Colleen Rothschild Beauty Review (Plus a Giveaway!)

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colleen rothschild review
well-used and well-loved skincare

I felt this photo was fitting for a post about Colleen Rothschild. While you'll see pristine photos of this brand's skincare on Instagram, this is my real life with the brand. A brand I use over and over and over (I think this is my fourth tub of their Radiant Cleansing Balm). A brand that I squeeze and scrape the last drops out of containers because it's so amazing. A brand that completely transformed my relationship with my skin.

I've always had decent skin. In the winter, it would get very dry to the point that my skin would get raw and sometimes crack under my nose. But that didn't seem that unusual, so many people always complained about that. In the summer, my T-zone would get very oily and I had enlarged pores but again, nothing unusual. Colleen Rothschild reached out to me in the spring of 2016 and asked if they could send me a gift of some of their bestselling skincare with no obligation to post about it. I tried the products they sent and loved them so much I wrote this review of Colleen Rothschild skincare. And I've been using the line ever since.

In the morning, I tone my face, then apply Colleen Rothschild's Face Oil N°9, Retinol Supreme Eye Serum, and Sheer Renewal Cream. I keep one bottle of their Beauty Water at my dressing table to set my makeup after application; another bottle is in my bag for mid-day spritzes to keep my skin hydrated and looking dewy.

colleen rothschild discovery kit
real-life hotel bathroom counter with Colleen Rothschild Discovery Kit products

I have their Discovery Kit always at the ready in my Dopp kit for travel; it has saved my skin after a red eye flight or late night more often that I'd like to admit. I've shared my nighttime skincare routine on the blog, and it is chock-full of Colleen Rothschild Beauty products. The only candle Karl likes me burning is Colleen Rothschild's Haight-Ashbury. I even have a CR sleep mask in my travel kit for blocking out light in bright hotel rooms and on flights!

double-cleansing my face at night with Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm
double-cleansing my face at night with Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm

Since using Colleen Rothschild my skin isn't as dry in the winter. No more chapped skin under the nose. In the summer, my T-zone doesn't get as oily and I'm less aware of my pores. My skin feels soft, looks plump and healthy even when I'm low on sleep. I used to dread washing my face at the end of a long day, now I look forward to it as a pampering experience. Thinking back, I don't think I've gone to bed with my makeup on since using Colleen Rothschild skincare. So many of you have let me know that since hearing about this skincare line on Wardrobe Oxygen you too have tried it and you too also love it.

me and colleen rothschild
me and Colleen Rothschild

Last spring I had the pleasure of meeting Colleen Rothschild (yes she's a real woman, not just a made up name and she is awesome) and her husband at the rewardStyle conference. She's so friendly and down to earth, as are the members of her staff that I regularly interact with. One of the benefits of blogging is getting to know the people behind the brands; it's especially awesome when it's a brand you love and you love the people too. I'm so excited that Colleen Rothschild Beauty wanted to be part of my month of celebrating you, the Wardrobe Oxygen readers! One Wardrobe Oxygen reader will win a $200 eGift card to Colleen Rothschild! As an FYI with this dollar amount you should be able to get free shipping to all 50 states and Canada (if you spend less you may have a shipping cost to some locations). Colleen Rothschild does ship internationally, but you will have to pay for your shipping. Please read this page before entering if you are an international reader.

How to Enter:

Wardrobe Oxygen x Colleen Rothschild Beauty Giveaway

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  1. Everyone is young. How does this work for older skin. I am over 60 with dry skin. I am concerned with moisturizer leaving powdery finish. Can you elaborate on that.

    1. I have readers of all ages who love this brand. I haven’t seen it go powdery on me or anyone else I know. If you look at the reviews on the site, you’ll see customers older than me (I am 43) raving about it and I know many over-50 bloggers who also love the line.

  2. I’m a recent convert to the CR line and have loved everything I’ve tried thus far! However I’ve not tried The Retinol Supreme Night Oil and the lip balm sounds amazing from your review.

  3. I’m already a big fan of Colleen Rothschild. I’d love to use the gift card to try some products I’ve never tried before, such as the Radiant Cleansing Balm I’ve heard so much about!

  4. I take horrible care of my skin, and really need to get my game together. I’ve been looking for products that are easy to use and gentle on my sensitive skin, and give me enough of a noticeable result to actually motivate me to use regularly.

