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Dress: “Sabrina” Sheath c/o Dobbin Clothing | Shoes: Joan & David (similar) | Jacket: ASOS | Watch: c/o WatchCo | Large Bracelet: J. Crew (similar)

You all know I adore my Dobbin Clothing dress; I was excited to see their new Spring collection – fun new colors and silhouettes. Jessica at Dobbin Clothing was kind enough to send me the Sabrina Sheath in this perfectly springy shade of purple. It was just the ticket – I had a majorly stressful day at work yesterday and a long evening at a blog event (if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know what it was, the rest of you a post will be coming soon!). So to be able to have one-piece dressing this morning was so very needed, and it's nice to have it so easy yet look quite professional and be comfortable in high quality ponte knit. I thought it was going to be chilly and added the jacket, but it's actually colder in the office than outdoors!

This week is a bit of a killer for me at work, and this weekend is going to be busy. This past weekend I had some serious writing mojo and have a couple posts in the queue for the rest of this week and next. I'm trying to blog less often, but work smart not hard on what I do write. While I seem to be putting out just as much content, it's not stressing me out as much and feels more authentic… more old school Allie. The wardrobe change, the blog change, the season change… it's a lot of change but it all feels very good!

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  1. Allie, I had to chime in here because this really does look totally fabulous on you! The style, the color, the shoes…the whole look! Love it!

  2. I know I am late to this party, but I love this dress and your hair and your glasses and your bracelet- basically everything you have going on here. Hope all is well.

  3. ALLIE. You look incredible in this dress – it fits you perfectly and the color is stunning. Oh, how I wish I was a few inches shorter and smaller so that we could share closets…I’m always so jealous of your beautiful clothing. And those heels are amazing…and I don’t even like heels. LOVE.


  4. Very springy and cheerful – its a beautiful dress and looks great on you! This looks like the perfect dress to wear on those sweltering hot days and still look professional and crisp!

  5. This dress is so flattering and such a great color – it stands out, but not too bright to make it work appropriate. You look amazing in it – I love the way you’ve added edge with the jacket too. Does Dobbin Clothing make plus size clothing?

  6. You rock this dress – the color is so flattering and the J Crew bracelet
    is the perfect accessory.

  7. Love that shade of lavender on you and the fit of that sheath is perfect! Every time you wear those pumps, I fall in love again. Hang in there–the week’s more than half over.

  8. Allie,

    I had the same immediate reaction that Cammila did, “Woah” out loud! The color suits you well, the fit is perfection. The dress admirably shows off your great butt. Tell Karl the crazy lady in northern CA says he should take you on a date with you wearing that dress. He had better, however, keep an eye on you, because the other men certainly will be. You are hot!

    I don’t mean to embarrass you, so if I did, I apologize.

    I am really liking Dobbin. That wonderful long sleeve black dress is from them too, isn’t it? Their dresses are expensive, but they look so elegant and refined. And they’re made here. I think their clothing is worth the moderately high price.

    What are your thoughts on this? Worth the price?



    1. Chris, I can’t rave about Dobbin enough. I like the weight of the fabric, I like the construction, I like the simple yet refined silhouettes and their customer service has been outstanding. Readers have also told me communicating with the people at Dobbin has been awesome. It’s nice to know the people who design the pieces, the thought process behind it, and that it is made here in the US. One may think the price is high for a ponte dress that you could find similar in Target, but you can see I can wear it right out of the box and have it fit and flatter. My black dress from them I have washed and dry cleaned several times and it still looks like new. These are dresses I think will still be stylish in five years.

  9. This dress, both cut and color are stunning on you. Love the jacket and the shoes make it perfect. Gorgeous lady!

  10. It looks good too! Allie you could teach a class on staying true to your blog/brand and being authentic…in fact seriously get yourself on a panel when you have a free moment i’d love to hear your thoughts!
    WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

  11. I love the dress and actually had it on my shopping list! It looks amazing on you. Would you mind asking what size you got as we are exactly the same size – I contacted Dobbin because I was a 16 on their size chart and I normally wear a 12 (in Suzi Chen for example) and they recommended I order a 14. Its my hips that are really wide, so if the fabric does stretch, a 14 would probably work! I’ve put my email if you want to keep that info more private!

    1. This is a 12. My other dress from them is a 12. They also sent me their pencil skirt in a 12 which is a bit big on me, and the “Nora” in a 12 which is a hair big/maybe just needs to be hemmed to my 5’3″ self. So I am thinking the smaller size 🙂

  12. Gorgeous dress and I love the color. In fact, from being one of my least favourite colours, that has gone to being quite well represented in my wardrobe in the last year or so. But I think of lilac as being a paler pastel. My box of crayola calls something similar “Orchid.” Hmm.

    1. I know, the whole alliteration thing, and then I saw your post on violet on Facebook and though maybe this isn’t lilac (though it is the same color as the lilac blossoms in my neighbor’s yard!).

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