Dagne Dover Allyn Tote Review

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dagne dover allyn tote review by wardrobe oxygenI've been raving about the Dagne Dover Allyn tote for many many months. If you follow me on InstaStories you've seen this bag many times and I've shown how much this bag can truly hold. However, I realized I never did a review of this tote on the blog. This bag came up in a discussion in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook and I saw it as time to do a Dagne Dover Allyn tote review on the blog and give it the attention it deserves.

dagne dover allyn tote reviewOnce I received the Large Allyn tote from Dagne Dover (as an FYI they sent it to me as a gift but I wasn't required to write this review, they don't even know I am doing it), it replaced all bags as my daily work bag.  Made of leather, this bag is elegant while being significantly lighter weight than my other Dagne Dover bags. Like all my other Dagne bags, it is so smartly designed with a place for everything.  The 11″ straps are a perfect length to fit over my shoulder even with a winter coat (I somehow forgot to take a photo of it over my shoulder), but also can carry in my hand without it dragging on the ground. You can see photos of me carrying the bag and the Allyn Tote full with all the contents shown below in this blog post.

dagne dover allyn tote review what it holds dagne dover allyn tote review content holdI have the Dagne Dover Large Allyn tote packed for a normal day of me teleworking in a coffee shop or other place away from home. It's amazing how much this bag can hold.

  • There's a neoprene zipper pouch that easily holds my MacBook but also held my larger work laptop that had a big battery increasing its size.
  • There's a neoprene sleeve pocket next to it which is great if you're also carrying a tablet; I use it to hold my notebook and planner.
  • Like my other Dagne Dover totes, the Allyn tote has a detachable neoprene water bottle holder. The fabric keeps condensation from touching anything else in the bag, and having the holder keeps the bag upright at all times.
  • There's an outside tiny pocket perfect for a Metro fare card or ID card for your office.
  • Inside is a zipper pocket great for quick-grab essentials. I use mine to hold my cords, batteries, plugs, earbuds, and such.
  • There's also an interior pouch pocket. In there I place my lip balm, a protein bar, hand cream, and things I want to be able to grab quickly.
  • To the right of this is a pocket perfect for your smartphone and a small slot within it to hold business cards (it will even fit the Dagne Dover card case)
  • There's a side pocket that's big enough to hold a change of shoes (brilliant for walking commuters). I put my sunglasses case in there.
  • There's a large main compartment. In mine I have a zipper pouch with purse essentials, my wallet, business card holder (also from Dagne Dover), and my laptop cord.
  • The bag has a cord with hook on the end to tether your keys.
  • There's two slots to hold pens.
  • The bag has an interior snap to keep the bag nicely shaped and helps prevent items from falling out or the bag from falling over.

dagne dover allyn tote review sizeA leather bag will always be heavier than one made of nylon, but I find this bag a comfortable weight to carry, even when stuffed to the gills (the bag is 3 lbs).  What I love is this bag has really taken a beating and still looks polished and professional. However, the look isn't so corporate that I feel weird wearing it on weekends or using it on travel.

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dagne dover allyn toteThe color of Allyn Tote I have is no longer available, but the other colors are equally as gorgeous and those bags have the same exact specs.  If you have any questions regarding this bag, ask them in the comments and I'll help as much as possible!

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  1. Now that you have had the bag for a while, how are the handles holding up? My biggest pet peeve are handles that begin to fray. I want a bag that can transition easily from work to the grocery store or even out with friends. The Allyn looks like it will do just that. Thoughts?

    1. The bag has held up great. I even loaned it to a friend who had her work bag break and she gave it some heavy duty work carrying heavy files and her laptop for over a month, it came back still looking the same!

  2. Hey! I’m a law student, soon-to-be-lawyer, and I can’t decide between the legend and this one. I have a few questions:
    – Can this fit both a laptop, a large hardcover planner, and some files?
    – is it heavy?
    – Which bag fits more stuff? i’m crazy busy and i’ll need this for class and work.

