Denim and Tie-Dye

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Wardrobe Oxygen in an Amber Richele tie dye tank top

Before the world shut down, I bought a pair of jeans from Athleta.  I raved about them, a bunch of you bought them, some of you who bought them returned them saying they didn't work for you, they weren't flattering, they were an odd fit.  I love these jeans, but I haven't had them photographed much.  Yesterday we took these photos… and I get what you all said about these jeans.  But I don't care, I still love them!

Wardrobe Oxygen in Athleta Jeans and a tie dye tank top

Tank: Amber Richele (Large) | Jeans: Athleta (14 Petite) | Earrings: Jenny Bird (no longer available, these are cool though) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (can't find this color but this is the same size/shape) Shoes: Birkenstock

athleta jeans petite

So these jeans are too long in the rise and do weird things in the crotch.  The waist is not quite high or low enough.  The color isn't the most flattering if your goal is to make your lower half look slimmer or firmer.  But these are seriously the only jeans I have worn since February.  I wear them at least once a week (and honestly, more than one day in a row… these photos are from Day 2) and they stretch out a bit but not so much they get dumpy.  They're so stretchy I can wear them just hanging out, and wear them as often as my joggers.

amber richelle tie dye

I took scissors and made little cuts on the hem and along some edges of pockets and such to make them look more distressed.  For reference, I am wearing a 14 petite; my body has changed since I got them and wish I had them in a size smaller but these will do.  I think they achieve the “mom jean” look without being too tryhard, the faded color takes some getting used to but it feels fresh after so many seasons of dark and distressed washes and it summer-izes everything in my closet.

Wardrobe Oxygen in an Amber Richele tie dye tank top

The tank is from Amber Richele, a clothing line by Amber from the blog The Cocoa Butter Diaries. She has an amazing collection of tie-dye tanks, tees, sweats, scrubs, and more.  I also got this t-shirt which you will likely see on here in the future. The tank is fitted (this is a Large), the straps wide enough to cover a bra (I'm wearing this one from Fantasie), it hits me mid- to low-hip but then again I'm 5'3″ and most shirts hit me at that length!  If you're considering embracing this year's tie-dye trend (the trend that keeps on returning, I mean how many of you have rocked tie-dye like this before?  My hand is raised!) I encourage you to check out Amber Richele.

wardrobe oxygen amber richelle tie dye

As for the rest… the earrings are Jenny Bird and no longer available.  I keep looking for a “similar” to link to, but nothing matches the size and quality. The bracelet I've had since 1997, and the sandals are Birkenstock and my go-to every summer but since we've been home, they've been my go-to no matter the season!

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  1. I didn’t notice what you said about the rise. But the purpose of jeans is to make your butt look good and these achieve it! Wish I could find a pair I loved that well 🙂

  2. I love the accessories and the tie dye tank and the curls and the monochromatic mood and the summery vibe of the jeans color and the legs of the jeans are just the way I like them.
    Yep, you’re right about the rise being too long.
    But if the feeling you get when you wear them is “just right” then their good enough.
    You look like a cool breeze in the shade on a hot sticky summer afternoon full of grilled corn on the cob and watermelon slices that you ate sitting on a red gingham check table cloth.

  3. Would you believe I’ve never owned anything tie-dyed?? I really want a t-shirt, though! What size did you go with for yours?

  4. Great price on the tie-dye tanks! I got one for me, and one for each of my 2 adult daughters. Thanks! 🙂

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