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Shirt: Gap | Skirt: Etsy | Shoes: Miss Sixty via eBay (similar) | Bag: Banana Republic via eBay (similar)

I was on the hunt for a maxi wrap dress, and decided to check out Etsy. I didn't find one I liked, but I found this skirt and I just couldn't resist. At first, I thought my life didn't NEED a big skirt like this, but I indulged and this is the third time I have worn it. I like it on weekends with an Old Navy vintage tee (white and charcoal) knotted at the waist, and think this summer will be cute with a tank, and maybe a different print scarf tied at the waist like a cummerbund. It has one pocket, the only think I don't adore about this skirt is that there aren't two. But reasonable price, looks just as it did online, didn't have to wait too long for shipping. I definitely favorited this seller and may look to have her make that elusive wrap maxi dress for me this summer!

There is an historic Art Deco theater in my community that holds a lot of good memories for people in our community. I remember seeing movies there when I was younger, and we love being able to walk down to see an indie hit or an Oscar contender.  The Greenbelt Theatre is up to receive a $100,000 grant from Partners in Preservation and we're in our last week of voting. We keep teetering between 4th and 5th place; I doubt we'll be win (we're up against the National Cathedral), but there's funding for runner ups. I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a moment to vote for the Greenbelt Theatre. The login process is pretty simple, anyone across the globe can vote, and you can vote every day. I thank you in advance!

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  1. ,,,i tend to shy away from large prints i always think they will make me look larger and i’m afraid that the large print of the garment will wear me not me wear it. that being said, this skirt looks FAB on you! i love that you tied the chambray lawn blouse, that you pushed the sleeves up and you wore a bohemian style of shoe. looks so chic on you!,,,

  2. I love your outfit. The colors and the pattern of that skirt are fantastic. I am sad that there is only one 🙂

    1. Well for this skirt, because it’s just an elastic waistband and not very finished/polished, but usually because my waist is high, so it shortens my torso and draws attention to my lower stomach. That’s why I do half-tucks, wear belts, and tie my shirts, otherwise everything ends up looking high-waisted 🙂

    1. Because if I tuck it in, the waistband shows, if I blouse it out, I lose any body shape. Also the tying creates a waist, is actually lower than my natural waist to elongate the torso, and draws the eye to the center instead of the sides. 🙂

      1. That makes sense. I have a short waist (or something) that makes tucked-in shirts make me look like I have no body. I always have my shirts out, but sometimes I want a more polished look. I will have to try this! Thanks.

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