A Jumpsuit Valentine

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i bought this photo so dont use it without permission you asshole

In my Weekend Reads I mentioned a denim/tencel jumpsuit. It looked great, the price was great, it came in regular, petite, and plus sizes. I ordered it. Yesterday it arrived.

The wash is what I expected and hoped for. It looks like denim but is soft thanks to it being Tencel. It buttons up the front but also has a zip fly, which seemed pretty brilliant. Deep enough of an entry for easy on and off, plus a zip fly will prevent any gaping below the belly button when one sits or moves.

I put it on… not bad. It actually fit pretty perfectly. Sleeves not too tight, rise in the right place, length not too short or long. I tied the self belt and checked out my reflection in the mirror. Hrm. While I had a few buttons unbuttoned at the neck, it didn’t open but lay flat as though it was still buttoned. The fabric was too soft to pop the collar. I cuffed the sleeves and it helped, providing a relaxed vibe to what was feeling a bit like a uniform.

The legs. Neither fitted nor wide, they hung straight without any tapering. Not bad… but what shoes to wear with such a cut? Sneakers really made it look like a uniform. Engineer boots too. My slim black heeled booties looked too corporate. My silver snakeskin booties weren’t bad but they’re such a specific look that can’t be worn anywhere. My leopard calfhair booties… that felt right. But the legs needed to be cuffed.

Since the legs were semi-wide, a wide cuff looked juvenile. A narrow cuff wouldn’t stay in place since the fabric was so soft. I tried tucking the pants into the booties and blousing them out to create a jogger pant effect. It alllmost worked, but from the side it looked weird, like an accident. So I French rolled the bottoms like I did in the ‘80s and even did with my now too-big denim coveralls. Way better, though still not quite right. I changed the shoes to my Nikes… terrible. My silver booties… too try hard. I put back on the leopard booties. The best thus far.

Now to accessorize. I added my gold bamboo hoops. I liked it, but was it too try hard? My leather safari hat was on the chair next to me and I put it on as well. Okay, this is feeling cool, like I could jut out my chin and stare hard into the camera next to a fiddle leaf fig in a Chelsea loft and be profiled on The Coveteur.

But where the hell does one wear such a look when they aren’t a designer or DJ in NYC but a mom who works from home in the suburbs? I took off the hat, put on a different pair of earrings. It was… fine. But I put in so much effort, I knew I could make it great.

I went to take it off so I could steam it and get it ready for a photo shoot. I unbuttoned and unzipped… it wasn’t loose enough or stretchy enough nor had low enough of an opening for easy removal. I was sure glad I didn’t have to use the bathroom. With some serious shoulder shimmying I finally got it off.

And I folded it and put it back in the package to mail back. There’s no way I’m going to feature such an item on Wardrobe Oxygen.

No clothing should take an hour to make it work. Nothing in your closet should be so complicated you’d rather be dehydrated than have to figure out how to take it off in a public restroom. You deserve better than clothing that makes you feel bad, uncomfortable, or confused.

I really love and respect all of you who read this blog. In the past I have worn things that didn’t make me feel good because I felt they would look good on here. Oooh, look at those shoes, that cool outfit, that whatever. I’ve admitted before that on more than one occasion I donned multiple pairs of Spanx and played with the contrast on photos to hide the fact that things didn’t fit right. Since going full time, I have made a promise not to do this any longer.

Today is Valentine’s Day and I know a lot of blogs will have red and pink outfits, stories about their significant others, and DIYs for love-themed crafts. I don’t have any of this. To be honest, yesterdaay after school my husband a daughter raced to Target for class valentines because we completely forgot about the holiday. But as I was pulling a muscle trying to get out of the jumpsuit it made me think about how much I love this WO2 community and how I really love and respect all of you and only want to share what I think is deserving of your fabulous selves. And while I could make that jumpsuit look fierce, I love you too much to do that.

Whether or not you’re into the holiday, you deserve to give yourself a little love today. You’re pretty freaking fantastic! Much love to you.

