My Honest Fashivly Review: Is This Personal Styling Service Worth It?

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an Honest Fashivly review by Wardrobe Oxygen, and over 40 real-life style advice blog

As the owner of Wardrobe Oxygen, I am often asked if I also offer personal styling. While I was a personal stylist and fashion consultant many years ago, I no longer offer this service. However, I do want to be able to suggest a personal stylist or styling service, and I only want to recommend that which I have tried and liked. I tried Fashivly, and below is my honest review of this virtual styling service and whether it is worth it.

What is Fashivly?

I first learned of Fashivly through TikTok. The algorithm quickly realized I was into fashion and style but not into the typical “wear this, not that” advice from folks who don't have any style. Enter Ashlyn Greer, the founder of Fashivly. You may have seen her videos; her blunt bob and red-stained lips are memorable and great marketing.

Greer's style advice was far more creative, accepting, and inclusive than many social media “style experts” out there. I gave her a follow and appreciated what she was offering in her videos. Tangible advice, realistic suggestions, and ideas for those who aren't a perfect size X, Y shape, or Z age.

Please understand I believe everyone should wear what they want. Especially as grown-ass women, we have gone through decades of sexism, racism, and gaslighting and DESERVE to wear what brings us comfort and joy. But for some, comfort and joy come from feeling current and stylish and highlighting certain features while having others recess to the background. And there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, that's why I started Wardrobe Oxygen way back in 2005!

Why I Tried Fashivly Virtual Styling

Fashivly looked like a great option for the Wardrobe Oxygen reader who desired a personal stylist but didn't live near one I know and would recommend. Fashivly may be an option for those who don't live near major metropolitan areas or in a community where they may have a harder time finding a fashion consultant who understands their body, age, needs, or personality.

Then, I deleted the TikTok app and promptly forgot about my desire to review Fashivly. And it's like Fashivly KNEW because a couple of months later, they emailed me asking if I would like to try the service. I was so psyched and went through the process… and then my mom died, and doing a Fashivly review was not at the top of my to-do list.

But things are calming down, and I am in a better place. I want to share my experience trying Fashivly with you and whether I will recommend Fashivly as a personal styling service to members of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community.

An Honest Fashivly Review

Fashivly offered me a free 10-look style guide in exchange for sharing my experience here on Wardrobe Oxygen or on social media. Fashivly has not viewed this review of their styling service before publishing, and I was not paid anything or agreed to do anything additional. Minus the ordering and checkout on the Fashivly site, I went through the same process as a “regular” Fashivly customer. And I have to say the process is pretty painless.

I have experienced virtual styling and virtual fittings with other companies. These usually require a Zoom or video conference with a stylist. This is not the case with Fashivly; all one has to do is complete a survey that can take 10 minutes or over an hour, depending on how prepared you are and how much you wish to share.

Completing the Fashivly Style Survey

Once I agreed to try Fashivly's virtual styling service, I received a link to fill out a survey. The survey asked about me: where I live, what I do daily, what do I love in my closet, what I would never wear. I was asked about my general size range, height, and budget. I appreciated the tiny details that made the survey feel more inclusive.

A screenshot from the Fashivly style survey. The background image is of a woman's hand holding the handle of a handbag. The text on the screen says What's your general size range? If you're comfortable giving us measurements, that's helpful! We can also work with a general range (eg 12-14). Either way, we'll make sure to pull items that are available in your size!
A screenshot from the Fashivly style survey.

Style Inclusivity

For example, the survey provided a size range example as 12/14, which made me feel that Fashivly styles a range of sizes, not just straight sizes. Throughout Fashivly's site and social platforms, models of color and plus-size models are used as much as straight-sized white models.

The budget question began at under $100 and only went up to $500+. Previous style surveys I have taken had much lower or higher increments, making me wonder if the results would suit my personal needs.

And an example of what I may never wear included an example of having an aversion to skirts. Fashivly proudly states it styles a range of aesthetics, genders, and lifestyles and features such on the Fashivly site and social platforms.

