Weekend Review: Homéoplasmine

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I have received and purchased a lot of products lately, ones that may not be worthy of a Friday Favorite, may not be specific to over 40 beauty, so I’m going to occasionally share them on the weekend.

homeoplasmine review - wardrobe oxygenI’m a sucker for cult favorite beauty products. Homéoplasmine shows up on so many lists and claims to be an amazing moisturizer, lip balm, cure for cuts and scrapes, a product that can offer hydration without causing makeup to slip, brilliant for dry elbows and heels. I read over and over to only get the French version, not the Americanized option; as usual Amazon had it available and with free Prime shipping!

Homéoplasmine is a metal tube the size of a small toothpaste or a tube of OTC cortisone or other skin treatments. The product is very thick, a bit goes a long way. As for the consistency, it’s a bit like a super thick petroleum jelly, but has a matte finish like silicone-based primers. For those who used lanolin when nursing, it's the better smelling not as sticky little sister.  This consistency makes complete sense as to why makeup artists love it – you can truly put makeup over it. If you have very sensitive skin, this is also a great product as I have put it on Emerson’s boo-boos and the redness under a runny nose and it hasn’t hurt. It works as a barrier and is water resistant, so it’s great for raw and sensitive skin and windy or cold situations.


when writing this post, I found this photo and it was too good not to share; via hellocoton

However, this is not a Holy Grail product for me. My regular nighttime cream that I apply to lips, cuticles, and elbows ran out (well actually, the jar fell on the floor and broke), so I replaced it with Homéoplasmine. I have used it for over a month at the time of writing this (what I’m trying to do before any review so I can truly see the effects) and I am completely underwhelmed. My lips are not hydrated, my elbows feel rough, and I wake up to dry cuticles. I didn’t with my Vitamin E cream. For hands and elbows, I have had far more success with Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream, O’Keefe’s Working Hands, and jojoba oil. For lips, I’d recommend Aquaphor Lip Repair. If you just want an all-in-one product, I swear by this Vitamin E cream which I’ve used since 2014 (and one jar lasts for a year, that is if you don’t drop it five times on the floor).

So Homéoplasmine has moved to the medicine cabinet and I use it for Emerson’s scrapes, red noses, and things like that. But I seem to be the minority, people swear by this product. It’s just not right for me.  Are you a Homéoplasmine fan?  Tell me what I am missing!

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  1. Thank you so much for the recommendation of the vitamin e in this post! My nail/cuticles have been a huge mess for most of my life – I’m a recovering biter/picker and I can sometimes look like I’ve been through the wars. I got the vit. e you recommended and I’ve been putting it on my nails for the last 2 weeks or so every night before I go to bed and my hands haven’t looked this good without a manicure in I can’t tell you how long!

  2. My ‘all in one’ product is Vaniply ointment. It is similar to Aquaphor. After Co2 Fractional Laser treatment the derm doctor told me to keep the Vaniply on my face as to heal and prevent scarring. This stuff has no petroleum products in it, consistency of Vaseline, but absorbs into the skin. Great stuff! Thanks for actually reviewing a product for a good amount of time. Those dinky samples everyone gets are basically a waste, in my not so humble opinion.

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