And now I’m off to the post office…

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. ThanksAllie,

    You made me feel better about having to get rid of pieces. Sometimes I order online and then hang onto the purchase much longer than I should. I just know I can make it work for me. Then the return window passes and I am really stuck. Why can’t I make this great looking garment work? Since the return window has passed, there must be a way to salvage this situation. But there isn’t and I finally have to acknowledge it. I write it off to sunk costs. Now, I could take it to an consignment shop or try to resell online to maybe recover some of the money spent. But unless it is an expensive item I don’t bother. Instead, I donate it. I am hoping that a woman who can make the piece work will have brand new for a discounted price. As for me, I get another lesson. And I suppose I will continue to get that particular lesson until I learn!

  2. And THIS is why I love your blog! I totally feel your frustration! Glad to know that it is not just me who just can’t seem to pull a cohesive look together with a seemingly great piece. Even though I’m not petite, I can still relate to much of what you say in your posts, and that is why I’m a devoted fan of Wardrobe Oxygen. Thank you for your honesty, Allison! Happy Valentine’s Day from Massachusetts!

  3. Love this post! How many time have we ordered or purchased something that we love the look, the thought but when you get it home the reality is you won’t really wear it. Thanks for showing us that even with all of the stylist tricks up your sleeve this happens to you to. Maybe it will make it that much easier for me to turn down the next so/so stitch fix and great deal I found on Nordstrom rack because if in reality its just going to sit in my closet, i don’t really need it!

    1. YESSSSS!!!! If I can accomplish one thing with this blog is to motivate women to say no to the mediocre because it’s convenient or a good price. And those two brands can offer some real gems, but you have to get through a lot of mediocrity to get there!

  4. omg — i LOVE this. And it’s one of the reason i read — i always value your thorough, honest reviews/feedback. I’ve done the same thing with pieces of clothing that i just REALLLY want to work. But the reality is, sometimes they just don’t. Glad i’m not alone 😉

  5. Loved this post and your honesty. We have all had moments like that, when we’ve bought something and we’re working way too hard to try to make it work because it’s so close.

    Long-time reader, first comment because I had to tell you that I loved this.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you….
    I see so many looks that are gorgeous but not practical. And how many of us put something on but struggle styling it and all the while blaming ourselves because it isn’t working. LOL
    Thank you for the honesty.

  7. What can I say other than you are just so AWESOME! What a cool post for this Valentine’s Day. Thank you for all the personal and sartorial inspiration!

  8. Sad it didn’t fit right but sometimes it happens. When I was younger it was really hard for me to find something that fit because I’m small from the waist up but big from the waist down so things never fitted right and I just settled for whatever I could find but now I’m just done with that, I’m gonna wear what feels comfortable and what fits right. Happy valentine’s day!

  9. And this is why I love you!! Unvarnished authentic REAL truth! I have followed you for a year and never thanked you for you fabulous advice and loads of inspiration. One year ago, I started working out too. I stopped hating my numbers and was looking for some inspiration for the journey. I found you! I just got my one year anniversary note from the place where I work out in RVA. I thought I should reach out and tell you THANK YOU for being an inspiration to women and especially those 40 plus size 10 plus (or 16 sometimes!!) of us that get so much LOVE from your blog. If you ever find yourself in Richmond VA, you have a friend and a fan.

    1. Thank you so much and I am so excited about your journey! Congrats on one year that’s phenomenal! As for RVA, I’m heading there at the end of April for the RebelleCon. I’ll be speaking and there will be a get together I’m hosting, when I have full details I’ll let you know but in the meantime check out https://www.rebellecon.com

  10. Damn. I was hoping this would work for you because I was excited to seee how you would style it. I ordered it also and received it yesterday. I love how it fits but have questions about the styling. I have a nice collection of statement sneakers and I will most likely pair it wth that. I also have some chukka boots and low harness Frye’s that could work. There is a slight awareness that this may be seen as a prison jumpsuit but the fit is really good and it’s super comfy – so I’m not concerned with how anyone else’s will “see” it. It’s a keeper for me.

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