, I looked at some things I have and concluded they are also lilac because they skew towards cool/blue. But when I looked up lavender versus lilac color on the Internet, it was actually lavender that skewed blue and icy and lilac was a warmer, more pinkish-purple. Maybe it’s how the suit looks on my monitor or the fact that it’s satin, which gives it an icier feel in the first place. But I’m confused on which one is in style for this summer.

    1. It’s funny because lavender usually in fashion is the more muted pinkish tint, but in colors it’s different. And it’s weird because lavender the plant is a cool ton but muted, and a lilac bush can go from rich cool light purple to pink. Everything for pastels in 2024 is icy and cool toned.

      1. Thanks! Icy and cool-toned looks way better on me than pastels do, so I’m in and already have a couple of “lilac” things,

  3. I’m so happy about the return of dark brown – feeling a slight sense of panic to stock up on multiples though, since it disappeared from retail for about 10 years last time.

    Hopefully fashion’s wider range of trends these days will mean I won’t have to go another decade without finding my favourite dark neutral in shops!

  4. Whoa I looked at the reviews for those Talbots “denim” trousers… maybe it’s not an issue for you, but did you realize the care instruction is to DRY CLEAN? I’ve been looking to replace my beloved old denim wide leg trousers from like 2010 but this grown ass woman does NOT dry clean.

  5. So I went on Old Navy and ended up with four lavender items. Can’t wait to wear them with my other clothes. I have some Tecovas Western Boots and I’m happy to know that I can slip them on again. Great round up!

  6. Would you consider doing a post about men’s jewelery/accessories/bags? It’s a part of my wardrobe I’m exploring, and I feel like maybe you could tie it to Father’s Day coming up in June as a gift guide? Mostly I’m just eager for the way you see patterns and notice details and then chance to learn from you, but of course it has to work for your brand too! 😉

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