    1. This bag can hold all that and fit over your shoulder but won’t be able to close. I think the Legend can hold a bit more, or at least keep it more organized and easy to access and will stand up nicely on a table or the floor whether filled to the brim or almost empty.

  3. I love the organization of this tote, the fact it’s soft leather, and that it’s small (I’m 5’1″). However, I have a few questions before I bite the bullet and buy it:

    – One thing I love is that the tote is a square shape on the website. However, in your photos it looks much more lumpy, saggy, and not as structured. Is this because you used/didn’t use the interior fastener? Which is closer to what it looks like in real life?
    – Does the material scuff/scratch/stain easily? I am considering getting the tote in bone leather, but it’s a very light color.

    1. The leather is tumbled so I have found it less likely to scratch and scuff. The tote is not structured inside like their other totes like the Legend and Classic. It has a structured bottom but the sides are just lined leather (though the leather is thick so it’s not totally floppy). When not filled, the tote will fold over, but it doesn’t collapse. If there is lumpy items inside, it will show and affect the shape of the bag. For a light color I would treat it like a light bag from any other leather brand and have it treated or spot clean as soon as you see a stain, but I don’t find the bag prone to scuffs. Hope this helps!

  4. “There’s a neoprene zipper pouch that easily holds my MacBook but also held my larger work laptop that had a big battery increasing its size.”

    How big and “bulky” is your work laptop? I have a 15″ HP probook laptop and am trying to figure out if it would fit or not. Macs are so sleek and thin that I can’t just base it off a Mac. The DG site isn’t clear on exact specs either.

  5. Hi! I purchased the Midi Tote from Dagne Dover years ago. I loved the idea of all the compartments and how spacious it was. Eventually, I sold it because the bag was just too bulky to easily throw over my shoulder. I’m not sure if this is because the leather was so stiff and the shape was pretty set, even empty. I was wondering what you’d say the difference is in this bag? Is it more like pebbled leather that, when empty, is very thin? I know you said it was much lighter than your other bags, but I am struggling to find a bag that expands enough to hold everything I want, but isn’t bulky when I don’t have a ton in it!

    1. Your question is one that many have! I ended up writing a post about the Allyn versus the Legend earlier this year: https://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/2018/04/dagne-dover-tote-allyn-vs-legend.html

      The Midi/Classic and the Legend are stiffer. They are waxed canvas which keeps it structured and also makes it a bit heavier. The Allyn isn’t as structured, so when not full it’s more like a regular soft leather tote bag. However, I have stuffed mine to the gills and am still able to fit it over my shoulder. I find the structured Dagne Bags to be better when I regularly have a lot to carry or need a bag to remain upright to grab files, etc. I hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions!

  6. I’m debating between this one and the classic tote. How’s the shape holding up? I’ve noticed my other leather bags wrinkle and lose shape if stuffed. If this one is going to be an everyday bag, it’s going to be packed and filled.

  7. Hello! Do you think this bag holds a 15 inch MacBook? “There’s a neoprene zipper pouch that easily holds my MacBook but also held my larger work laptop that had a big battery increasing its size.”

  8. I received this bag for my birthday in the Oxblood and I do love it. It fits my laptop, a clutch, all my accouterments including cords, mouse, chapstick, etc. I also can fit a small lunch bag in there as well as my water bottle in the neoprene holder. This was to replace another very well worn bag that I loved with slightly longer handles. When carrying the Dagne Dover on my shoulder, i do with the handles were slightly longer and a little wider, but then that also affects the look of the bag and ability to carry in your hand without dragging it. The handles are comfy, but not as much as my old bag, maybe this will change as they break in. I will say that the bag is absolutely beautiful and extremely well made. It is a bit pricey, I was lucky to get it during the holidays when when it was 20% off. I still would pay the amount, only b/c you will get years and years of use from this bag and I think it will break in fabulously. I looked at lots of bags in various price points and this one captured everything I wanted.

  9. I have wanted this bag since I saw it on your Insta Stories… I asked for it for Christmas but it’s all sold out! 🙁

  10. Good point, though I don’t usually mention price on this blog for all of the reviews I’ve done over the past 10+ years. I’ll consider it for future reviews.

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