The Best Fashion Buys for My Husband

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In 2024, fashion is more fluid and creative than ever. It's hard to know what to buy that will remain stylish for years to come but also remain enjoyable to wear. I find it's even harder to know what stylish clothes to buy for men. But each year, I buy my husband a couple of items I find to be well-made, stylish yet timeless, and I usually do a great job with my choices. I thought you might like to know the best fashion buys for my husband that have been completely worth the money, worn over and over again year after year.

The Best Fashion Buys for My Husband

For reference, my husband is turning 50 this year. He has a tall, relatively lean frame with broad shoulders and muscular legs. He likes to support sustainable fashion, buy less but buy that which will last for years, and has a bit of a capsule wardrobe of items that mix and match for a range of settings and situations. He is not afraid of color or print but has a base wardrobe of cool-toned neutrals to increase the versatility of the statement pieces. He works from home but likes to dress for social occasions.

These items I've bought my husband have been worth the money for style, quality, and longevity in a man's wardrobe. I will also share how he has styled these pieces and where he has worn them. I am only focusing on the clothing that is still available to ensure I am recommending that which we have personally experienced.

Todd Snyder ‘Riviera' Polo

Man in a navy Todd Snyder Riviera polo shirt sitting at an outdoor cafe in Providence, Rhode Island. This is one of the best fashion buys for my husband I have made in the past decade.
My husband in the Todd Snyder Riviera Polo last summer

The Todd Snyder ‘Riviera' Polo is such a classic it looks both modern and vintage. Made from Italian silk cotton, it is an elevated polo shirt that reads expensive, classic, refined, and versatile. Available in black, navy, ivory, and seasonally in other neutrals like brown and green, the Riviera Polo is a piece that can truly elevate an existing closet and look chic now and a decade from now.

celebrities wearing the todd snyder riviera polo shirt 1
Celebrities in the Todd Snyder ‘Riviera' polo: Josh Andrés Rivera, James Marsden, Steven Yeun, Bobby Berk, Anthony Davis, Elliot Page

My husband has the Riveria Polo in navy. He often wears it with straight or slim jeans with a pair of low-profile sneakers (he has a pair of silver low-top Pumas, classic Converse “Chucks,” and some retro-inspired Nike low-tops). When we go out to dinner or an event where the dress code is unknown, he will wear it with gray wool trousers and a pair of black Chelsea boots or brown lace-up boots. He has worn it in the summer with dark gray linen and stone chino shorts and sneakers or sandals, with linen pants and Birkenstocks, and has worn it under navy and dark gray suits.

a man modeling the Todd Snyder Riviera Polo
The Full Placket Riviera Polo from Todd Snyder

The Todd Snyder ‘Riviera' Polo also comes in a full placket, which means it buttons all the way down to the hem instead of a three-button placket. That gives a bit more of a retro vibe and can be worn open over a t-shirt, but the full placket can also read more casual. The full placket, however, may be a more comfortable fit for different body shapes. Both can be worn tucked in or left out.

I recommend going with a color that mixes well with an existing wardrobe, and if in doubt go with a dark color as it will better hide sweat and look nicer over the years of dry cleaning and/or hand washing (it's 55% silk/45% Italian cotton).

Tombolo Cabana Shirt

tombolo cabana shirts worn on a man with matching shorts and a woman, open over a tank and khaki pants

I mentioned Tombolo Cabana shirts in my gift guide for men and liked it so much, I got my husband one. Made from organic cotton, linen, or viscose, these are elevated alternatives to the bowling or Hawaiian shirt. Worn by celebs like Harry Styles, Steph Curry, Maluma, Seth Rogen, Dwyane Wade, Henry Golding, and The Rock, these shirts are comfortable, stylish, fun, and from a sustainable company based in New York.

a man and a woman on a boat wearing matching zip front terrycloth Tombolo cabana shirts. The man is wearing his open with shorts. The woman has her head in the man's lap, wearing the shirt zipped up with red shorts

A bit retro, a bit modern, and a lot of tongue in cheek, these witty tops are perfect for the grown-ass person who likes to be the stylish life of the party. My husband finds it to be a great piece to wear to an outdoor barbecue, a beach vacation, or any warm-weather event when you want to look good but also effortless.

