One Cashmere Sweater Three Ways: Dressy Dinner

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What to wear to a cocktail party in the winter - consider cashmere with sequinsThis is Day 3 of styling the same Lord & Taylor cashmere crewneck for the holidays.  For this look, I dressed up cashmere for a dressy dinner or even a cocktail party.  Cashmere is a great pairing with sequins, and a way to add some warmth to an evening look.

plus size cocktail party what to wearhalogen sequin skirtwhat to wear to a cocktail party plus sizeSkirt: Halogen (XLP; plus size option, I love this green plus size option too) | Sweater: Cashmere crewneck c/o Lord & Taylor (XL; plus size option) | Bag: Karl Lagerfeld c/o Lord & Taylor | Earrings: Simply Vera Vera Wang c/o Kohl's | Bracelet: gift (similar) | Shoes: ASOS (similar, closed-toe option)

cocktail party skirt

I picked this skirt up from Nordstrom a month or so ago; my sister has a New Year's Eve party each year and the dress code is sequins.  While I have some fantastic sequined dresses, Often the party ends up outside on her deck or around the fire pit and I was looking for a way to be blingtastic but also warm.  I envisioned wearing this skirt with this cashmere sweater, black fleece-lined tights and some black ankle booties.  In fact, that is the outfit I planned on showing in this post but Life intervened.  I shot all three of these cashmere looks on the same day and as the day progressed I got more and more sick with a cold, and my body was aching more and more from my personal training session.  By time we shot this look there was no way I was going to pretzel my body in the backseat of my car into a pair of tights so I decided to style it with these strappy heels I picked up at ASOS this past spring (ASOS is amazing for stylish wide width shoes!).  But that really shows the versatility of these pieces; a switch of hoisery and shoes and you have a completely different look!  With this look, you can also go with sheer black or very sheer nude stockings with a closed-toe shoe or ankle boot.

wardrobe oxygen plus size over 40 fashion blog

The earrings are the Simply Vera Vera Wang ones I wore in this post.  I usually don't buy black earrings because I think they get lost in my hair, but these are so dramatic and fun.  Also, too sparkly of earrings with such a sparkly skirt could end up looking too over the top.  The bag is the same one I wore on Monday; a clutch like this is an instant way to dress up anything from a black sheath to a beaded jumpsuit.  This look could be with most any kind of dressy skirt or even a pair of dressy pants (I'm droolling over these).  Add a bit of glamour by putting your hair up, a little black liquid liner, and a red lip!

A lot of times, there's pieces already in your closet that can look festive and/or dressy with just a few accessories or some restyling.  By choosing to buy separates, you'll get more mileage from your clothing (style this skirt with a velvet blazer, a witty t-shirt and some ankle boots, a silk blouse and pumps, a denim shirt and pointed flats).  Have a great and stylish time this holiday season!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I loved these posts. I’m all about the dressy capsule so I’m always (somewhat) prepared when special events come along. Hadn’t thought of using my cashmere sweater … you just have me more options!

  2. The cashmere sweater is nice, but the skirt (and the whole outfit) is splendid! So glamorous!

    And as another commenter said, in a grim grey time of the year, seeing your beautiful photos against the rainbow background really lifts the spirits.

  3. I really liked this feature with one sweater styled 3 ways. I usually try to do this with my dresses and it’s never easy for me.

    1. It’s easier said than done! I find it’s like a muscle, or those posters where you blur your eyes and can see the design within the pattern. the more your train your mind to find multiple ways to wear a piece the easier it is. And then the less you end up buying!

  4. I’ve really enjoyed this series and seeing a single, versatile piece styled 3 different ways. Thank you! I was a little surprised at your choice to use a solid black palette for all 3 looks though (black bottoms of varying types). I’m curious as to whether this was a deliberate decision made in advance or just the way it worked out when choosing the outfits?

    1. It was working with what I already owned, and most of my bottoms are black. I wanted to do my ivory pants for one, but they were at the cleaners. I also was trying to think what other people have, to really get people to work with what they may already own, and sticking with simpler pieces that can be replicated helped… and all of mine are black. :). I want to do another series like this in the future with a different garment, and some more color 🙂

    2. I really liked the multiple all black looks. It really shows how all black can be festive and interesting with a variety of textures, and it’s such a comfort zone for some but without being in the least drab. I also feel like the looks manage to be festive without being so memorable that you’d feel like you trot the same thing out every holiday. This is my favorite look yet!

  5. You look fabulous. You look so happy! I think your self employment is totally agreeing with you. And I have to add…I just finished reading the morning news, and was getting that regular pit in my stomach, and I said to myself “Go read Allie!” And I did. I feel better now

    1. Aww thank you Melissa! It’s hard right now with the news and then all the drama, stress, and money related to the holidays. I’m glad to be a happy place to go to right now! <3

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