One Cashmere Sweater Three Ways: Family Get Together

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wardrobe oxygen over 40 fashion blogger in DCI am all about a small but hardworking wardrobe.  While I may promote a lot of different clothes on here, the goal is for you to get inspiration, find your style, but buy only what works for you.  I love color and print, but find basic in solid colors to ground my wardrobe and give me multiple ways to mix and match.  Yesterday on the blog, I featured a cashmere crewneck sweater and styled it for a “desk to dinner” scenario with wide leg velvet pants and some luxe acccessories.  Today I'm featuring the same crewneck sweater styled for a family get together or similar function.  In fact, I wore this outfit this past weekend for Karl's family holiday get together!

plus size tuxedo pants women ross simons earrings over 40 fashion blogger 1 green faux furSweater: cashmere crewneck c/o Lord & Taylor (XL; plus size option) | Pants: Tux pants c/o Talbots (16P; plus size option) | Shoes: Nine West | Faux Fur Stole: Sole Society (old; similar) | Brooch: Amazon | Earrings: Emerald and White Topaz Earrings c/o Ross-Simons | Bracelet: gift (similar) | Bag: Clare V. | Lipstick: Lancome 

The pants are the same ones I featured in this outfit post.  I love these pants, they have the subtle tux stripe down the front, are lined, pockets, and don't get bagged out and dumpy looking with wear.  I also wore them recently with a black merino turtleneck and leopard printed kitten heels.  The faux fur stole I bought a year or two ago from Nordstrom, I think it cost maybe $35 and has been such a good purchase.  I wore it in this blog post last holiday season, wore it with a green floral maxi dress in this blog post, and when I went to see Diane von Furstenburg speak at the Washington Post I wore it with a black ponte long-sleeved sheath dress, black tights, and black knee-high boots (it was a very cold evening!).  Though green is nice for the holidays, honestly any color would work.  I chose green because I love the color, not thinking of the holiday. The pin I picked up at Amazon last year.  It's pretty great for being less than $20 and adds a bit of a holiday vibe to any look.  This weekend for the family get together I didn't wear the fur, and instead wore the pin on the sweater.  The shoes are the same ones I wore in yesterday's post and in dozens of previous outfit posts over the years.  A pair of pointed toe black leather pumps is a wardrobe workhorse; if this heel height isn't comfortable for you go lower.  With this outfit you could even do a flat; the pointed toe is what makes it look elegant.

ross simons green earringsThe earrings are the newest part of the look.  I partnered with Ross-Simons in the past and love their history, their service, and their excellent selection.  They sent me these earrings and they are the perfect bit of sparkle and luxe.  Being green, they look festive this time of year but are an elegant earring that would be stunning any time of the year.  And do check them out, the price will amaze you! The bracelet was a gift I received over a decade ago, it too adds that little bit of luxe sparkle that elevates the look.  Finally, I'm all about a red lip for this time of year!

Tomorrow I'll show a dressier look again with this same cashmere crewneck sweater.  I hope this series will help you see how you can restyle and rewear things already in your closet without having to go out and buy a new dress for every occasion on your calendar!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Allie,

    I’ve said it many times before but I will say it again. No one does black as well as you do. Black and certain blues are my favorites on you,

    If I wear black, folks get out their zombie defensive weapons. Not everyone
    looks good in black. But you, my dear, are the champion of black
    garment wearing!

  2. Allie, you look SO pretty here! I love the emerald green accents, and you’ve demonstrated that a few lovely details (your pitch-perfect red lipstick, the brooch, and those gorgeous earrings) really elevate the whole look. I think I sometimes forget to “shop my closet” and it’s a good reminder that we often have all of the elements we need, we just need to pull them together in a new way. Happy holidays!

  3. As a fellow DMV resident, I would love to know where you’re shooting your photos. The backgrounds for today & yesterday were great, but I’m also curious to discover more interesting places in the region.

    1. These photos were taken in Hyattsville, Maryland near Franklin’s restaurant. They have a program called fight the blight where they are painting abandoned buildings to make Route 1 more colorful. The rainbow and these dots are in what they call Polka Dot Park which is just an old parking lot between two buildings that has picnic tables and a place for kids to run around πŸ™‚

  4. I actually love all this black, with the added spark of the gorgeous green. I wouldn’t worry about the purse being something you aren’t carrying around all the time. Black is beautiful on its own though, IMHO. Although come to think of it, I never go ALL black–I too would put a scarf or jewelry in a beautiful color to add something. I totally admire the folks who pull of completely black looks.

    Yesterday, I actually bought a black crewneck cashmere sweater for my daughter as her main holiday gift for this year. I haven’t had a chance to look at anyone’s blog posts for a few days, so I thought of it all on my own, ha ha. I know it will be a totally versatile workhorse for her, just as this one is for you.

  5. I think there is too much black here. Presumably you wouldn’t wear the stole or carry around the bag at someone’s house so you would be left with just a plan all black outfit. I think it needs a leopard print or colored belt and leopard print or a colored shoe to give it a little umpf.

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