A screenshot from the Fashivly style survey.  background image of part of a woman's face wearing yellow sunglasses and lip gloss. The overlay text is Upload photos of yourself to show us your style! We'll use these photos to pull pieces that work with your current style and body type. If you want us to include your current clothes in your style guide, upload those here, too! Maybe you have a piece in your closet that you don't know how to wear or want more ways to style a favorite piece - we can help. You can upload up to 5 images in this questionnaire. If you want to send us more, email us at hello@fashivly,com!

The Fashivly survey then requested visuals. I could upload images of me, my closet, my favorite garments, personal style inspiration, and whatever I felt was helpful. I linked to my Instagram, where a Fashivly stylist could see more of me, my personality, and my everyday. And I was asked to share a Pinterest board of my style or what sort of fashion appeals to me.

a screenshot from Wardrobe Oxygen's Pinterest board. It featured street style of fashion icons like Jenna Lyons, Cate Blanchett, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Victoria Beckham. Lots of colorful pantsuits, unique color and print mixing, denim with blazers and off the shoulder tops, but clean lines and classic silhouettes.
A screenshot from the Pinterest board I supplied to my Fashivly stylist.

I filled out the survey as honestly as possible. I shared that I was a style blogger and influencer who attended industry events, a lot of lunches and coffees, and did a mix of working from home and in the office. Weekends are more casual for me, often in Mom Mode, running errands, volunteering for different organizations in my community, and supporting my kid's Girl Scout troop activities. Above is a screenshot of the Pinterest board I shared with Fashivly to show the style I am drawn to.

A screenshot of the cover from my Fashivly personalized style guide. It has my name, the season, the Fashivly logo and a photo of a model holding a handbag.
The cover of my Fashivly Style Guide

Receiving my Fashivly Style Guide

I completed the Fashivly style survey on September 25th. On the same day, I received a personalized email that they received my survey results and that Fashivly Stylist and Brand Director Mollye Rivera would be completing my style guide. On October 7th, Mollye emailed me directly with my 12-page style guide PDF, and the text below was in the body of the email. The only change to the content I received is formatting to make it easier to read on a mobile device:

Hey Alison!  

We had so much fun working with you! See attached for all your looks. Again, you can just hover and click on product descriptions for direct website links. There are a few extra pieces on the last page so make sure and check those out as well! 🙂

You have so many great looks in your guide that are colorful, chic and will have you feeling great whether you're at an evening event or volunteering at your teen's girl scout meeting! A lot of these pieces can mix and match as well to get the most out of your guide. For example,

  • Look 1 is such a fun look that you can wear for coffee meetings or evening events at restaurants. You can wear this feather cuff button down with the leather pants and the italian wool coat in your additional links or under your Favorite Daughter sweater in Look 8.
  • Look 2 has a great base outfit with the pop of color with the coat. You can wear the denim on denim look with either the animal print coat in Look 3, the coat in Look 4 or the pinstripe blazer in Look 5.
  • The top in Look 4 is great on its own or you can pair it layered under a sweater like the one in Look 3 or the cardigan in Look 9.
  • I love the pants in Look 6! The tack pant stripe elevates any look. You can pair these with the graphic tee in Look 5 and the coat in Look 3 or as shown just swapping out the suede jacket for the animal print coat.
  • Look 7 is a perfect look for an evening event. This corduroy set can be dressed up like shown or worn more casual by pairing it with a tee or sweater and a sneaker.
  • Lastly, Look 10 is a comfortable coffee meeting, running errands look that feels thought through and elevated with the details of the leather trench, pop of color in the sneaker and the more monochrome approach!

I hope you find some great new pieces and have fun putting some new outfits together. Everything was pulled in the last several days but just let me know if you need any replacements on anything for size availability or sellout. Post on social or tell a friend if you feel so inclined- it's how we get all our business! Tag us in your stories, feed post or Tiktok videos and we'll send you a 10% off code for your next guide 🙂

Throughout the rest of this Fashivly review, I share the ten outfits I received in my style guide so you can get an idea of the quality and content of this product.

The first look from my Fashivly style guide features a white poplin button-down, straight-cut jeans, a red and white striped lady jacket style cardigan, navy velvet blazer, red ballet flats, a tan leather shoulder bag, small gold earrings, and tortoise cat eye sunglasses
The first look from my Fashivly personalized style guide.

