What I Wore: The Striped Shirt

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Wardrobe Oxygen featuring Rough and Tumble bag and J Crew striped tee Wardrobe Oxygen wearing a J Crew striped tee shirt Wardrobe Oxygen features a J Crew striped shirt and Rough and Tumble bag Wardrobe Oxygen featuring Gap Real Straight Jeans and a Rough and Tumble bagShirt: J. Crew (XL) | Jeans: Gap (32 S) | Shoes: Converse | Bandana: Had forever (similar) | Bracelet: Had forever (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bag: Rough & Tumble Bags

Remember my post about THE STRIPED TEE? This is it. It was crazy, I thought I ordered it and then was asked what I thought about it and realized it never arrived.  I checked, it never came out of my PayPal, and I never received a confirmation email.  No idea what happened, luckily they were still in stock so I ordered again.  And well… it's the darn closest I have found! It's a better quality knit, better made, has washed great without any change in size or condition. The stripes are a bit smaller and not even, but I still like it (I bought two and am glad about it). Like my original striped tee, this is a relaxed fit, not one to tuck in or try to glam up. I wore this look the other weekend running errands, and then unrolled the jeans, slipped on my Chelsea boots and my black puffer vest for the evening.

I haven't featured this bag on the blog for almost a year (previous posts with it) but use it regularly.  This past Wednesday I used it when Emerson and I went to see Gloria Steinem speak at the Sixth and I Synagogue; it was big enough to hold stuff for both of us and easily switches from shoulder to crossbody.  Saturday morning, a friend stopped by and asked about the bag and wondered how it worked as a backpack and I realized I never used it in such a manner.  So that day I decided to wear it as a backpack and I gotta say it's pretty comfortable and easy to use and slip back to a standard bag. This bag has been through a lot, carried heavy and awkward loads and still looks like new.  Made in the USA by a woman-owned company?  Big fan!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hi! Do you still love your rough and tumble bag? Any chance you might sell it if you don’t use it much? Thanks for your time!

    1. I do still love it and use it from time to time. I don’t see myself selling it, it’s the kind of bag that I forget about, then pull out and use for weeks wondering why I took a break!

  2. That shirt is super cute! I have the JCrew Factory version & like it a lot too. I also picked up a black & white stripe long sleeve shirt at the Gap that I love–it’s so soft! It does have the boatneck style, though, which sometimes bothers me. Wearing it with a vest or cardigan helps (keeps the bra straps covered). I just hope my shirts don’t develop those annoying little holes around the bottom! The fabric on the Factory version is a bit thicker than the Gap shirt.

    Speaking of the Gap, I was in my local one yesterday & was told they are phasing out the Real Straight jeans! Boo. Skinny jeans are taking over the world & those of us who who don’t have toothpick-like legs are out of luck. Hopefully, the 2 pairs of Real Straights that I have will last a bit longer & still look good.

  3. Very cute look — you have me re-thinking my “no stripes” policy! But right now I have a question re the black puffer vest you aren’t wearing here but were in the previously linked post — I’m on the hunt for a puffer that is warm and functional but doesn’t make me look like a lumberjack. I’m quite short (5’3″) and hourglassy, so I don’t know if a puffer vest will always come across as boxy-looking on me. The seaming on yours is pretty and unusual, and also seems to follow the contours of the body in a more flattering way. Would you say that is accurate? And also, is it warm? I live in New England, so a “for show” kind of vest (like I saw at Old Navy) is not enough to cut it! Thanks so much!

    1. your questions work perfectly with a post I have scheduled for Wednesday! Yes, this vest has what I call “strategic stitching” which really flatters the figure. It’s considered a packable down vest, so it’s not a stiff but I find still warm. However, I think some vests may be warmer, but you’d likely have to deal with a thicker/stiffer/puffier silhouette. But my vest is warmer than my husband’s packable down vest which IMO is just a couple feathers between two pieces of nylon. I regularly wear this one with a fleece and a running shirt outside when it’s below 40 degrees because it does keep my core warm enough for an early morning walk or afternoon hike in the winter.

    2. Definitely try stripes bubu! I too used to have a no-stripes policy – at about 5’1″ and with a 20E bust (Australian sizing) and round tummy I figured there was no way I should wear stripes. Then I started seeing ladies on the street and on blogs – including the lovely Allie – with not dissimilar shapes wearing exactly that. So I tried one… and another one… and another one, and now I’m hooked! Given that I still haven’t found a button-up shirt that will accompany my bosom without looking like I’m wearing a maternity blouse (not a good look given I’ve never been pregnant), I’m glad that stripes are no longer on my ‘no go’ list 🙂

  4. CUTE! I just ordered one from Boden — their shirts tend to run too short for my long torso, but now they have a few pieces in long lengths, including the stripe. So excited to get it!

  5. That’s my look you’re wearing … except no cool bandana neck scart. Love that touch of red with your coloring.

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