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Recently BlogHer asked a few of us bloggers about our skincare routines how to we care for our skin if we don’t have any “me time”? Working full time, chasing after a toddler, blogging and maintaining relationships with friends and family means my “me time” is few and far between, but I try not to let it affect my skincare routine.

After having Emerson I was looking for ways to get my skin back to normal. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding creates all sorts of hormonal imbalances and my skin was looking dull and I was getting breakouts around the jaw line and under my nose. I found that what worked better than any cream or serum is water. I now have a Camelbak reusable bottleir?t=whaevewomneei 20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B00437VSPC on my nightstand, one on my desk at the office, and one in my living room. When at work, I force myself to drink at least two refills of the 32 oz. bottle; at home I consume at least one refill before bed and another before I head off to work. Staying so hydrated, my skin is getting back its glow, cleared up my adult acne, and even plumped up my skin to hide fine lines. On top of that, staying well-hydrated has also helped me lose the baby weight!

I loved reading all the other responses to this question – lots of great tips on how to streamline my beauty routine. If you too would like to learn other bloggers’ tips for keeping skin looking and feeling great with little “me time,” I encourage you to check out this post. I’d also love to hear from you – what are your best tips and tricks to care for your skin when you’re low on “me time”? I always learn so much from your comments, and would love to hear how you handle your beauty routine when you’re in a rush!

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  1. I change my pillowcase every 4 days, spinning and flipping it so I have a clean surface each night. This has had a huge impact on my skin. I start breaking out on areas that smoosh against the fabric at nigh when I have gone too long without changing. I buy pillow cases whenever I see them on deep discount so I don’t have to do extra loads of laundry during the week. 

  2. Good idea about storing them in the nightstand!
    I wash my face with Kiss My Face Vit A&E moisturizer and I really love it. It even smells nice. And I read somewhere that vit K helps with undereye circles (I’m a new mom – my little guy was born in March – and I’m a grad student so I always have undereye circles it seems like). I happened to have a vit K stretch mark cream and now I put a little dab around my eyes too. I think it’s helping. At least, I’m telling myself that it’s helping! 

  3. My mom always said, “you only get one skin, so take care of it.”  Washing my face every night is like brushing your teeth.  You can’t skip it.  It only takes a couple of seconds to put on some moisturizer after that.  The routine has changed as I age, but I never fail to cleanse my face before going to bed.  Somewhere I read if you don’t take off the mascara, your eyelashes tend to break.  I haven’t tested that out, but it’s a reminder to stay on track. 
    I also think having a good skin care line makes it a more pleasant job and something I actually look forward to at the end of the day.

  4. from what i read, the believe that aspirin is supposed to help minimize pores. i dont know if i have noticed this for myself or not — i havent really been paying attention. it also has the side-effect of being a little drying, which is why i would recommend always moisturizing afterward.
    but hey, a quick-n-cheap toner? yes please!

  5. For late nights, nothing beats a pre-moistened face wipe (most any brand will do) followed by some warm water and a smudge of moisturizer, even Vaseline (yes!). But most nights my skin gets better treatment, with a dose of Retin-A, then a nicer moisturizer.  : >

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