Hair Update: Hairstyle to Hide your Bangs

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Summer is coming, and bangs don’t work well for me in the hot months with sweat and humidity. I find they end up curling, separating and sticking to my forehead. So when I saw this video on BlogHerTV on how to style to hide your bangs I was excited:

This is such a simple way to look polished while my bangs grow out for the warmer months. I don’t have a braided headband but tried this with a simple black elastic bang and it worked quite well. Think this weekend I’ll buy a couple more styles of headbands to get me through this grow-out period. If you too are trying to grow out bangs, I encourage you to check out the video above to get some useful styling tips. And don't forget to enter the contest for a chance to win $100!

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  1. I like to “french-twist” my bangs. I love my bangs when my hair is straight, but when my hair is curly they are way to short, so I french-twist them across my head and pin them with a bobby pin. I do this a lot when I braid my hair, have a sloppy ponytail, or a messy bun (so a lot…..) It makes me feel and look more polished. Plus it takes maybe 10 seconds to do!

  2. Has anyone made a headband that doesn’t give people a head ache after a couple hours? Aside from the stretchy fabric ones, I’ve never seen one that I can wear without getting a wicked head ache from the pressure just behind my ears. Cute idea, I have bangs & would love to do something other than wear a baseball cap to hide them sometimes 🙂

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