My Wardrobe Today – Tuesday (updated)

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myrtlewood necklace

Black cotton shirtdress – Lauren Ralph Lauren (no longer available)
Jute and leather belt – Anthropologie (not available online)
Sandals – Sofft (no longer available)
Bracelet – eBay (don't recommend, a piece falls off each time I wear it)
Necklace – Belonged to husband's grandmother

So DC had an earthquake today, the second one I have ever experienced. A year or so ago we had one in this area but I was in bed half asleep and hardly felt it. This one I felt – a bit of vibrating, and then true wobbling and shaking up on the 9th floor where my office is located. Windows rattling, a couple things fell off shelves. I went into the hallway to see what was up, and felt it was safer than right next to my office window. Being in DC I didn't think earthquake… I thought it was a bomb in a nearby building. Once I saw on Twitter it was an earthquake, I then relaxed. I did leave work early though because Metro was only running at 15 MPH and traffic out of the city was insane with so many people being evacuated or racing home to get their kids from evacuated schools.

This necklace is a new addition to my collection, and from a bittersweet situation. My husband's grandparents are moving to an assisted living community so they have to pare down their belongings. My husband went over last week to help and his grandmother gave him some jewelry and a jewelry box for me since she knows I love accessories. This necklace is made of myrtlewood and her name is Myrtle. I am honored that she thought of me and gave me the pieces she did. I think this necklace has a great story, great energy from a great woman, and it looks awesome too. I have worn it almost every day since she gave it to me and can't wait to see her this Sunday so I can thank her in person.

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  1. It was crazy – phones weren’t working, couldn’t get through to my husband, couldn’t call out, and we don’t have TV channels available on our floor. We’re looking out the windows and everyone else is looking out but no one knows what is going on. I thought, “Twitter!” and tweeted asking if it was an earthquake, then searched earthquake on Twitter and saw it was. It took a good 15 minutes after to get an alert from DC and for Google to pick it up. Gotta love Twitter for instant news!

  2. Glad that you’re safe! I liked the sentence, “Once I saw on Twitter it was an earthquake…” haha

    I love that necklace and I love it even more because it has a story behind it. I really appreciate pieces that have a history. Also, you make a simple shirtdress look amazingly chic 🙂

  3. Thanks Misty!

    My grandparents were gone before I was born and my husband’s maternal grandparents died several years ago. With my dad and both of his parents gone we appreciate and treasure this set of grandparents even more and are so blessed to be able to have Emerson enjoy time with them as well.

  4. Yeah – what a strange thing this earthquake was. Glad you are OK. You look great in black, and your charm bracelet looks amazing.

  5. That earthquake was brief but my whole office building shook… so surreal! Thank goodness for text messaging and social media so people were able to check in and know how everyone else was doing.

  6. Glad you’re headed home!  Nothing bad here except some stuff off of shelves–The Pup slept through the whole thing!  Love the black shirtdress with the tan belt–one of my personal fav combos.

  7. wheh, thank goodness you’re ok (and even posted this!). impressive. love how this belt pairs with the dress. pretty, as always.

  8. Love the dress it looks so lovley on you and I like the way you have teamed it up with the belt and necklace x Dawn from the UK

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