Pair with swim trunks, a pair of well-loved jeans, slim pants, or some trim chino or linen shorts and sandals or low-profile sneakers for a relaxed but cool vibe that will have strangers asking where the heck did you get your awesome shirt. Tombolo also has matching pants or shirts for many of their cabana shirts. At the bottom of each product page are “Tombolo in the wild” photos of customers wearing the same shirt which gives great styling ideas.

Man and woman in a club. The woman is looking at the man as he swigs champagne right from the bottle. He is wearing a black Tombolo cabana shirt of terrycloth with a champagne design embroidered on it.

Some styles button or zip all the way down the placket, which looks good buttoned up or open over a t-shirt or tank. Some have a half-zip or a handful of buttons to give more of a polo or popover effect. Most have two patch pockets and all of them come in quirky mixes of colors and/or have a wacky theme and embellishment. They aren't a specific trend, the fit is relaxed, the themes so wacky, and the fabric so comfy this is something you can wear when you're 22 or 92.

Banana Republic Italian Merino Turtleneck

Karl Gary in a navy pinstripe suit and navy merino turtleneck, both from Banana Republic
My husband wearing his Banana Republic merino turtleneck under a suit for the Georgetown Wine & Dine at the Four Seasons Georgetown.

I think my husband's Banana Republic Merino Turtleneck is one of the very best buys I have ever made for him. This isn't a thick and chunky sweater, it's refined and opaque and tightly knit and not too tight. It looks great untucked with jeans and boots, tucked into a pair of trousers, and also is a chic (and warm) choice under a suit.

Alison and Karl Gary taking a mirror selfie. She is wearing a black turtleneck and black pleated maxi skirt with gold foil dots. He is in a navy Banana Republic merino turtleneck with navy floral chino pants.
Same turtleneck dressed down with printed chinos and sneakers.

My husband's Banana Republic Merino Turtleneck is navy, but black would be equally or more versatile for looking casual but also dressing up quite nicely. Merino wool looks expensive, but it's easier care than cashmere and easier to dress up and down. Turtlenecks have come back in style for men, and it's amazing how much more chic a turtleneck sweater can look than a regular crewneck or a v-neck with an undershirt peeking out.

a man with brown hair wearing a black Banana Republic merino turtleneck with black trousers. His hands are in his pockets and he's look away from the camera

Banana Republic is a favorite for my husband because they offer tall sizing. His tall merino turtleneck is a great length to wear untucked or tucked in, and it's a fit that looks refined but not snug. Banana Republic offers this turtleneck almost every fall/winter in black, gray, and navy and usually another color on trend for the season. My husband's is five years old and still looks new and still looks chic.

For best results, hand wash or use the gentle cycle and wash the Banana Republic merino sweater in a lingerie bag, and then dry flat or dry folded over a shower curtain bar or the pant bar of a hanger so it doesn't get dents in the shoulders or grow in length while hanging.

Banana Republic Luxury-Touch T-Shirt

man in a black Banana Republic t-shirt and blue Adidas track pants
My husband in the Banana Republic Luxury-Touch T-Shirt in an historic home clearly made for shorter people.

If you desire a refined t-shirt that is elevated enough to wear under a suit, but also looks good untucked with shorts and sneakers, you should consider the Banana Republic Luxury-Touch T-shirt. My husband has a couple of these, and even after accidentally going through the dryer, being washed a dozen times, and being shoved hastily into luggage, they still look crisp and elevated and expensive.

Banana Republic model wearing the Luxury Touch t-shirt in black

A bit thicker than your standard t-shirt, the neck fits really nicely and the cotton is a tight weave with a slightly silky finish. In black, it's a staple to wear with jeans and boots or sneakers, under a suit, or tucked into a pair of chino or linen trousers for a casual-cool effect. If you like a v-neck, this fabric also comes in that neckline.

banana t shirt
Wearing one of the Banana Republic v-neck t-shirts with wool trousers for a happy hour event

Don't put these t-shirts in the dryer. Wash them on gentle, throw them over a curtain rod or the pant rod of a hanger to dry so you don't get shoulder dents or change the hang of the shirt. Don't yank at the collar or the body to relax the fit; if you desire a more relaxed t-shirt get a different one. Buy this your regular size, which will be a tailored but not tight fit that will look modern and sophisticated. This is a t-shirt that will last for years if properly cared for.

