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While this blog is marketed as a fashion blog, when discussing Wardrobe Oxygen to others I usually explain it’s more of a personal style blog. Wardrobe Oxygen isn’t a place to find the designer look for less, to learn about the must-have trends for the season, or to ogle the closets of celebrities and socialites. Since the beginning, Wardrobe Oxygen attempts to simplify getting dressed for women, provide real-life advice on what to wear, and to help women find their personal style.

Style isn’t having a closet full of beautiful clothing. It’s not about knowing what length to hem your pants when wearing a kitten heel, or having the skill to mix black and navy or stripes with florals. Style is personal. Style is an extension of you.

gore vidal quote style is knowing who you are what you want to say and not giving a damn

Style goes beyond the clothes you put on your body. Style is how you carry yourself, how you interact with the world, and the relationship you have with yourself. Style is trusting your gut, listening to your inner voice, and supporting it even if it bucks the norm.

Style isn’t fitting in, style is finding yourself.

Finding your personal style takes time, and it takes more than a weekend closet cleanout. It’s really getting to know who you are as a person and falling in love with yourself. Embracing your body, befriending your personality, laughing with your sense of humor, and defending your passions. This is harder than it seems, as we have been pressured by the media and our peers to try to achieve some common goal of beauty, of fashion, of life. Scrolling through social media or a copy of Vogue or even More can cause us to question who we are and the choices we make. Style is allowing those questions, but remembering that the answer is completely unique to each of us.

lauren hutton quote fashion is what youre offered four times a year by designers and style is what you choose

Sometimes my columnists and I stray from writing about clothing and beauty and discuss personal issues, but this isn’t straying from the topic of personal style. The two are one and the same. It’s important to understand that clothing isn’t the solution. Knowing, accepting, and loving yourself is the style solution.

Removing the you from your wardrobe is removing the style.

edna woolman chase quote fashion can be bought style one must possess

Whether we like it or not, clothing won’t solve our problems. A pretty dress won’t fix your life, and shopping to change who you are is just throwing money away. Sometimes the most stylish thing you can buy is a session with a therapist, a weekend getaway, or a great book and some bath oils. The stylish folk don’t necessarily have a large closet, a covetable bag, or a perfect face of makeup. They have confidence, they feel at home in their skin, they wear clothing and never let it wear them.

oscar de la renta quote Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable

You’re good enough, RIGHT NOW. You’re worthy, and you’re beautiful. Seriously, you are and the one who is holding you back from seeing that is you. A new dress, a haircut, a makeover as a cosmetics counter can help you see yourself better, but it won’t change who you are. You need to do the work, but in the end you’ll have peace of mind as well as personal style.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. This post really resonated with me. Now that my 2nd daughter is a year old and I am weaning from breastfeeding, I feel as though I can start to reclaim some of the “me” that was lost during pregnancy and life with an infant. For several months, I have tried following other bloggers capsule wardrobes or dressing challenges, but it all seemed off. Your post helped me to see that I need to hone my own style instead of just copying others. I’m formulating a plan to spend the 2nd half of a year building a wardrobe that reflects my style and makes me happy!

  2. Lovely words – and beautiful sentiment. I am trying to find a clear sense of style, as I get closer to my mid-forties. Some times I feel like I’m in the zone. Sometimes I feel like I’m dressing like a kid.

  3. This is a timely post as I was having one of those days yesterday where I looked in the mirror at the gym and felt awful about what I saw, during a dance class that normally makes me feel joyful and free. Then I drove home and lambasted myself for not having good enough clothes because I’m too chubby to look good in anything. And then I felt bad for feeling bad about myself! I couldn’t win. 😀 So. This post. “You’re good enough, RIGHT NOW. You’re worthy, and you’re beautiful. Seriously, you are and the one who is holding you back from seeing that is you.” That is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  4. Style is creative in that you’re *making* something personal, an individual expression of self. Not necessarily separate from other forms of self expression…

    It’s empowering when you let your mind put out new ideas and imagination.

    It’s limiting to simply try to fit in.

    Thanks for your post! 🙂

  5. Thanks for this post! I love the quotes. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten much more selective with my purchases. I don’t want to have a bunch of clothes I never wear. I want to have a smaller wardrobe that I love to wear that reflects who I am.

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