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I have noticed in the past couple of weeks that I have had a major switch in subscribers – tons of new ones, and a bunch of people decide to leave. I can only assume this drastic change is due to me posting about my daughter.

To those who are not happy with it, I do understand. Before I gave birth to Emerson, I promised this would not become a Mommy Blog. I despised those blogs where people constantly posted pictures of their “little pumpkin” and raved about first smiles, laughs, spit ups and such. This blog is called MY Wardrobe Today for a reason – it is about the wardrobe of an average woman – average American size, average budget, average lifestyle.

However after having Emerson in my life, I see how her existence affects my wardrobe just as much as my office environment, my work commute, my activities on a Friday night. To ignore her is if I ignored the reason why I only wear denim on Fridays and weekends – it's a major aspect of me and my wardrobe.

As I have stated before, I was NOT a baby person pre-Emerson. I found babies messy and loud and weird. I didn't like to hold them, I did often find them cute, but didn't go gaga over them. I felt disconnected to friends once they became parents because it seemed like a whole different culture and language from my own. So if you unsubscribe due to me posting about Emerson, I don't blame you and I fully understand. I have had people unsubscribe when I have lost weight, when my attire got less professional, when I got older. This blog cannot be relevant to every woman – my goal is to have it be relevant to many women, but also be a true reflection of myself as a woman.

For those who do like the Emerson photos and updates… I plan to keep them at least for the time being. They will be secondary on posts, will be smaller photos and take up less text… but they will remain. Also I will be posting pictures from events I attend, pictures of my husband, friends and family (when they are cool with it), and what in my life makes me me… and determines what is in my wardrobe today! πŸ™‚

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  1. I love all the Emerson updates and what I really appreciate is how you discuss the ways you’ve tweaked your wardrobe and your routines now that you’re a working mother. You’re not a single faceted person so a single faceted blog doesn’t really fit.

  2. Good for you. you dont have to explain yourself to anyone. I love your blog and as a fashion conscious mom of three I now love it even more. Kids dictate your wardrobe most of the time and most moms wouldnt have it any other way. Emerson is just amazing, I love the photos and the updates.well done you.

  3. Dear Allie,

    I think that Emerson is part of your life and belongs here as much as your wardrobe does! I don’t subscribe but do read at least 3 times a week. You were pregnant when I found your blog, and since I have kids, this did not put me off in the least. I do not have a blog, nor am I likely to but I very much enjoy yours.

    I have three kids(ages 4, 6 and 9) and have always insisted that style and mumhood DO go together. I’m delighted that you are managing this transition with such grace and honesty (and I know it doesn’t always feel that way from the inside!).

    Oh, I also have a book recommendation: Hold on to Your Kids, by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate. It is an excellent book on the concept of attachment and parent – child relationships. It is not dogmatic in the least – very wise and enjoyable to read – gievn what I have read about you on this blog, I think you would enjoy it.

    All the best,

  4. Nooo, don’t stop posting Emerson!!! I love the mixture. I’ve been a reader for… I don’t know 2 years at least and I love the changes, it’s called life people. Keep it up!

  5. I like you big, I like you little, I like you careergirl, I like you preggo, I like you postpartum, I like your style and attitude in all these seasons..

    It’s hard to remember, but some single girls are just focused on looking hot 24/7. Now US, we’re still hot πŸ™‚ when appropriate, but our perspectives and priorities have changed. And it’s wonderful. And we look to you for information and motivation.

  6. I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I dont anticipate that changing anytime soon and definitely not due to Emerson. She is a doll and I enjoy your stories and her clothing as well. Keep her!

  7. De-lurking…
    You can’t anymore leave your daughter out of your blog than you can your husband or your daily activities. If you posted *nothing but* your wardrobe or beauty, it would cease to be a “blog” and become a “list.” And that would be a bit dull.

  8. I found your blog because Budget Chic posted you were having a baby and I’ve been here ever since.

    I love that you can mix it up here.

    Please include photos of your wardrobe, daily life, Emerson, your husband, family, friends and more! I say go for it all. It’s YOUR blog. People will stay no matter what!

    I’m a subscriber to stay!

    p.s. what about a feature piece of:

    What Emerson wore today too! That would be cool πŸ™‚

  9. I started reading just before you found out you were pregnant….I am a manager of a store so I was always interested what you were wearing….
    I love the Emerson included posts, they are precious and thoughtful!!!

    Keep doing what you do, its great!!

  10. I also am not a subscriber but I read at least once a week.

    It’s been fun to see your transition to becoming a mommy. Also, being a mommy myself (to three young boys) I love your blog. You inspire me to reject the frump mommyhood can sometimes bring.

  11. I’m in my mid-twenties, not married, no kids, and not a “baby person”, and your blog is still one of my daily reads (when there is an update.) I admire how you’ve been able to keep and update your style through pregnancy and being a new mom. Emerson is adorable – and hearing how much you love getting to know her makes me hopeful that if I ever have kids, the love will be there.
    So I hope you keep blogging for a good, long while.

  12. Please don’t apologize for writing about Emerson. She should be first in your life. Children do change your life. I loved your blog before and I love it now. You, with Emerson is who you are.

    I don’t subscribe but I read your blog everyday. I think Emerson is adorable and I look forward to watching her grow, and your relationship with her blossom. Motherhood is a great gift that many are unable to have. Feel the joy and keep sharing it with us.