Banana Republic Navy Chalk Stripe Suit (and Banana Suiting in General)

A man and woman in suiting at a bar. The man is in a navy chalkstripe suit from Banana Republic with a white shirt with the collar open. The woman is in a hot pink Banana Republic pantsuit.
My husband and me; he's wearing his navy Banana Republic chalkstripe suit to a cocktail party

Banana Republic makes really great suiting for men. Banana Republic used to sell suit trousers in 36″ inseam, which my husband needs. Banana also has several times during the year where they have 40% off and then extra deals on top of it, and thanks to that, I have gotten my husband three suits over the past decade that he wars very regularly. A black one, a charcoal glen plaid with a matching vest/waistcoat, and a navy chalk stripe that gets the most wear. I like that the suits aren't cheap-looking, aren't too corporate, and aren't too trendy but never boring.

a man and woman taking a mirror selfie. The man is in a navy chalkstripe suit from Banana Republic with a pink t-shirt and silver Puma sneakers. The woman is in an M.M.LaFleur washable silk top and matching joggers and is holding an ivory handbag.
Same suit, this time dressed down with a pink short-sleeved sweatshirt and silver Puma sneakers

I bought him the navy chalkstripe suit at least seven years ago. He has tailored it several times since to adjust for his changing body and the changing trends in how suits fit. And each time he wears it some stylish man compliments him on it. And each time he takes it to the tailor the tailor comments on how well the suit is made. Banana Republic doesn't have the exact suits he owns, but this jacket and these matching trousers are a similar color and stripe.

man in a navy Banana Republic pinstripe pantsuit with a navy turtleneck underneath. He is wearing aviator sunglasses and smiling at the camera. His arm is around a tween girl in a green velour hoodie and black jeans holding a canvas tote bag. She too is smiling at the camera.
Again the same suit, this time with a navy merino turtleneck also from Banana Republic.

He wears the pants with a navy t-shirt or his navy merino turtleneck. He wears the blazer with a t-shirt and jeans. The suit is worn with t-shirts, a merino turtleneck, and dress shirts (with and without a tie). He has worn it with black shoes and with brown and three seasons of the year and it always looks smart and less corporate than gray.

man in a navy suit and white shirt standing in a road
And the same navy suit again, with brown boots and a white dress shirt that is also from Banana Republic.

As an aside, I also like Banana Republic for dress shirts, ties, pocket squares, and think they have good footwear. Banana in general is a great place for grown-ass men who want to look modern but not try hard, whether it's suiting or casual wear.

Outerknown Blanket Shirt

man on a beach wearing a ribbed beanie, sunglasses, jeans, a white t-shirt and an unbuttoned Outerknown blanket shirt in blue plaid. He is holding a mug of coffee in one hand and his shoes in the other and he is smiling at the camera

Founded by surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that offers functional but not boring fashion for women and men. One of Outerknown's iconic pieces is the Blanket Shirt, which is a thick organic cotton twill that is surprisingly soft and comes in an amazing range of colors and prints. I don't think there is a bad choice of color; my husband has the Watermelon Feliz plaid which is no longer available in the shirt (but is available in some other products).

pro surfer Kelly Slater sitting on the back of a truck holding a surfboard. He is smiling and wearing an Outerknown blanket shirt in plaid open over a white t-shirt

This shirt is soft like a flannel, but thicker. It washes great, and can easily become a favorite. My husband wears it open like a jacket over graphic t-shirts and loves to throw it on over shorts and a t-shirt on chilly summer nights at the beach. I love to steal it because it's soft but thick but not sweaty and feels as soft as something owned for a decade (we got it for him for Father's Day 2022).

Lands' End Volley Swim Trunks

man in Lands End Volley Swim Trunks on the beach at Fire Island
My husband in 2021 in his Lands' End Volley Swim Trunks

I love scrolling through Lands' End sale to see what random item may be on clearance that is perfect for someone in my family. I trust Lands' End quality, and appreciate the tall options for my husband. One winter, I found a pair of printed 8″ Volley Swim Trunks on clearance in my husband's size and ordered them. That was PrePan, and these swim trunks continue to not only be his favorite, they look good and they have strangers asking where he got them. They're always shocked to find they're Lands' End!

man in a floral print pair of Lands' End volley swim trunks
In 2022 in the same swim trunks

Each year, Lands' End carries the Volley Swim Trunks in 6″ length and 8″ length. I think on men 5'10” and shorter, the 6″ length is better. But if a guy is leggy and tall, the 8″ may look the way 6″ looks on shorter legs. In 2024, you want 2-4″ of skin above the knee to have a modern-looking swim trunk.