My Honest Thoughts on My Experience with Fashivly

I received my Fashivly style guide less than a week after my mother's unexpected passing, and I wasn't really in the right frame of mind. But I did open the PDF and was initially impressed with what I saw. Brands and even actual articles of clothing currently in my closet and plenty of brands I wasn't as familiar with but were available in my size. And now, months later, I have sat down with what I received and can finally provide an honest Fashivly review.

The second look from my Fashivly style guide shows a denim shirt tucked into straight leg jeans, a colorful robe-style coat, black chunky heeled loafers, a chartreuse and black leather satchel, gold Kenneth Jay Lane statement necklace, small gold hoops, a black leather belt and black Dolce and Gabbana oversized sunglasses.
The second look in my style guide – really liked the coat and I already own similar pieces to what was suggested.

Is Fashivly Personalized Styling?

The biggest thing I noticed from my Fashivly experience is that it is highly personalized. Brands that offer my size, and are appropriate to my budget and income level. It was clear that my Fashivly stylist looked at my Instagram and my Pinterest, as well as the uploaded photos. This was no subscription box “styling” experience; it was truly created just for me.

As mentioned, the Fashivly style guide included some items I already own or similar pieces. And it included items I have been eyeing but not buying. After looking at my Fashivly style guide, I purchased a pair of parchment-colored Converse high-tops and looked to see if I could find an Anine Bing t-shirt in my size on sale (no luck).

Look 3 from my Fashivly style guide features the same straight leg jeans but now styled with a green crewneck chunky sweater, leopard print overcoat, parchment colored Converse high-tops, a navy feather pouch-style bag from J. Crew, a statement necklace and matching earrings, and the same cat-eye sunglasses from Look 1
This look makes me wish I still had my old leopard faux fur coat. And I own that J. Crew feather purse in magenta!

Is the Fashivly Style Guide Useful?

I know I am not the typical customer for Fashivly; I am a previous personal stylist who has been writing about personal style and fashion for almost two decades. However, I still found my Fashivly style guide helpful.

With little details like showing the shirt half tucked and seeing the same items used over and over again in different looks, the Fashivly guide made me see how I could treat this like a capsule wardrobe and have more looks with fewer items. The guide had pieces I would normally consider and those I wouldn't, which made me feel maybe I was missing out and should broaden my horizons. Details like jeans cuts and shoe styles were useful as I know those details can be tricky and confusing.

I appreciated the additional styling suggestions in Mollye's email. It really created more of a season capsule versus individual looks. And the final page of suggested additions to take this collection of clothing further was really cool.

Look 4 from my Fashivly style guide features a red, black, and white fitted mock neck top tucked into black leather jeans. A green faux fur cropped jacket is styled over it. Accessories are a black high heeled chunky loafer, a black leather handbag, gold hoops, and black oversized sunglasses
I would NEVER think of this combination but I like it. I saw this top at Boden earlier in the season and dismissed it but this styling made me look at it again. I would try to create a version of this look with slightly different colors and accessories.

Are Fashivly Style Guide Outfits Wearable?

I despise when “style experts” suggest looks that are not wearable unless you are exactly their age, size, shape, and ability. Not everybody can (or wants to) wear a shirt as a skirt, a chunky sweater under a blazer, a pair of stilettos, or a backless dress. In general, I found my looks from Fashivly to be totally wearable and right up my alley. There were only minor issues.

An issue I found with my Fashivly looks is that as a petite woman with soft curves, I do not feel comfortable with so many layers. Think Ralphie in A Christmas Story; a shirt under a sweater under a blazer would have me so padded I wouldn't be able to bend my elbows.

Look 5 from my Fashivly style guide features a faded black graphic t-shirt from Anine Bing under a navy pinstripe pantsuit. the outfit is styled with parchment colored Converse high-tops, a Kenneth Jay Lane statement necklace, black belt, burgundy STAUD handbag, and black D&G oversized black sunglasses.
Yep, I could totally see myself wearing a version of this look.

But for each over-layered look I could easily lighten the weight of a layer or change the silhouette of the top layer and it would work. Both looks still gave me great ideas on color and silhouette combinations.

The other issue I encountered was that some recommended garments technically came in my size, but they didn't come in petite or short options. I shared I was 5'3″ and usually need petite sizing. I know petite clothes over a size 10 are hard to find, but some items like the blazers wouldn't work for me without extensive and expensive tailoring. It was frustrating to see something utterly awesome like the navy velvet pantsuit and find it was from Boden, which doesn't carry petites in my size.

