One Linen Pant, Two Looks

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Back in 2018, Wardrobe Oxygen readers asked if I could review Chico's Wrinkle-Free Linen collection to share the quality, feel, and if it lived up to its name or like other linen, looked like a crumpled paper bag by noon. Not only did the linen hold up to the test, that linen shirt still resides in my closet, white much softer it's still in great shape through many many washings. Last summer when we did a two-week road trip, that linen shirt went with me because I knew it could handle being washed in a sink and hung to dry overnight, it would be comfortable staying in a cabin without air conditioning, and wouldn't be a mess after a long day in the car. Chico's invited me to check out their linen collection for Spring/Summer 2020 to share on Instagram; I decided to try a few pieces to see if the collection is still as great as it was in previous years and to also try out the new silhouettes for the season and review it for you here on the blog.


I liked the idea of the Linen Tie-Front Crops, knowing they could work with flats and heels, and I could customize their length once my tailor is open again.  I also liked that the self-belt was removable, meaning I could have a sleek look for untucked tops or switch it out with a belt in my closet. I asked for the pants in both Navy and Alabaster to see how they held up with wear and how transparent the white may be. Both pairs are in size 2 which in Chico's sizing is a 12.  While I am more a 14 in pants, I have found linen to stretch out and stay stretched out so I sized down.

chicos linen tie waist pants chicos linen striped t shirt

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this striped linen tee on my Stories this past weekend when I wore it with my navy J. Crew shortsThe tee has a v-neck front and back, dolman sleeves, and a subtle stretch; I am wearing a size 2.  Since it is a linen knit, there is a nubby texture and at least before being washed a couple times, can feel a bit rough. I don't find it scratchy or uncomfortable, and the shirt felt cool on a very hot day and didn't get all creased and crumpled.  Here, I tucked it into the Linen Tie-Front crops for more of a polished look.  

chicos linen pants chicos linen review

I glammed it up even more with gold hoops and my gold Margaux heels (read my Margaux Uptown Sandal review).  After months at home, my feet aren't thrilled to be in heels; my Margaux Uptown Sandals are the ONLY heels in my closet that slipped on no problem post-at home orders, and was comfortable standing and walking.  They're more comfortable than shorter heels in my closet!  While these heeled sandals aren't available in gold this season, they do come in a phenomenal range of other colorsMargaux makes comfortable yet stylish shoes in a range of sizes; these are the highest heeled shoes in their collection. 

chicos no iron linen chicos no iron linen review

These are the same pants, but in Alabaster, with the self-belt removed.  The reason these pants fit so differently from the navy is because while the navy was only worn for about 30 minutes before the shoot, the white were worn for about four hours of sitting and standing and walking.  Seriously, if you aren't familiar with wearing linen pants or shorts, consider sizing down so they will be the right fit once they have been worn in.  The white pants at first glance may look sheer because where the white linen is doubled up (pockets, fly), it's very obvious.  However, you can't see through the pants.  While I am wearing beige seamless underwear underneath (these to be specific which come in three skin tones and several other colors and prints), they still are thick enough that you don't look like you're rocking Saran Wrap.  Though do know, the pockets and fly will be very visible.

chicos linen pants 1 chicos white linen pants

The shirt is Chico's No-Iron Shirt for 2020 and it seems to have the same fit and quality.  I am wearing a size 2. While I am usually one to pick neutrals or bold colors, the Rose Petal color appealed to me.  I think it works as a soft neutral and would be quite lovely with navy, khaki, olive, denim, washed red, and cream. It's a good length to wear untucked, tuck in, or tie at the waist as I did here. The shoes are these loafers from Naturalizer.  It's so hard to find wide shoes that look modern and sleek; these are quite comfortable while also looking cool.  I bought them at Zappos where they have a few colors; the Naturalizer website has the most extensive color range. Same earrings and watch, I just added this Baublebar necklace which I have been wearing nonstop since I got it at the end of February. 

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While I have a long-standing partnership with Chico's, this is not a paid/sponsored post.  While I received the clothing for free for an Instagram campaign later this month, I chose to write this post to offer a detailed review. 

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  1. You look cute and ready for a relaxing but civilized summer vacation! Envisioning walks in the garden, afternoon tea and maybe an outdoors jazz or classical concert.

  2. The navy pants look so perfect on your behind(does that sound pervy?) But how did the white pair do after wearing for many more hours? I am not blessed with a youthful back end and often have a drop crotch diaper butt look at the end of the day . Can’t really size down cause I need the waist inches to be able to sit and breath. I have tried half elastic waist bands in linen but they seem to look even worse. What I really need is the elastic part in the front and a sleek smooth cut in the rear. Too bad I like linen so much!

    1. Not pervy, it’s why I used the photo so you could see the back. These do have a half-elastic waist in the back and the wider flat waistband I also think helps them get a good fit and not bag out quite as much. They don’t look dumpy in the back just more… relaxed. I’ll try to get a photo!

  3. How tall are you? The pants come down on you to where I would want them to be on me, but the website makes them look a lot shorter. I am 5’6.5″ish.

  4. These outfits are so pretty on you! I immediately noticed the pink blouse & thought how it’s not your usual choice of color—but you look so lovely!

    I have a question on the navy shirt. Do you machine wash/air dry it? The site says to hand wash, but I am one who will usually never follow through with that!

    1. Yeah, I don’t hand wash anything unless it’s really delicate and precious to me. I plan to wash gentle in a lingerie bag and hang dry. I will be sure to report back how it holds up!

      1. Ok, thanks! I seemed to recall you’ve mentioned before that you’re not much of a hand wash only person either.

  5. Love that glammed up Navy look. I can’t do white. Those wouldn’t last 30 minutes before I ruined them (I’m such a klutz). Linen for the win!

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