Lands' End Turkish Terry Robe

man in a dark green turkish terry robe from Lands' End
Christmas Day with his new full length Lands' End Turkish Terry robe and new gardening tools

When you're tall, bathrobes are hard to find. They are often too short in the sleeves and hitting a little too high on the leg for comfort. Again Lands' End delivers with not only two lengths of their Turkish Terry Robe (here is the link for the full length version and here is the length for the calf length version), but both styles also come in a Tall option.

a man wearing the calf length Lands' End Turkish Terry robe in navy over plaid pajamas

I bought my husband a navy one from Lands' End in 2001. I replaced it in 2020. That's a pretty good run for something that is often laundered, often snagged on furniture, and worn a lot. And the 2020 version is just as thick and well fitting as the 2001 version. Each season they have classic colors but occasionally have a new color; in 2020 they had a gorgeous green and I splurged to get it monogrammed. And it's still rocking, being worn multiple times a week.

J. Crew Striped T-Shirts

man in a J. Crew striped t-shirt and overalls with a bandana tied around his neck, sitting outside under a red umbrella eating raw oysters
I must say, those Dickies overalls have also gotten a lot of wear!

Just like me, my husband likes striped t-shirts and his favorite in long- and short-sleeve are from J. Crew. The selection varies on the time of year, but for at least a decade J. Crew has had long and short sleeved striped t-shirts that have a primarily white ground and a white collar. They hold up really well, but also look cool when they get a bit worn with time.

man in a white j. crew striped short sleeve t-shirt with jeans and tortoiseshell sunglasses

Just as with women, a striped t-shirt adds something to a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit, elevating the whole look. It's also a print that plays nice with other prints; you can wear a striped t-shirt under a plaid flannel, with a pair of printed shorts, or even under a printed blazer or jacket. J. Crew offers talls, and also a classic style that was fashionable in 2015 and still fashionable in 2024.

man in a white j. crew striped shirt and jeans standing next to a tween girl in a rainbow striped sweater and denim shorts. They are standing out side the 9:30 Club in Washington DC
I love this picture from our daughter's first concert at the 9:30 Club!

J. Crew usually restocks their short-sleeve versions pretty regularly; the long sleeve usually isn't restocked until Back to School time. These shirts are also often found on resale sites like Poshmark.

Other Clothes I Bought for My Husband

Don't be afraid to buy quirky things. As we get older, the pieces with pizazz show personality and style. Men, especially, will get into a rut of muted and neutral colors, the same silhouettes and prints they have worn for decades. We're grown-ass people, and we deserve to be a bit daring with fashion and have fun. with our clothes. Now is the time for the kooky glasses, the statement sneakers, the unexpected color blazer or printed sweater.

The pieces with pizazz are usually the ones no longer available. I found them on eBay or Poshmark, I got a great score at a thrift store, it was on clearance or from a brand that switches up their selections each season. I often find my husband some of the best fashion when we are on vacation, at beachside boutiques, vintage stores, surfing and head shops. Some places to check out:

  • If your husband wants to look cool and with it, even if he's not, check out the brand OBEY Clothing. OBEY Clothing is a clothing company founded in 2001 by street artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey as an extension of his work in activism. Sold at Urban Outfitters, various boutiques, and the OBEY online shop, I find OBEY creates pieces to spice up a wardrobe. My husband has a long-sleeved striped t-shirt, a corduroy puffer vest, and a fuzzy purple and blue cardigan from OBEY and they're quirky but very wearable and transcend trends, especially when paired with otherwise classic/basic pieces.
  • Gap used to be a favorite for basics, but now it's a favorite for really unexpected things. My husband has a pair of navy floral chinos (seen above with the merino turtleneck) that he has worn and loved for years with sweaters, button-front shirts, and a casual blazer and tee. I found them on clearance because who thinks Gap will carry floral chinos for men? Two summers ago I got him a viscose Hawaiian shirt and matching shorts set that has been worn so often, as a set and as separates. Gap doesn't fear color; you can find sweatshirts and sweaters in unexpected colors that update a closet of neutrals. And Gap often has Western-inspired denim shirts in a range of washes and sometimes prints that are a cool alternative to a casual button-up and they only get cooler with time and wear. One thing I don't buy from Gap are jeans; the pockets are a weird place and especially on a lean figure they make a rear look droopy.
  • Etsy is a great place for men's vintage clothing, especially if you have an atypical set of measurements (like a 36″ inseam). I have found for my husband a vintage Levi's denim vest, sherpa-lind Levi's trucker jacket from the '80s, deadstock Wrangler bootcut jeans, pristine vintage barkcloth Hawaiian shirts, and perfectly worn-in flannel shirts.
  • As a grown-ass man, he can wear brands he wore in his teen years and look ironic and nostalgic, not try-hard or dated. As long as it's done in a modern manner, or vintage mixed with modern, it can be quite stylish. For example, my husband spent his teen years at surf shops, skate shops, and mall stores like Wavedancer and now that he's in his 40's, I find a lot of pieces at Billabong that are surprisingly cool for him, yet functional. Billabong makes great shorts that aren't too wide or long, and Billabong is a great place for short-sleeve button front shirts that are casual but cool. He also wears a lot of Adidas, from logoed hoodies to track pants (I can often find more tall options at Amazon than any other retailer).
  • Consider a subscription to GQ or Esquire. While you may not be able to afford a lot of what they feature, it gives you an idea of what is hip right now and inspiration on how to style an existing wardrobe in a fresh way. Get a print subscription and leave it in the bathroom. This is how my husband and I have learned about new brands and also been inspired by some styling tips.

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  1. DANG. That one is one well-dressed man! I’ve followed you for years and he pops up from time to time in photos, but I’ve never really paid attention to him since I was looking at you and your clothes. But he looks so effortlessly put together, and really comfortable in those clothes!

    Knowing that he is also a great dresser, it would be fun to have him featured more often 🙂

  2. Your husband is super stylish! Mine has an opposite build (not much taller than me, short legs & a long torso) so I might not be able to use the exact brands listed here, but it’s given me plenty of inspiration so thank you 🙂

    MrZ lives in cargo shorts and now barefoot shoes (was flipflops before), finding even collared shirts annoying (let alone the suit I had to wrangle him into for our wedding) – so count yourself lucky that yours has some sense of style and is willing to wear your purchases. I may have to do some sleuth purchasing lol!

    1. If you’re on instagram, there are some great men’s fashion accounts. My favorite is, and you’ll see lots of other men’s style accounts in his comments (or if you look at the suggested/similar accounts). Many – but definitely not all! – of them have the same tall and slender body type, but hopefully will also give you some more inspiration 🙂

  3. Your husband has it all going on: style, fit of garments, and easy on the eyes. Together you make a striking stylish couple!

  4. My husband has, what I think of as a wrestler’s build. He has a stocky torso, short legs, and not a lot of neck. Very much the opposite of your husband!
    We also have a very casual lifestyle. Not a lot of suit wearing!
    My husband likes henley shirts, I just bought him several from Huckberry. They’re the Wellen Sea wool ones. Have washed well, look and feel great. In the winter, he likes to wear a simple tee or Henley with a Pendleton wool shirt layered over the top.
    In the summer, and on vacation, he loves a retro Hawaiian look. He likes Tori Richard cotton lawn shirts, Quicksilver Waterman, and Tommy Bahama.
    When he turned 60, I reached out to a vintage clothes dealer. They helped me find a great Hawaiian shirt that was made in the same era he was born. He wore it out to dinner when we were in San Diego just before Christmas.
    He wears shorts all summer, and really appreciates a little stretch. Some favorites are Royal Robbin’s Billy Goat shorts, and Tommy Bahama Boracay. I like that you can get different inseams on both. Longer shorts can go below the knee!
    For working out, Vuori just can’t be beat. Great shorts, will last forever!

    1. Slight side note but it’s interesting that you say short legs = a wrestler’s build. Because my husband was interested in trying wrestling, but said that his long torso (by comparison) actually leaves him more vulnerable to someone getting all up in his open guard haha.

