Hiring a Personal Stylist – My Experience with DC Style Factory (plus a giveaway!)

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DCStyleFactory 44 1 1To be a successful blogger, you need to provide benefit to your followers. Most readers come to Wardrobe Oxygen for fashion advice or style inspiration. Prior to joining Corporate America, I worked in apparel and retail as a visual merchandiser, personal shopper, and trainer. When I started blogging, I did closet clean-outs and style audits as a side hustle. I felt my experience made me a bit of an authority, and I've used it ever since to craft capsule wardrobes, answer reader questions about fashion, and to wear outfits that show fashion can be fun for all, regardless of shape, size, age, or budget. But over the years of blogging, I've come to realize how very little I actually know, and have gained mad respect for those who really do know personal style.Rosana Lynn LouisaI met Rosana, Founder and Chief Stylist of DC Style Factory several years ago. We had mutual friends, and found we had more in common than a love for Nordstrom and pointy-toed shoes. Having completely different professions in the same niche made us good business buds – we bounce ideas off each other, discuss social media and SEO and networking, and even have worked together a bit (check out our capsule wardrobe for the woman running for political office). DC Style Factory even hosted my blog's 10th anniversary. It's been interesting seeing a bit of the behind the scenes of being a personal stylist and managing a successful personal styling business – it's not an easy job. Just because you dress cute, or because you gather the best picks from an online sale does not mean you have what it takes to be a personal stylist. And just because you dress cute doesn't mean you don't need some professional help from time to time.

Last spring, I attended the rewardStyle conference. This is an annual event where the top 200 producing bloggers with rewardStyle convene in Dallas, Texas to learn ways to improve their blogs and also strut around in their cutest fashion. I had watched the YouTube videos from previous years and knew the crowd would primarily be under 30 and under a size 6. I love my body and think I dress it well, but this event intimidated me. I was slammed at the day job and the idea of shopping for this conference paralyzed me with fear. I decided to hire DC Style Factory to help me plan outfits for the event.

DC Style Factory Review My Experience Hiring a Personal Stylist 1024x683That was some of the best money I spent in 2017. Rosana and Marisa from DC Style Factory came to my house to assess my personal style and see what was already in my closet. They sent me links to buy clothes and accessories they thought would complement what I own to create appropriate ensembles for each event during the conference. They came back when my orders had arrived and together we made outfits that looked great and felt completely 100% me. Even better, items they recommended I buy were pieces that got a ton of wear after the conference (and I still use and wear). I received a Style Memo which broke down each outfit and its purpose and was great for packing and even getting dressed while at the conference. Working with DC Style Factory helped my personal style, helped me reasssess items in my closet, and positively affected future wardrobe purchases. I am thinking of hiring DC Style Factory again this spring to perform a closet audit since my figure and lifestyle have changed so much in the past few months.

rosana lynn louisa 2It was such a powerful experience, I now recommend a personal stylist to those of you who contact me asking for fashion advice. It seems like a big chunk of change for something that some find frivolous, but from personal experience it's anything but. And the money that is saved over time by honing your style and not making shopping mistakes more than pays for it. And hey, wouldn't it be nice to get it for free? Well one Wardrobe Oxygen reader is going to win personal styling with DC Style Factory! I'm so excited to offer such a cool opportunity with a business I know and love. This giveaway is available to all – DCSF is offering either an in-person or remote styling package:

If you live outside the DC Metro area and win, you will receive:

  • Face-to-face consult online (define personal style, discuss lifestyle, set style goals)
  • Closet audit completed remotely (worksheets, directions, consult)
  • Style memo

if you are local and win you will receive:

  • Two hours towards a closet audit
  • Style memo

How to Enter:

Wardrobe Oxygen x DC Style Factory Gieveaway

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  1. I just had my first baby and am struggling with balancing my old wardrobe with a baby friendly wardrobe. This would be so great for that.

  2. This is fantastic! I’m living overseas right now and having a completely awful time shopping here. I’m, shall I say, built a bit different than the locals, and not only do they not carry my size usually, they give me a really demoralizing look when I ask them if they have it. It’s left me in such a fashion rut, and I feel lost trying to update my personal style. I could so use a closet audit and help in feeling more put together, because my job also has me out in the public eye all the time. Thanks!

  3. I so need this! I’m a working mom with two kids under five who used to really love to shop, but between the exhaustion, lack of time, and major changes in my physical form that have occurred over the last five years of my life, I feel like my sense of style has been completely lost. SOS!

  4. I always enjoy posts about these talented folks! I bet my wardrobe could use some refining, and I would definitely appreciate accessory advice.