Look 6 from my Fashivly style guide features a red-orange mock-neck sweater tucked into navy Madewell Harlow wide leg pants, topped with a brown suede trucker jacket from Banana Republic. It is styled with parchment colored Converse high top sneakers, a black houndstooth handbag from Anine Bing, small gold stud earrings, and the tortoise cat eye sunglasses featured throughout the guide.
I own these pants already in a different color and this outfit inspired me to purchase the sneakers!

That may be why so many items were from J. Crew and Boden. As someone who likes color and pattern, I too find these to be some of the only retailers that offer clothing in my personal style aesthetic and my general size. It also may be why two of the same exact blazers in different colors and two similar “lady jacket” cardigans were in my style guide. Pickings are slim when you're midsize and under 5'5″ tall and I commend Fashivly for making a true effort.

Fashivly introduced me to new brands like Lost Pattern and Alembika. Considering online shopping is literally my job, I was impressed. That being said, the majority of the labels suggested were ones I was comfortable with and had shopped before: J. Crew, Boden, Gap, Vince Camuto, STAUD, Converse, and Sam Edelman.

Look 7 from my Fashivly style guide shows a white poplin shirt from Look 1 with a cerulean blue velvet blazer and similar color wool ankle pants. The outfit is styled with the leopard coat from look 3, a black STAUD moon bag, black D&G sunglasses from look 2, low-heeled black sandals, gold hoops and a gold chain.
Again, a lot of layers especially with such an open shoe, but I really love the combination and I have drooled over that STAUD bag for years.

Are the Clothes in Fashivly Style Guides Available for Purchase?

Fashivly does not sell clothing and instead uses affiliate links to online retailers for you to shop. Essentially, Fashivly does what I do with my capsule wardrobes, offering suggestions that are in stock at the time of creation.

In a Fashivly style guide, the description of each item in an outfit is hyperlinked. When you click on the text in the PDF, a browser will open to the retailer offering the garment. While this is months later, and we are heading into a new season, all of the links opened to product pages and all the products still had or at one time had my size.

The 8th look from my Fashivly style guide features a navy velvet pantsuit from Boden with a pale lime green chunky cashmere sweater from Favorite Daughter. It is styled with brown chunky loafers, a cream and burgundy print silk bandana, tan leather shoulder bag from STAUD, small gold hoops and tortoise cat eye sunglasses.
I own this sweater and adore it, but also because I own it I know it's far too oversized and chunky to fit under a blazer.

Is Fashivly Worth the Money?

A ten-look style guide from Fashivly, at the time of this review, costs $149. I think this is a great price. In honesty, I think Fashivly should raise their rates because of how personal the experience is (or at least feels).

For an example, let's use this fall getaway capsule wardrobe. This is a capsule wardrobe. I created it in 2022 but updated it in 2023 with new in-stock items and current trends. Like Fashivly, I already had the template and had done some online shopping, but I still needed to source similar pieces that were available in the necessary size range and looked good with one another, not just regarding color and formality but silhouette and fabric.

Look 8 from my Fashivly style guide shows a wide leg jean styled with a navy lady jacket, olive corduroy glats, a burguny handbag from STAUD, small gold hoops, and tortoise cat eye sunglasses
I bought those same flats last month without even realizing they were in my Fashivly style guide!

I also had to rewrite why I chose the items, link to the items, screenshot the items (or find similar items not on a model) and create the collages. I also had a lot of administrative work behind the scenes to have it functional and easy to find in a Google search. This capsule of 12 looks took me 12 hours to update; the original took about 20 hours. I see a return on the time investment because my capsules are viewed by thousands of folks.

Fashivly is selling a personalized version of this for less than $200. And they also offer a five-look option for just $99. That's a great deal considering the legwork required to create such a personalized product, and knowing it will only be viewed by one person. I wouldn't be surprised if Fashivly raises their prices (they already have at least once); try now before they do!