  5. Your husband has great style & it’s fun to see his outfits! My husband bought a few pairs of dress pants & blazers at BR a few years ago & they remain favorites. He got every piece on sale one summer while we were in Chicago, after he’d originally found a suit he liked at J Crew but was hesitant to spend that much. We happened to walk further down the street & found the BR store. In addition to their sale, we got an additional amount off since I have a Banana credit card. He mixes & matches those pieces & I’m just totally impressed with how good of a buy those pieces were.

  6. My husband will not wear short sleeves or shorts, I think he’s self-conscious about being so pale and lanky, but he doesn’t beat himself up about it. I’m eying that turtleneck! Thanks for this post.

  7. >He often wears it with straight or slim jeans with a pair of low-profile sneakers (he has a pair of silver low-top Pumas, classic Converse “Chucks,” and some retro-inspired Nike low-tops). When we go out to dinner or an event where the dress code is unknown, he will wear it with gray wool trousers and a pair of black Chelsea boots or brown lace-up boots. He has worn it in the summer with dark gray linen and stone chino shorts and sneakers or sandals, with linen pants and Birkenstocks, and has worn it under navy and dark gray suits.

    But where does he get PANTS???? My husband is also 6’3 and slim, but likes non-skinny pants. It’s so hard finding something that looks good and covers his ankle bones, so I’d love some ideas!

    1. I hear you! Banana used to be my go-to but they’ve dropped their 36″ inseam offerings for suits and nice pants. However, a few stores still carry more than a 34″ inseam and style:

      – Bonobos is great for work trousers, nice pants, as well as chinos and they have 36″ inseam

      – Spoke London is where I plan on trying next. They shio free to the US for $150+, free returns with a 200 day window

      – J. Crew. Not everything is available in 36″ inseam, but they have basics

      – Gap is great for classic khakis in a range of cuts, and they have 36″

      – Banana may not have dress pants and suit pants in 36″ but they still have casual pants and chinos and they often have innovative fabrics and silhouettes

      – American Tall. I haven’t shopped there (yet) but know many who do and have good experiences

      – Lululemon. I know, right? So unexpected and they have a 37″ inseam! Casual pants, but some that are great for work or an alternative to jeans

      – Charles Tyrwhitt carries an unfinished 38″ hem so you can go to the tailor and get the perfect length

      – Nordstrom usually has either super trendy like ASOS and Topman or frumpy, but in between they sometimes have really cool jeans and pants in 36″ inseam. It’s a search though

      – levi’s usually only has jeans with 36″ and 38″ inseam but occasionally they have pants

      – REI usually carries some styles of active pants with 36″ inseam

      – Eddie Bauer is also a good place for active pants and also tall pajamas

      – Lands’ End has improved their style a bit, but I still find a lot of their pants looking… well like the female version. Some cute things, some frumpy. I love them for long pajamas, long sweatpants and active pants, and things like long bathrobes

      1. Thanks for all those links! Spokes London was new to me so this was extra exciting.

        Funny enough, I was already familiar with a UK suiting brand called Skopes from their suiting options on 2tall (one of my go-to sites for tall clothing) and thought Spokes might have been a typo. But nope, just two different brands!

  8. Thank you for the detail in this post! I’m AFAB non-binary, and I love learning about the details and nuance of masculine clothing. I have 100% the opposite body type from your husband, but the details and creativity in his wardrobe are inspiring! Thanks for explaining what about each garment makes it read as chic and fun.

    1. I’m glad you found it useful! I’ve noticed in the past year that fashion is confusing for all, not just those who wear feminine styles. I may share some more advice that isn’t just for women’s apparel this year and offer ore options than just skirts, dresses, and traditional feminine options.

      1. I would love that! I hope lots of people would find it useful too – whether shopping for themselves or others! <3

  9. Your husband’s style is great! He should do a blog. He looks like a model. My husband could use some help with his dress. This post gives me new ideas for him.

  10. I’m curious about the sleeve length on that Outerknown shirt. My hubs is very similar in size to yours (6’4, lanky, long arms). Would you share what size he has and if the sleeves are long enough for him?

    1. He’s usually a L but we sized up to XL hoping there would be a bit more arm length. The sleeves come right to the end of his wrists. Most folks would want an extra half inch, but it’s not so short it looks goofy. He usually wear it with the cuffs unbuttoned which also helps disguise the juuuust long enough sleeves.

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