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For those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook (or actually read my blog’s sidebar!), you will know I am a weekly columnist for Savings.com. At Savings.com I write about frugal fashion – current trends and how to accomplish them on a budget, ways to make your current wardrobe last longer and stay looking great, and opinions on current style icons and tastemakers. It’s like Wardrobe Oxygen with a trendy/pop culture edge!

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And really, Wardrobe Oxygen is about frugal fashion – being stylish within your means. Everyone’s budget for fashion is different, but a stylish woman knows how to stay on budget but still look like a million bucks. This is why I fel good about my partnership with Savings.com.

Well now I am a DealPro with Savings.com – this means I will have the ability to pass savings on to you readers! Occasionally I will be sharing with you deals on fashion, accessories, and beauty products that I believe in. Again, if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook I often share great deals I encounter. Well I will be doing it more here on the blog. As always, I will write about ways to accomplish personal style on any budget, and ways to achieve classic style in place of disposable fashion trends.

We all deserve to feel gorgeous every day, and we all deserve to feel that way while being financially confident.

Savings.com is having a Savings Pledge where they are asking individuals to commit to saving a certain amount every week. The Savings Pledge is a fun way to challenge yourself to a weekly savings goal so you can save up for a special something, or to pad your nest egg. Savings.com wants to help consumers save $1 billion (and they have already had folks pledge over $5 million)!

savings pledge
 Sounds a lot like what I write about already!

I took part in the Savings Pledge, and I encourage you to do the same. Just visit this page and pledge to save at least $5.00 a week (think about it, if you just bag your lunch or make coffee in place of Starbucks just 2x/week you could save more than this!). Once you sign up, Savings.com will offer you exclusive deals and tips to help you make your savings goal (don’t worry, you can choose your email preferences and I can assure you that Savings.com won’t spam you).

If you take the Savings Pledge, I would love to hear what you plan to save up for. And I look forward to sharing some fabulous (and fashionable!) savings opportunities with you in the future!

(Don't worry, I won't become a coupon blog, I won't litter the sidebars with links and banners, and I won't change what I write about.  My top priority is to keep Wardrobe Oxygen true to its original voice, and helpful, not shill-ful)

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