  5. I would love this! My lifestyle has changed dramatically over the past couple of years and would benefit from this – closet is stick in the past! 🙂

  6. I would love a professional eye on my closet, sometimes I think may miss options that already exist in my clothing.

  7. Having recently lost 105 lbs I am struggling to figure out how to dress myself now. As a plus size person I always felt like I dressed well and looked cute. Now having to to re-invent my whole wardrobe I could really use some assistance with figuring out a new style for my “new” size.

  8. I wore scrubs my entire career, now need to learn to dress successfully for my body and my lifestyle. I would love help as I have made so many mistakes and now need a pro to help me weed through them and plan for future purchases so I can feel confident in my appearance.

  9. I am a minimalist, so I don’t have a ton of clothes, but I really need to have someone tell me what looks best, what I should get rid of, and most importantly, what I should add to my closet to have the best capsule wardrobe to fit my lifestyle.

  10. I work in DC, and would love a style audit! I have fallen into a bit of a rut, and would be interesting in shaking things up a bit. And thanks for organizing this month of giveaways! It’s been interesting to learn of new services and products out there.

  11. I would love a session with DC Style Factory. I work from home almost all the time, and it is an uphill battle to feel (and look) put-together every day!

  12. I keep trying to streamline my closet, only buy new that fits my needs and closes gaps in my wardrobe. However, somehow I still end up buying stuff on impulse, and end up with kindergarten of orphans items instead of a cohesive collection that brings all items into use.

    Part of the trouble is that I have dealings with people from very different parts of society. I don’t want to loose my personality in an effort to be approachable on one hand, but to still want to be taken serious on the other hand.

    I imagine professional stylists could advice me on how to express personality in a way that don’t disturb people as well as get more of my impulse buys into rotation, and what to look for next time I’m going shopping. So, being on a budget it would be so valuable to get help from a professional stylist, as well as save time and worry over getting dressed every day for all the different situations I find myself in!

    I trust that with all the online options of 2018 an overseas session isn’t a problem? 🙂
    Crossing my fingers now!

  13. I just celebrated my 30th birthday and feel now is the best time to hone in on my personal style. Working with a personal stylist will help with that.

  14. I love style and fashion but don’t think that’s reflected in my day to day wear. Meeting with a stylist sounds like it could give you the encouragement to take more risks sartorially.

  15. For years I’ve dreamed about having a personal stylist, wondering what she’d point me to instead of what I’ve been currently wearing. What a eye-opening experience it’d be!

  16. A remote closet audit sounds interesting, but I wonder if anyone has actually had experience with it? I just hope the ‘worksheets’ etc wouldn’t feel like homework, compared to the fun vibe of an in-person meeting to chat, lol!

  17. I’ve been following them because of your blog and I love love love their posts. They seem so talented at capturing their clients’ styles!

  18. Just wanted to pop in here to say your pink Banana Republic pant suit is cute. You looked awesome from head to toe.

  19. I have such a hard time figuring out what my style is. I need more focus in my shopping and help figuring out how to give my closet a little more breathing space.

  20. I’m sitting here amid boxes full of things I’ve ordered, tried on, and now have to return. I’m 58 and out of shape, and desperately need someone to help me purge all my many shopping mistakes and refit me with a casual wardrobe that suits my personality. Oh, one or dressy things would be nice, too!

  21. This would make such a difference for me! I know what I don’t like, but have a hard time finding clothes that I like and like me back.

  22. This is a fantastic giveaway! I’m in my late 30s, currently expecting my 3rd child (due in April) so I could definitely use some fashion expertise now and later!

  23. It’s so funny that you started off the post the way you did, Allie. Because it’s almost exactly how I felt. I thought I was a great reference and authority, yet in reality i knew next to nothing. I’ve always thought that having an “expert” could be so beneficial!!!
    Thanks for offering this giveaway!!

  24. Wow I would love top have a personal styling session! Thank you for making this available for all readers too! I’m starting my work life in academics, which does not fit any of the usual style rules so would love some input.

  25. Wow. Does a closet audit help with a person who continually buys political t shirts and black dresses?
    I feel like they are multiplying up in here… and although there are so many great causes, there are only so many days in a week/ month! 🙂

  26. I’ve been thinking I need some help from a stylist, I have a non-traditional law practice, and am in a very casual office, so my style is very hit or miss.

  27. I’m headed back to work soon after being on maternity leave – I’m in the process of overhauling my work wardrobe. Would love some help!

