Going MacGyver

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ann taylor maxi skirt
statement necklace
citizen watch watchco
chiffon maxi skirt
tan peep toe booties
short sleeve sweatshirt gap
Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar) | Sweatshirt: Gap | Shoes: Miss Sixty (similar) | Necklace: Etsy | Watch: c/o WatchCo | Bracelets: Had forever, Nordstrom

I bought this skirt last year on a whim. Waled in the store, fell in love, tried on super quick, bought and wore the next day. Never regretted buying the skirt, but regretted the size (Large Regular). By time I realized my mistake (needed Petite Medium or at least Medium) the skirt was sold out everywhere. The skirt grows as you wear it, and it is now so large I can easily slip it over my breasts. It can't even sit on my hips, it's so big so I have become a Skirt MacGyver. Under this sweatshirt, there are diaper pins (they don't bounce open as easily as safety pins) holding straps that go with one of my convertible strapless bras making this into almost a dress. I have it right below my bust, and then a belt at my natural waist to control the volume. This skirt is just too awesome to get rid of, and the layers and fabric and construction make it far too costly to have altered. Sometimes you just need to get all MacGyver on your wardrobe!

I initially was going to title this “Jimmy-Rig” and when Googling to see if it needed the hyphen I came across this article.  I already had the MacGyver in the post so changed the title as well.  Do you use jimmy-rig or jury-rig as a term for cobbling something together?  If so which one?

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  1. Jerry-rig here in Arkansas! I have that skirt, too, bought it after seeing it on you. It IS fabulous, gets rave reviews, but I got a regular as well and it has always been too long. (I am even shorter – 5’2″). Walking up steps is very dicey – I need a “Pippa” to carry my train! My hobby is ballroom dance but can you say “tumbling dice” to that idea? I would put on a show but not in a good way. I thought about having it hemmed but it may be too expensive. Have you taken yours to a tailor? I may just check it out and if I hear of any creative ideas, will share. It still looks fab on you!

  2. I grew up hearing “jerry-rig” or “jury-rig” (I’ve never heard jimmy-rig, though). Most people I know use Macgyver now, though.

  3. Oh, I bought that skirt on a whim too! Just fell in love with it! Haven’t worn it yet as it seemed so fancy but I love love your combination here! I should pull it out for day-wear! And now I just hope mine doesn’t fall down mid-day! : )

  4. Interesting article. I say Jerry rig, but I hear jury rig often and thought it was just different pronunciations.

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for the diaper pin tip (I will get some goofy looks when I buy them : > ) I have some skirts that need this MacGyver!

  6. I actually said jerry-rig (which is the one I ascribe to) during a business meeting today. As soon as it was out of my mouth, I thought, “Wait a second? Is that based on a slur?” And now, thanks to Alison’s link, I know. Hooray for my anti-German sentiment during my workday. I’m fairly certain I have some German ancestry, so can we just chalk it up (dear god, please don’t let that one be offensive) to self-deprecation?

  7. Jerry-rig, jury-rig. They sound so similar that I’m never sure which one anyone is actually saying. 🙂 I’ll also call it a “redneck belt” or “redneck license-plate holder” or whatever, much as the other commenter’s Cajun friend calls it “Cajun-rigged.” We mountain folk have inventive (and thrifty) ways of solving problems at times. 🙂

  8. Saw your necklace and was jealous you had splurged at J.Crew on it. Then saw you bought it on etsy. Went to the etsy seller you linked to and realized it was a chinese knockoff of a J.Crew necklace. Total carbon copy. In fact, looking at the seller’s items I notcied a ton of J.Crew knockoffs, including a necklace I DID purchase in the store. Isn’t Etsy supposed to be for handmade stuff?

    Lord knows I don’t have the $ to always buy what I want and am often tempted to buy the knock offs but never know if I’m being a bad citizen of the world by doing so. Curious as to your thoughts on buying knockoffs as opposed to the real deal.

    1. I bought this and the other necklace a few weeks ago looking for a bold statement necklace, one clear and one with color. After I realized it was J. Crew. I don’t shop at J. Crew on a regular basis so didn’t realize it.

      I felt bad about copies but then I think about the famous/infamous bubble necklace of J. Crew that is now being made by every brand under the sun… I’m not exactly sure how I feel on this subject any more. While I would never buy a fake designer bag, the jewelry situation is not so black and white 🙁

  9. I love those shoes! I do the same thing with some of my clothes..safety pins are a necessity!


  10. Haha, I think I say Jerry Rig too, like the comment below. Guess I never really thought much about it. Also, I love those shoes every time you pull them out. They are so great!

  11. Ha! I always say “Jerry Rig” which I thought referred to a genius named Jerry, but which is probably just my people saying the word “jury” very very badly. Now I’m going to laugh every time I say it.

    1. It makes me think of those stone things that jut out in a bay to break the waves. In summer camp they called it a Jetty, some called it a Jerry, so we all started calling them Steves and thought we were utterly hysterical. I think we were 14…

  12. That sucks the skirt is too big, but good job making it work – it’s so pretty! My friend Megan always calls it “Cajun rigged” because she’s Cajun and apparently that’s how you repair things on the Bayou.

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