Alice’s Last Easter

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Today my mom had to put her cat Alice down. Alice has been a member of the family for 17 years; she was a sweet, strong, fabulous little kitty woman and my mom's dear roommate for years.

Sunday, we went to my mom's house for Easter. My sister set up an egg hunt for Emerson. After the hunt, Emerson wanted to share her eggs with Alice. In honor of a sweet, good kitty, here's some pictures of my two favorite little females on Easter.

 emerson easter 027
  emerson easter 029
 emerson easter 031
 emerson easter 025
 emerson easter 026

I am sorry for being MIA this week, I am still fighting a bit of a stomach bug, work has been insanely busy, and there have been a couple personal events happening with my extended family. I miss you and promise to be back soon – working on finishing my next post for the “How to Shop” series.

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  1. You must be proud of your little Emerson for being so generous and kind with Alice on her last holiday. a wise person!

    please let your mom know my thoughts are with her, and the rest of you. i can’t imagine life without all the wonderful furry critters who’ve lived with us over the years. i hope things get a bit less hectic for you soon, Allie (& not just because i’m hopping up and down on one foot waiting for your next ‘shopping’ article 😉

    take care, stpeh

  2. So sorry to hear about Alice’s passing, Allie. Sending Rainbow Bridge thoughts to your mom, and you and your sister.

    On a happier note, Emerson’s Easter outfit is super cute! And so is her yellow piggy basket!

  3. Sorry to hear about your mom’s cat, it’s a horrible thing to go through. My mom’s cat had to be put down and still, over 10 years later, my mom is affected by it.

    On a lighter note, I love daughter’s dress. 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s so hard to lose family, and our animals ARE family. Darling photos you have to remember her by!

  5. So sorry to hear about the cat. 17 years is a great long life for a pet though.

    I bought my daughter that exact same dress for her Easter wear! So cute. I loved the pink “sash”.

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