  28. Oh my gosh, this would be life changing for me! I have gone from a size 4/6 to 8 to 10 and currently a 12 because of health issues this past year. I have battled lupus for years then developed an acoustic neuroma requiring brain surgery and now lymphaedema in my arm and sarcoidosis. I literally have 4 sets of clothes for work in my closets but feel fat and unable to keep up in my business casual workplace.

  29. I’d love this. I have been trying to be more strategic with my closet and only keeping what I wear, but it is an odd mismash of things I’ve gotten second hand coupled with a few things I’ve bought recently. I run a warehouse and have a toddler, so it is hard to pull together much of a style. I have been inspired by your blog and that has helped me cull the random assortment, but a bit of a boost/professional guidance would be wonderful.

  30. I attended a DCSF event on a lark with a friend and learned so much, and went out of my comfort zone to GREAT effect! I follow both you and DCSF religiously. This would be an awesome experience for ANYone!

  31. I feel it would benefit me as I’m a new mom and probably need to reassess my wardrobe as a whole for functionality, durability and defining my style

  32. Hi Allison,
    Long time lurker, first time commenter! i would love this makeover! i love style and beauty but somehow it doesn’t translate to my clothing choices! I found your blog and it has helped so much! i am in a new phase of life after a really tough seven years. i still learning how to give myself permission to dream, celebrate life, look after myself! It’s really hard when you are a care-giver and recovering people pleaser. Keep being you and doing you!

  33. Oh, love DC Style Factory! I’d love the chance to work with them. I’m slowly but surely slimming down, and I’d love some inspiration and a closet audit.

    P.S. You’re killing it with the giveaways this week! Such great stuff!

  34. I retired almost two years ago and am still struggling with my retirement style and wardrobe! I started following Roseanne on Insta and subscribed to her blog a month or two ago, and she quickly became one of my favorites. I would LOVE LOVE a consultation with her and her team! Thanks for this opportunity!

  35. I’ve always just bought stuff off the sale rack and struggled with what my “style” is. I’m local and based on this post am seriously considering consulting DC Style Factory.

  36. I would LOVE to have help with my overall style, particularly as I really only have work clothes and workout clothes. Sounds like a dream come true!

  37. My style has shifted in the last few years, would *love* to have a professional consult to get my wardrobe and overall look put together!

    this is what i need in a way you can’t even imagine.
    ever since putting the weight back on — and THEN having a baby on top of that — i have NO IDEA how to dress my body anymore. i hate everything in my closet. i have just enough to get by for work, and then NOTHING to wear at home, so i just look like a slob. youd never know it from looking at me now, but i actually DO care about how i look, and i DO like style…i just have such a hard time finding things i like, let alone in my size!

    i think Rosana would have a lot to unpack with me! :X

  39. Oh gosh, I’ve actually been eyeing DC Style Factory ever since the running-for-office capsule! For so long I’ve just accepted that I have “no style” but am starting to reframe my thinking. I am in dire need of a closet audit and just some help!

  40. I remember when you first talked about hiring DC Style Factory and it made me think about how helpful something like that would be for me, after having my body and lifestyle change so much after having two kids. I looked around for stylists in my area but didn’t find anything that felt right. Winning this would be amazing!

  41. This is such a great opportunity. Our lives are completely changing this year going from a home based business to a traveling business. I need a more put together casual look vs. the jeans/ t-shirt one day, and business attire the next. This would be just the advice I needed!!

  42. I love Rosana! I used her service and it transformed my approach to dressing! Truly, she does a great job with her business. I also like how she uses social media to show a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that she and her team do to build and maintain her client base. Highly recommend using her even if you don’t win the giveaway.

  43. What a great opportunity! I love the idea of a stylist, but it just sounds so expensive. I’m crossing my fingers!

  44. I would love to win this. I am a stay at home mom with a very casual wardrobe, but I still want to look nice. Sometimes I feel like getting dressed isn’t worth it.

  45. I loved learning that even someone with excellent style benefitted from working with a stylist. It is something that I’ve been debating doing as my weight has substantially changed in the past year (lost 65 lbs!). I think I know how to dress my body, but I might be inadvertently limiting myself and not exploring even better options.

  46. I would love to work with DC Style Factory; as I move up the corporate ladder, I am finding my wardrobe has not moved with me…how do I invest in career wear that still reflects my personal style?

  47. I am in dire need of a closet overhaul but the idea of doing it myself is paralyzing–this would be a dream come true!

  48. Oh my! I’d love to have someone come into my closet and be brutally honest with me. I’d let them have everything but the rainbow skirt! I so need to pare down and be smarter about purchases.

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