  13. I’ve visited your blog for awhile. I loved your old focus and I love your new Emerson-integrated focus. It’s life! Keep it coming!


  14. You have a lovely blog – before AND after Emerson. Keep up the excellent blog postings – pictures of Emerson are ALWAYS welcome!
    Kathy F.

  15. I’m perfectly happy to see Emerson on the blog too. To be honest, I was fairly sure that as soon as she was born you would stop blogging given the typical exhaustion and business of new mums. The fact that you are keeping going just amazes me! Especially considering you are doing paid work as well. You are a supermum!!! Keep up the great work. x

  16. I’ve loved reading your blog for a year now and I liked it before and now, after Emerson. It’s very encouraging for me as I prepare for my own baby in a few months. And I love to see how cute you both look every day!

  17. Like you, I wasn’t a baby person before having one myself, 7 months ago. I have a little girl too. She’s amazing. Totally changed my perspective. But I understand if motherhood is not for you too. I have many friends who just don’t want to do it. And let me tell you it was a lot for me to decide to do it too. Balancing work and the rest of life is difficult, rewarding, messy and exactly what I want. I think it’s great that you get to do what you love, blog and have your loves too. Luckily, I have returned to my prepregnancy size so my wardrobe has returned but those first several weeks are daunting to make what little fits work. Emerson is adorable and she’s part of who you are now so keep posting away. I definitely think about what I’m wearing these days before I get spit up on. We’ve had a couple times when I didn’t get a chance to change after work that did not end well. So enjoy being a new mom and all it has to offer. I know I enjoy reading about it because I’m living it too.

  18. I have enjoyed your blog for several months now (I can’t remember when I subcribed, but come to think of it, it was before you were pregnant with Emerson!) I enjoyed watching you adapt to your pregnancy with such ease and common sense! And it is perfectly adorable how much you want to share your little Emerson with us!

    Thanks for keeping this YOUR blog and not getting too caught up in what we all think!!

  19. Love that black wrap dress. And I actually just subscribed, even though I had you added to my favorites. I started reading b/c I saw you were from the DC area, and I was applying for jobs out there. I am 24, in law school, married, and NOT a baby person. Like you said, they are cute, but I’m not gaga over them. And I, too, feel a disconect from some of my friends with babies. But I think that’s more because they are into scrapbooking and homemaking now and I’m into my career and fashion. I really appreciate your blog b/c you are a fashionista AND a mommy. It gives me hope for the future when my hubby and I decide to have kids. I like that you haven’t “lost” yourself but instead enjoy being a parent in addition to every other area in your life. Anyways, just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and I officially subscribed now!

  20. hi there. i read your blog whenever i get a chance. like you, i am a mom too and i’m one of those moms that has a “mommy blog.” i just wanted to say that i blog about my child because i want the family that we don’t see every day, every month and maybe once or twice a year, to see my child and see how much he has grown.

    i think it’s wonderful that you keep blogging about your wardrobe. i give you much credit to be able to keep doing it and taking care of a baby. for the first couple of months or so, i lived in my pj’s and never wore any makeup. so reading your blog gives me inspiration. now i do get dressed up and put on makeup. i just hope i can do it when baby #2 comes.

  21. Good for you!! I still love your blog, and as you say its real about a real person with a real life.

    See it as spring cleaning!

    Love to Emerson, cute as a button x

  22. Alison, I don’t subscribe to your blog, I AUTOMATICALLY check it out every day! :0) I am perfectly fine with seeing photos of Emerson, and I too am amazed at how put-together you can be with a little one around. Keep up the good work!

  23. Maybe I can’t relate to the mom aspect of your blog, but it doesn’t turn me off as a reader.

    In fact, it gives me hope that if I have a baby, I won’t have to completely ignore my personal tastes and style, even though my priorities might change, and I might not have as much time in the morning.

    As the youngest person in my office, I constantly get loaded compliments like, “You look cute. I guess that’s how you get to dress when you don’t have children.” Bear in mind, I can be wearing something as simple as a dress, boots, and a bracelet. Or during yoga it’s, “I guess you can do that when you aren’t a mommy” regarding a challenging pose. That sort of thing annoys me, because I fully intend to dress as cute as possible and keep up with yoga, even if I have kids. The woman who most inspired me fitness-wise was 42 with a 4-year-old, and her abs were better than mine were at 22.

    Okay, I’m rambling. Anyway, I like the Emerson photos, too. Especially when her dad dresses her!

  24. I like your blog both pre- and post-baby! I think you’re doing a great job of balancing fashion and mommy-ness and like you said, it is all about your wardrobe and your life determines your wardrobe! I would like to hear more about your remodel though and would love to see more pictures! We haven’t heard much about it since you were on bedrest! πŸ™‚

  25. I was unsure if I’d still like your blog after Emerson was born — I, like you used to be, am not a baby person and don’t have children myself. However, now that you’re back to more regular posting, I find that I still love the blog. It’s inspiring to me how you manage your wardrobe with your life and hearing about *your life* is part of the fun and inspiration. Besides, Emerson is adorable and you’ve given me hope for maintaining myself and my personal style should I ever have a child. I’ll definitely keep reading.

  26. Definitely keep posting about Emerson. She is adorable and I love the updated pictures!! She’s a part of you now and definitely belongs on here. I am so impressed how put together you are every morning and you have a baby to take care of! I just have me to take care of and sometimes I just can’t get myself together.

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