  5. These products sound amazing! And I definitely need to review my skincare routine. I’m particularly intrigued by the Retinol Supreme Eye Serum.

  6. Would love a chance to try these products- your skin has been looking amazing. I also travel so love the idea of the discovery kit. And thanks for having a giveaway that includes those of us internationally. Happy to pay the shipping!

  7. Alison, I completely switched over my skincare to CR just because of your posts…for the first time in years my aesthetician said my skin tone was more even, more hydrated, and easier to clean up….cannot recommend it enough.

  8. I LOVE the Vitamin C cream ( as opposed to a serum )…Vit. C serum always goes on so tacky and usually smell too, but not this…My favorite CR product.

  9. I would love to try the cleansing balm. I have very dry skin due to an autoimmune disorder and am always struggling to keep my skin hydrated.

  10. I’m 38 and have just decided to start making more of an effort with my skin. I’ve been reading your posts about this brand but so far haven’t made the leap. Thanks for the reviews, I think I might check out your nighttime routine post and pick a product!

  11. Have enjoyed your reviews but haven’t tried any products yet. I’m in my early 30’s and have been feeling the pull to start finding a skincare routine that addresses the little spots and lines I’m starting to see on my face! Would love to try the retinol based products.

  12. Like I need more skincare, but I’m super curious after all your raves. BTW, the entry widgets is referring to Dagne Dover?

  13. After hearing you rave about this line, I’m so tempted to get the discovery collection! That’s probably what I would purchase if I won the giveaway. 🙂

  14. Confused about what products you actually use, as you recently did a beauty post listing totally different skin products?

    1. Which post do you mean? I did a best of 2017 beauty but didn’t feature any of this because I’ve been using it since before last year. But scrolling through all my other beauty posts I mention this brand in almost all of them unless I’m discussing makeup, haircare, etc.

  15. I tried the CR discovery kit when you posted about it a few months ago (with a discount code!) Amazing stuff – I can relate to scraping every last drop out of the containers!

  16. What a generous giveaway! I’m approaching 42 and really starting to notice (and be bothered) by fine lines. Definitely needing to explore and use a simple, but quality, skincare routine.

  17. Skin care is one of those things I know I should be willing to pay more for, but I also get so overwhelmed by the options! Would love to be able to give this brand a try!

  18. I should have listened to my mom when she said use sunscreen. I really started focusing on a better skincare routine once I turned 40 and have sort of found a great product but this one sounds really promising. Definitely going to have to check it out.

  19. I’m always on the lookout for great skincare products that work for my skin. Particularly keen to try the eye cream!

  20. With 50+ yr old skin, i have been needing to improve my nighttime skin routine and try some moisture boosting products for daytime. With so many products out there, it is really helpful to read your reviews. The CR Radiant Cleansing Balm, Retinol Eye Serum, and Sheer Renewal Cream may be what I’m looking for. Your skin looks great!

  21. After hearing you rave about this brand, I can’t wait to try it. Especially since pregnancy is wreaking havoc on my skin!

  22. Since I turned 40 a few months ago, I’ve become more obsessed with my skincare. And this brand sounds right up my alley! Would love to try it! <3

  23. Oily/sensitive late 30s skin…would love to try something new! Very curious about this brand after reading all of the rave reviews on your blog!

  24. I started using this brand because of you. I guess that’s why they call you “influencers”. It is great. The discovery kit is ON SALE right now for $69.00. No I don’t work for them. I love the cleansing balm. For the first time in my 57 year, I actually wash my face before bed. I love the Exreme Recovery Cream for my face and neck. What is up with the crepey neck?! Getting better with the CR routine though. My one pet peeve with the company is they sell out of product fairly regularly. My Exreme Recovery Cream is running low and I am in a panic of what to do! They are also Sold Out of Cleansing Balm and the one other item I wanted to try, the Vitamin C cream.
    I also love the Mandelic Acid Radience Serum and the Retinol Supreme Night Oil.
    I wish they would wait list these sold out items!

  25. I love that she has a Discovery Kit that allows you to try all of the most popular products in smaller amounts before making a bigger commitment!

  26. I’ve been searching high and low for products to help me combat my very dry skin and deal with aging. This could be the answer!

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