What I Wore: Wrinkle-Free Linen

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chicos comfort waist pant review

In the Wardrobe Oxygen Community, Diane mentioned Chico's no-iron linen; she and Christine asked me to try it and do a review. Your wish is my command! I reached out to Chico's and they sent me three of their No-Iron Linen shirts – one in stripes, one in white, and one in hot pink. I've washed them, I've worn them tucked in for long days in the heat shoved into tight jeans, washed them again before sharing my review.  Does wrinkle free linen really exist?

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Shirt: No-Iron Linen Shirt c/o Chico's (2) | Pants: Comfort Waist Utility Crops c/o Chico's (2P) | Hat: Beaded Fedora c/o Chico's | Necklace: Green Stone Circular Pendant c/o Chico's (sold out; similar) | Bracelets: Green Stone Stretch Bracelet c/o Chico's (sold out; similar), Beaded c/o Lifetherapy (old), Metal Marvels | Shoes: I.N.C. Strappy Wedge Sandal c/o Macy's (previously seen in this post)

alison gary

I chose to feature the white because white linen is usually as opaque as Saran Wrap. This shirt is not; I do have a nude T-shirt bra on underneath but it's a good opacity that would make this top appropriate even for the workplace. And speaking of which, linen is something I usually find a no-no for the office (too rumpled) but this one could work. The night before this shoot, I washed the shirt with other white items and threw it in the dryer. And then I left it there overnight. The next morning I yanked it out and threw it over a dining chair. I then put it on, tucked it in, and did work for about an hour until Karl was ready to go do this shoot. No iron, no steamer, no Photoshop, this is how good the shirt looked.  Oh, I also find it just as cool and comfortable as normal linen (these photos were taken on an incredibly steamy hot day).

chicos petite pants

As an FYI, the stripe and bright colors also washed nicely. No bleeding, no fading, and they came outthe dryer crisp and ready to wear. I got those in a 2.5 as I am usually a 14 in shirt but found them too boxy for my taste. I got the white in a 2/12 and am happy to find that the fit is more to my liking and there's still plenty of room for my bust.  The buttons hit at a nice place – no bra showing but still a flattering v-neckline.


Speaking of neckline, how awesome is this necklace? Talk about making a statement! Chico's makes some of the coolest jewelry, I've shared a few of my favorites above.

chicos comfort waist pants

These pants are from Chico's Comfort Waist collection. The fabric is a cotton/nylon/Spandex blend that is soft, not too heavy, and stretchy. There's also hidden elastic in the back of the waistband. Seriously, you can't see it but you can feel it as these pants stay at your waist, don't dig, and hold up all day. The pants do stretch out a bit, but not in the pants falling down/I look like I'm wearing a diaper/I have a saggy bum way. Mainly in just not being too tight in the legs/if you're in between sizes size down sort of way. These too I washed and threw in the dryer and they handled it great.


  1. Deborah
    June 5, 2018 / 9:51 am

    Confession: ‘liked’ your FB page but never really paid attention to it. This morning, I actually came to your blog, and WOW! so glda I did! Dear lady, what a jewel you are: you are an adorable lady with a ‘normal’ body shape (ei: like mine) and am so proud and impressed that you have a ‘how to dress’ blog. Please take this as a true compliment. <3 Am going to splurge on the Chico's No Iron linen shirt: thanks for letting us know it's not see-through and it is real-life wearable linen (am so excited!) LOL

  2. Chris
    June 4, 2018 / 5:07 pm


    I like linen and l like white shirts. What a fabulous idea – no-iron linen. I am definitely impressed. I might have to get one of these shirts.

    What great outfit. You look so good in it. It does appear that it is a hot day, but you look fresh and comfortable anyway. This is one of my favorite outfits on you, although there are many…

  3. Jodie
    June 4, 2018 / 2:41 pm

    How funny because I was just talking about embracing the wrinkles when it came to linen (and my face)!! I didn’t realize there was linen that didn’t wrinkle!!!

  4. June 4, 2018 / 9:58 am

    Okay MORE companies need to use this! I am currently sitting at work in a J. Crew dress that I steamed AND did a de-wrinkle to get it PERFECT and now it looks like I’ve slept in it!

    The Adored Life

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