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My Beauty Routine: Katie

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While it’s fun to read about the beauty habits of celebrities, I find it most helpful to learn about the beauty habits of women who have lifestyles, ages, or budgets similar to mine. In this series, I’ve asked amazing women I know to share their beauty routines. These are women from across the country, different ages, lifestyles, professions, and beauty/skincare priorities.
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Name: Katie

Age: 38 (will be 39 in January)

Location: DC Area

Profession: I own a small bag and accessories company, Stitch & Rivet. You can follow us on Instagram. I opened my brick and mortar shop in NE DC in 2013, but you can still catch me at craft shows around the DMV from time to time, like this weekend- I’ll be at Crafty Bastards!

Tell me a bit about your skincare and/or routine.

I have a fairly unsophisticated skincare routine, and I thank my lucky stars that I have always had pretty easy skin that rarely “breaks out”. I do have dry very sensitive skin, and since my father is a true copper-penny redhead, I refer to my skin as genetically redheaded, even though I do not have red hair I have many redheaded skin issues, so my products and routine reflect my dainty skin.

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I shower at night, so my routine is as follows: I wash my face in the shower using Neutrogena oil-free acne wash with salicylic acid, since I find that it helps with redness, If I need to exfoliate, I’ll use St. Ives Apricot Scrub but usually only one or twice a month, once out of the shower I moisturize with Oil of Olay + SPF for sensitive skin, if needed I’ll spot treat with witch hazel or dab a little clay/charcoal mask on a zit, but I can’t use all-over masks or I’ll start to peel. I am lucky to know some people who make awesome body care products, so I also use Priya Means Love body butter, hand cream and eye cream – I’ll even use the eye cream on the tip of my nose in the winter when my skin gets really dry from outdoor markets, and Maré Naturals mint lip balm. I keep a big stack of washcloths in the bathroom, so in the mornings I wipe my face down with a clean hot washcloth, it helps me wake-up and feel ready for the day. I reapply my moisturizer, and if I am wearing make-up that day, a foundation with SPF, I “do” my eyebrows (they are blonde, so they need help), slap on some mascara and if I’m feeling sassy, lipstick, my latest favorite is RMS lip color in Rapture. I rarely wear setting powder, eyeshadow, bronzer, or even eyeliner.

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Has your skincare and/or beauty routine changed due to age, lifestyle, career, etc.?

As someone with pale skin who grew-up in Central Florida, I have always been committed to sunblock, when I was 14 I had my first pre-cancerous mole, and that REALLY made me aware of how much sunblock needed to be a part of my life. I have been an SPF evangelist ever since. I rarely leave my house without some level of SPF, and often, I will wear a hat if I am going to be outside for more than a few minutes. That doesn’t mean I don’t go to the beach or hide inside everyday, but it does mean that I am very aware of the special challenges of my skin, and what I need to do to keep it healthy.

What is the best skincare or beauty advice you ever got and from whom?

“Go put on some sunblock” -my Mom

What is your must-have holy grail beauty or skincare product?

A moisturizer with SPF, I am not even specific about brand. I won’t leave my house without it.

What is your biggest beauty or skincare regret or embarrassment?

Finding a self-tanner that works for the super pale has been an adventure, I have had streaky legs and accidentally made myself orange on many, many occasions. I now use Neutrogena Build-A-Tan in light/medium and it isn’t as streaky or orange.

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What nugget of skincare or beauty wisdom do you wish you could give to your younger self?

You are pale, its fine, just embrace it and don't worry about it.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Wear sunblock, drink 2 liters of water a day, and your skin will love you.

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  1. I use the Covergirl eyebrow powder kit. I use the soft brown one, and I only use the mid-tone. I’ve found that for my blonde eyebrows the best thing is to avoid anything that leans orange or pink (which a lot of them tend to do).

  2. My routine is similarly low key – something with SPF is required daily, then everything else is bonus. I had my first precancerous mole at 14, too, and it scared the living daylights out of me. Glad you’re taking good care of your skin!

  3. Your routine is a lot like mine, except (eek) I do not use a moisturizer with spf (ducks, cringes, looks around fearfully) because they all smell awful to me! I hate the small of sunscreen. I do use stick sunscreen when I am going to spend time in the sun (on the river especially or hiking) but I would love to know if anyone has a moisturizer with spf that has either zero scent or a good, natural scent.

    1. Agreed. The oil of Olay for sensitive skin is the least “sunblock” smelling one I’ve found. I’ve heard that the newer ones from Clinique are pretty low-smell.

    1. I use the Covergirl eyebrow powder kit. I use the soft brown one, and I only use the mid-tone. I’ve found that for my blonde eyebrows the best thing is to avoid anything that leans orange or pink (which a lot of them tend to do).

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