Little Bits of Luxury: Leather Gloves

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I remember as a child, my mom always had cashmere-lined leather gloves for winter. They fit her… well like a glove! I would try them on and they didn’t fit; though I had smaller hands at the time, the gloves had molded to her slender fingers, the shape of her palm. I felt having gloves like this, ones that winter after winter became more and more of a custom fit was an example of elegance, being a stylish adult.

And now I am an adult, and I own three pairs of cashmere-lined leather gloves. I have a pair of Coach ones I found at TJ Maxx almost a decade ago, a pair from Nordstrom that are “tech” and let me use my smartphone without removing my gloves, and a bright purple pair that my mom bought me for Christmas a few years ago. A few years ago I had the opportunity to check out a new Nordstrom Rack and they provided me with a gift card to enjoy it. One of the things I bought with it was something I wouldn’t normally buy but had always wanted – elbow-length leather gloves (with a knit insert for better fit). I received a vintage broadtail lamb coat from my semi-grandmother and the coat has bracelet-length sleeves and begged for longer leather gloves. I’ve only worn the gloves with the coat once (my life isn’t exciting enough for regular wears of vintage fur) but I felt so glamorous with the combination.

Cashmere-lined leather gloves just SOUND like a luxury, and they can be extremely pricey. But if well cared for, a pair can last you for many many years. And there are ways to find them for far less:

  • Shop off-season. Right now department stores have their winter accessories on sale. This is when you can find leather gloves for half price. Just look at the selection currently available at Nordstrom and Macy’s!
  • Shop discount stores. TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, Overstock… such places are brilliant for accessories like gloves. They always seem to have a good supply and you can find some real gems like unique colors or designer brands for low prices.
  • Quality, not quantity. My mom only owned one pair, and when they got too worn we would get her a new pair for Christmas. There’s no need for 50 pairs in different colors and styles, one pair is enough and can be your signature look and have the time to mold to perfectly fit only your hands. Take your time, find a pair that is the color, the shape, the material that best fits your personality and winter wardrobe. Don’t use them for making snowmen or clearing off your car (I have a cheapy water resistant pair in my glove compartment just for that), but wear them otherwise with gusto, knowing each wear makes them more and more perfect just for you.


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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I bought a pair of leather touchscreen gloves on sale a few years back- from £50 down to £15! They were still more than what I usually pay for gloves, but the pay off was definitely worth it- the ‘touch’ part of the gloves isn’t even noticeable (they’re two-tone, tan & black, so the whole underside is black) & they look very chic!

    I agree that leather gloves aren’t always terribly warm (compared to the puffy thermal types), but I run very hot usually anyway (anything over 10 degrees C (around 50, in fahrenheit) & I break into a sweat! =P

  2. I had one pair my husband bought me for our first married Christmas. They were from Off 5th and lasted for 9 years!! He tried to get me a new pair off Amazon this year … I believe they were fake leather and definitely not cashmere. Split almost immediately. Grump!

  3. I remember my mother having a pair of fur lined leather gloves that she kept in her special dresser drawer. They were so soft on your hands. I will have to ask what happened to those gloves.
    I love gloves and wear them always – but I only own one pair of knit-lined leather gloves. Next time I’m in a department store I am going to seek out some with cashmere to try on.

  4. I became a glove junkie years ago when Talbots offered them and marked them down once a year (I am old). I waited all year to buy another pair. They made that nice 3/4 length that covered your wrists without costing the earth. Like nice shoes, they made me feel elegant and grown up even when I felt fat or frumpy. AND, you can often still wear them when your arm is in a cast. (Which I hope comes off soon.)

  5. At your suggestion, just visited the Nordstrom website and picked up two pair of tech leather gloves on sale. I have a few pair of warmer gloves and one pair of nice leather, but none for use with my cell phone which I’ve found I need in an emergency on occasion. Thanks, Allie, for the reminder that winter stuff is on sale now.

  6. Agreed! Macy’s has leather gloves for about $35. I’ve also thrifted a few nice pair over the years.

  7. I have a beautiful pair of black leather gloves with large white polka dots from Kate Spade – I don’t remember if they are cashmere lined, but they are lined with a knit. They have definitely molded to my hands and I love wearing them. They aren’t terribly warm, but they are fun for the “warmer” winter days.

    I love that bracelet sleeved coat!! I hope to find something like that for next winter.

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