The 10th and final look in my style guide is a heather brown mock neck sweater tucked into brown wide leg trousers, styled with a black faux leather trench coat, maroon STAUD handbag, Adidas gazelle sneakers in sage green, and the same cat-eye sunglasses featured in other looks.
I own these pants in a different color and did click to see if that faux leather trench was still in stock!

Do I Recommend Fashivly?

Based on my experience, yes, I do recommend Fashivly. I feel Fashivly sort of does what I do here at Wardrobe Oxygen but on a personal level. I often have readers contact me asking for personal style advice for their unique bodies, budgets, aesthetics, events, and needs. I am unable to provide personalized shopping advice to each of them, but I now feel confident suggesting Fashivly as an alternative.

But I want to hear from you. Have you tried Fashivly? What did you think of Fashivly as a personal styling service? Was your Fashivly experience as positive as mine? Your comments may be just what another reader needs to decide whether or not Fashivly is right for them.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Alison
    thanks for getting back to me about the Harlowe pants and for answering all of my questions. I am trying to decide if I’d prefer black or navy and am currently leaning towards navy. I was in Target yesterday and found a black pair there from A New Day that look very similar to the black Harlowe pants—may give those a try first and then I can get the navy Harlowe’s next! Sounds like regular link/non-curvy should work. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the thorough review (as always)! Looks like it could work for someone like me who lives halfway across the world but mostly shops online because her size (& colourful taste!) rarely exists in local brands…

    Do you think this service could still be useful for someone who doesn’t really use social media (& therefore doesn’t have Pinterest links & an Instagram profile to share)? Was it just by chance that items you already owned popped up, or did you explicitly mention those in the survey?

    I ask because I did a two-day personal style consultation in-person for a similar price a few years back, but it would be nice to get an update on how I could refresh some of my clothes by wearing them in a trendier/ more modern way. Thank you for your help!

    1. It should work as long as you can provide photos of your style and inspiration. You can upload up to 5 each category directly to the survey. However, there is no back and forth discussion; your style guide is only as good as what you give them. And they do not restyle your existing closet, they create a style guide based on what they think may work for you. It was just coincidence that items I already own were included in the looks.

  3. A small suggestion regarding your website.
    I access via Feedly, then scroll all the way down to the bottom to get to your website because I think you once said that it would be better for you.
    Would it be possible to put that box at the beginning instead?

    1. I also access via Feedly! I don’t think Alison controls that particular element … the “issue” is that she shares a lot of the blog post in the preview, so we have to scroll further than in some other blogs.

      Because I’m lazy and don’t want to scroll, when I’m looking at my main Feedly feed I typically either right click + open in new tab, or ctrl+left click and it will open the blog on the website. Both avoid all the scrolling that you’re having to do, because I agree it’s a lot!

    2. I am looking at my post in Feedly and it appears to be the same as other blogs I follow on there… If you click the title it goes to the post and Feedly provides the “visit website” button at the bottom. Also below the title of the post it will say “Wardrobe Oxygen by Alison Gary” and if you click that it will open to the homepage of the site. I have no control over my feed and how it looks in Feedly except if I make it truncated (can only read a snippet) or full (read the whole post which is what I offer as a service to those who won’t visit the site). If you see others have something different let me know and I can investigate!

      1. Thanks for another great post! Could you tell me where to find the green bag in look #2? Or how one would go about doing a search when there is no link?

        1. I didn’t share links because 99% of the items are out of stock. This one went to the Anthropologie site and the url has “on the go carrier bag” in it but the link is broken.

  4. Great review, thanks so much for the details! Wondering about the leopard coat, if you can provide the info or similar. Have been looking and that option looks great for length yet not too bulky, for petite and curvy types.

  5. This was impressive and they certainly did make the service very personalized. Do you mind sharing the pants you mentioned that you already have (they are navy and oxblood in the looks above)? I “think” they may be the Harlowe pants from Madewell but am not sure.

