Friday Favorite: ENO DoubleNest Hammock

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Karl is an REI junkie. When you want to buy K a gift, if in doubt you can’t go wrong with an REI gift card. If he’s not home, there’s a good chance he’s at REI, he even worked there for a short period of time. He often comes home with the most random but awesome things. Several years ago (I’m guessing 3?) he came home with a two-person hammock from ENO (linked to Amazon where it's cheaper at time of writing).


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Karl’s not a small person and I’m not light as a feather, so I was immediately concerned about the idea of the two of us in this hammock at the same time. Nothing less romantic than trying to snuggle up to a loved one and cause fabric to tear and end up with bruised backsides. However, the ENO DoubleNest can hold 400 pounds, and I haven’t felt unsafe even when we were combined right at (or maybe a pound or four) over that number.

living room hammockliving room hammockOur living room hooks and the cross-beam on the deck with straps ready for the hammock

The hammock comes with carabiners on each end, which you can attach to straps and wrap around trees, connect to poles or hooks. We take it on every vacation, but Karl set up hooks in our living room and a crossbeam on our deck so it’s easy to hook up and use indoors or out. It has had some pretty serious use: two large adults wanting to swing, three six year olds wiggling around while watching a movie, many parent/kid cuddles on rainy or snowy afternoons, emergency guest bed for a visiting friend… it still looks brand new.

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The hammock has its own compression pocket attached and when stuffed in it’s about the size of half a bed pillow and weighs hardly anything. When set up, the pocket is great for holding your phone or remote. It’s easy to shove in the corner of your car’s trunk or even a suitcase for a trip. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you know we LOVE our hammock. It gives this feel of a resort. Unlike rope hammocks, this one is opaque and if you’re in it by yourself it can sort of wrap around you like a cocoon which I like. It is more comfortable with two people in it, but all three of us often use it for a bit of alone chill time.


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Don’t leave this hammock outside; this is one you want to protect from the elements to keep it strong and sturdy. We store it in our bay window behind the curtain; it’s easy to unpack and hook up in the living room or grab as we’re heading to the back deck. It’s fun to have a bit of luxury almost anywhere at any time for less than $75, and to know that luxury last through years and a family? Even better!

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  1. We take the single version camping with us. It’s nice be cocooned away from the bugs. I never thought to use it at home!

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