Dagne Dover Midi Tote Review

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Blazer: Ralph Lauren (thrifted – similar) | Tee: armor-lux (gift from reader – similar) | Jeans: NYDJ | Shoes: Cole Haan (similar) | Bag: c/o Dagne Dover

Reader Missy recently contacted me regarding the bag company Dagne Dover. She saw there was a pop-up shop taking place in DC and asked if I may be attending and if so could I report back on what the bags were like in person. See, Missy has had the Dagne Dover Midi Tote on her wish list for months but was afraid to pull the trigger on such a pricey bag if she hasn't seen and experienced it. Unfortunately, I had plans the day of the DC pop-up shop so I contacted Dagne Dover to see if there would be another show in my area in the near future. To be honest I hadn't heard of this brand before Missy's email.  They were kind enough to send me one of the Midi Totes for me to experience and share with all of you.

dagne dover classic tote review

The Classic Tote from Dagne Dover is an incredibly smart bag while still maintaining style. It's a manageable size that seems to easily hold much more than my biggest hobos or satchels. It's not as tall or wide as my Brahmin satchel, but it holds twice as much and is far easier to access everything. There's a removable cup of sorts to hold an umbrella or bottle of water, a padded pocket inside for a tablet or small notebook computer (I use it to hold my momAgenda and a book or my Kindle), and a zipper exterior pocket that can also hold a similarly sized device (I slipped in my tablet). There's a pouch to hold sunglasses so they don't get lost in the abyss, a detachable cord to hold my keys, and pockets to hold and easily access everything from my SmarTrip to my iPhone to my lipstick.  Missy asked if the bag can hold an 8.5 x 11″ document or folder and the answer is yes.  While it wouldn't fit in any of the pockets, the main interior compartment is wide and deep enough to accommodate.  As I type this, I have 250 flyers of that size tucked in there and still room for my sunglasses, wallet, and the ability to access all the pockets.

Not pictured is a detachable adjustable strap that can make the Midi Tote a shoulder bag or crossbody. The strap is even smartly designed with padding where it rests on your shoulder! For my 5'3″ self I put the strap on the shortest setting and it was right at that comfortable hip place as a crossbody.  The built-in short straps do fit over the shoulder; I could fit it with a thin knit but found it too awkward with this outfit and impossible with a winter coat.  A slimmer woman may find it easier.  Full, the bag may feel too boxy for comfort under the arm, but the other day I slipped it over my shoulder for a quick trip to get lunch (my agenda, book, tablet, and umbrella were not in the bag).  I use the crossbody to get to the office so I can have my hands free to carry coffee or hold on when standing on the Metro, but I feel most comfortable at my height and weight to carry this bag in my hand as I did in this post.

After reading about these bags and the loyal fanbase, I really wanted to see the bag in person.  Why so much for a bag not out of leather?  Seeing it in person and using the bag, the price and loyalty is justified.  The bag is of coated canvas but it could easily be mistaken for Saffiano leather.  All the trim including the handles are of butter-soft Napa leather, the hardware is heavyweight and utterly gorgeous, and the pockets and added details are made with thought and care (a tight pocket for a Metro card, a deeper pocket for a SmartPhone, the ability to put the key cord on the side of your choice for easy access, etc.).  The more I used this bag the more I liked it; to be honest I wrote this post Sunday and came back Wednesday to edit it with more raving and detail.

I find Dagne Dover to be a perfect bag for the busy woman on the go. Unlike my other big bags, I find it a breeze to wear it across my body, unzip it and be able to see and access everything with one hand. Yes, you can hold a cup of coffee and be able to grab your sunglasses, you can hold a child on your hip and find your ringing phone, and you can quickly access your keys in a mall parking lot without having to put down your packages.  The Dagne Dover Classic Tote has a place for everything, with everything in its place.  If you have any questions about the Dagne Dover Midi Tote, please ask in the comments.  While Dagne Dover did send me the bag, this post is not sponsored and they knew I would be completely honest in my review and in replying to any comments.