    And, more questions, if you don’t mind, regarding those Harlowe pants. I was looking at some of your older posts this weekend and know you wore those pants a lot in the warmer weather. Did you get them in the petite size? And, did you get them in the “curvy” fit or regular? Asking b/c I like them a lot and am really considering a black or navy pair to wear more as the weather warms up. I’m 5’4″ so am always a bit torn on going with petite or regular sizing and I’ve got hips and a stomach that I’m not crazy about, so wondering about if the curvy fit is needed or not. With the wide legs, I know they need to be longer, but I would love to not have to have them hemmed, if possible. Just worried the petite may be a wee bit too short. Oh, and since you live in DC, you deal with hot and humid summers. Do you feel like the Harlowe pants in a darker color would be good for the hotter parts of the summer (I’m in Arkansas; it’s so it’s crazy hot at times)? Of course, I’d have access to A/C during most parts of the day. Okay, I’ll stop al l the questions now–sorry!

    1. Yes, Fashivly shared the Harlow pants from Madewell (the navy pants for example). I got the regular, not curvy version in 14 petite. They are perfect for me with flat shoes, so you may want to go with regular? I like these pants so much I just ordered them in black and the kiwi color and a pair of the linen in black (I already have linen in white). For summers where you’re indoors most of the day, I think the Harlows work well. I find them too lightweight for winter, but I also find the color I currently own (a stone/beige color) to feel too summery. They are a lightweight chino, not as heavy as most khakis.

      For others who may be reading this comment and curious about the pants, here is the link:

  6. Fashivly sounds awesome! I love that it’s so personalized – I’ve tried the “styling” subscription boxes before and have always been disappointed. This service sounds kind of like Havenly, which I’ve loved for interior design – it’s not like, Architectural Digest or Vogue-level styling, but a great way to pull together attainable, practical looks at an affordable price point. Thank you for this great review! I’m definitely going to check them out before my next wardrobe refresh.

  7. Thanks for this detailed review (well, all your reviews are detailed). I’m definitely considering this. I’m curious though, would you happen to have a personal stylist you know and would recommend in the greater Seattle area?

  8. Thanks for this detailed review. Looking through, I think it’s a service I’d enjoy— Partly for new ideas and new manufacturers, but also to think of using what I already own in new ways. I have a faux fur leopard coat similar to the one they recommended, and I hardly ever wear it, but I see I should be digging it out more often. I have a gray pinstripe suit I could think of styling like they styled the navy blue one. So I’ll give it a try.

  9. I think this is likely way better than the subscription services I’ve used in the past. But I have to know, please. Featured in several of the looks is a pretty mini bag in oxblood. Specifically, in the last look with the leather trench coat. Can I have the details for that bag? 🙂

    Also, at these prices, I will definitely be doing my own session! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. The bag is Anine Bing but gave me a 404 message on their site for both the oxblood and black ones featured. From the link I can tell the bag was called the Grace. I found a used black one on Vestaire but TBH the Madewell bag is a budget-friendly alternative and check out GANNI and STAUD they had similar sized/shape bags it’s the brand I guessed it was at first.

  10. Interesting. I see that you said that you don’t like skirts, and they also didn’t give you any dresses. Don’t know how you feel about that?
    May I make a couple of comments on the new website? I don’t subscribe, just access it fairly regularly. When I did this on my phone, I had to scroll down a long way past your regulars until I got to the latest post, which was a little irritating. I don’t think subscribing would be any good for me. It would come into the promotions tab of my gmail which is so overfull I always forget to look at it.
    The other thing is that when one opens a link it does so in the same window, and one then has to remember to navigate back to you. A lot of websites open links in a new window, which I think works better.
    Please take this as constructive criticism from someone who enjoys your site, despite the fact that much of its relevance is limited because I am in the UK – and trying not to buy clothes!

    1. The not opening in another browser is an error I am working on. On every menu there is a “blog” link which goes to the latest posts. Thank you for this feedback!

    2. I got the external links to open in a new browser again, working on other links. Stay tuned! As for the no skirts and dresses… for winter I like this. I don’t wear many in winter because hosiery and shoes are more difficult. In the summer, I would want to see more dresses but these looks are more my speed for late fall/winter!

    3. You can change which emails come to each tab in gmail. Just drag it into the tab you want, and then it will ask if you want all emails from that source to go there. I never miss Alison’s emails because they go to my primary tab!

    4. Same here RE: the latest post – think I emailed Alison about possibly adding a ‘blog’ link to her options menu (where the ‘About’ page etc are). Like you said, it’s all constructive criticism because I do appreciate all she does with this site, even if I can’t buy it all (I’m also from the UK, though not there right now!)

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