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  1. Thanks for this review! A friend of mine has the larger version and i is great. However, I do not need a bag that big but love the organization features inside of it. So thanks to your review, I made this my new “go-to” bag which will eliminate the “multiple bag syndrome” since my other bags do not fit all. I was lucky to find it on sale, blue color and had an extra 10% code! Bit of a splurge but I know this will be my only bag. -Ile IG@ilenova

  2. I just received The Tote as a birthday gift after coveting it for months, but I’m hesitant to keep it because of the bulk. With the textbooks, laptop, and notebooks I carry for 12 hour days in grad school, I find the bag to be too bulky and heavy to wear under my arm. I absolutely love the style and organization of the bag! I hate to keep such an expensive bag if it is uncomfortable to carry. I saw in the comments that you also purchased the tote… How has this size worked for you?

    1. It works for me, but I usually use it as a commuting tote – laptop and cord, maybe a small notebook, purse essentials and maybe a pair of shoes or bottle of water. When I have used it to carry more (like I did for a conference) I found it too heavy and bulky. I use it most often as a regular tote without the laptop, using the laptop area to hold papers.

  3. Since this post is several months old now, I was wondering how this bag has held up over time? I’ve never had a light-colored bag before. Does it get dingy-looking?

    1. I’ve been good about keeping it away from newsprint and when it has gotten dingy, I’ve been able to clean off most with a soapy washcloth or even a bit of Windex or vinegar. Baby wipes also do a good job. But the fabric is textured which seems to repell a lot of stains, there’s feet on the bottom which has kept the bottom clean, and the structure has maintained so it doesn’t flop over giving it more of a chance to get dirty. I now have the big tote, a clutch, and the tiniest tote and love them all!

  4. I know dagne dover bags go out of stock at certain times… how long does it take for them to be restocked?? Do you suggest the nude?? It looks very classy and goes with so much.

    1. I do like the nude, it’s an elegant color that isn’t too warm or too cool of a shade. If you sign up for their emails they will let you know when colors and items get back in stock. They’re not a giant company so it takes a bit longer to get things in and their supplies are a bit smaller. But the quality is worth it!

  5. Is the mini tote same size as the tiny tote because I feel like it is not. Would the mini tote have room for a 13″ MacBook Air, a textbook and still have room for maybe clothes? I was considering of getting the regular, but I feel like it would be just a tad bit big.

    1. No the mini and tiny are not anywhere the same size. The mini can’t carry anything like that; see the comment above I have links of me featuring the tiny. I haven’t seen the regular tote but I know that the mini (which will come back at Dagne Dover) couldn’t hold my laptop but it could my tablet. Don’t be afraid to contact them, their customer service is stellar!

  6. They recently added 3 turquoise versions: calf hair, leather & canvas. I was too late to get the canvas but scored the leather for my Xmas gift to me!

      1. Allie, is the bag your modeling the same tiny tote they currently have on their website? There seems to be a big size difference and the front zippered pocket that I think is holding your iPad is no longer shown on the current tiny tote. Also what iPad are you using in these pictures. Thank you for your help, just want to make sure I order the right one! 🙂

        1. This review is of the Mini Tote, which is currently not available. They are updating it with some new details and likely will be available later in the season. The Mini Tote featured is between the size of the tiny and the regular tote. I also have the Tiny tote, it’s far smaller and can’t fit an iPad or tablet. Here’s posts featuring that bag: http://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/2014/12/lysse-damaris-top-dagne-dover-tiny-tote.html and http://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/2014/12/popsugar-must-have-box.html hope that helps!

  7. I love your whole outfit! I think that it’s one of your best ever! It’s classic but up to date! I just love the bag. I actually own a Brooks Brothers blazer from 1980, but it still looks fresh and modern.

  8. Missy here! I’ve said “thanks” bunches of times, but I want to say it one more time. Thank you so much for your detailed and honest review! I’m excited to splurge on myself and get a bag that I know I’ll enjoy and utilize for quite a while. 🙂

  9. That looks like a great bag! I’ve been searching for something big enough for a small laptop and all my work stuff, but small enough to carry about comfortably. I got a burgundy patent bag from Clarks (better known as a shoe shop, but they make some nice bags too…)

  10. Allison – it’s Erin! I just ordered this. I’ve been looking for a structured black tote that’s not so big! So many lose their structure and this looks like it could hold I love the gold hardware 🙂

  11. I just heard about this bag when searching for a good work tote for my new job that was organized and could store a laptop. I was seriously tempted but was concerned about it not being leather so I ended up going with a leather Tory Burch tote. I still really want one though. Haha I think I’m into organizing things a little too much!

    Her Heartland Soul

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