My Wardrobe Today – Thursday

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MICHAEL Michael Kors pump
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SweaterOnly Mine
Skirt – Halogen (similar)
Necklaces – NY&Co (similar)
Pumps MICHAEL Michael Kors

Tuesday I went to the doctor regarding my shoulder and she investigated a lump behind my ear. Come to find out it's an infected lymph node. I am on antibiotics to take care of it, and the doctor said things would feel worse before they feel better.

Doc was right. I feel absolutely dreadful. The whole left side of my face is sore, feels bruised. I can't even touch my ear, it's so painful. And then my shoulder pain (which is just muscle pain and the doc gave me muscle relaxers to take at bedtime) is on the same side. I feel as though my body from scalp to ribcage was in a bad street fight.  Feels like a day for cashmere, so I decided to wear this baby (by the way, do check out this sweater – it's less than $60, thick cashmere, but only a few colors and sizes left!).

And new shoes – my Nine West ‘Madeup' pumps have pretty much kicked the bucket.  I have reheeled and resoled them several times, replaced the insoles but the leather has stretched out so much I walk out of them and my pinky toe will slip out.  I tried several different brands of pumps – I wanted a pointy toe to elongate my frame (but not too pointy), a 2.5 – 3″ heel that is slim, and no unique finishes, embellishments, or shape details.  I almost didn't try these from MICHAEL Michael Kors because of the silver button on the back.  However, once I tried them on I knew they were perfect – they are just like my ‘Madeup' pumps (which I also have in leopard haircalf), but with sturdier leather (won't stretch out as quickly).  I find they run a bit big and pretty wide – I have normal to wide feet and found these very roomy.  With a pair of Footpetals in them, they fit great and more importantly… feel great!

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  1. For me it’s true that clothing can make me feel better if I’m not up to par. Soft and comfortable things can make a hard day easier. Hope you recover quickly.

  2. I love and live in tights in the winter. My coworkers always laugh, but it really brightens up an outift. It is an easy way to add color. In my opinion πŸ™‚

  3. I have never worn/owned cashmere before, so what I want to know is….is it really worth it? Does it really feel as great as everyone says?
    I love your hair! I took a cue from you and tried to recut my bangs, but my results were not nearly as nice. As well, that is why bobby pins were invented.

  4. LOL, pantyhose ARE confusing! I used to be 100% anti them – tights or bare legs and nothing else but Kate Middleton has brought back pantyhose. I still feel that they should be reserved for conservative corporate events and formal affairs, be as sheer as possible and as close to your skin color as possible (or black).

    Tights are SO big this season, it’s easy to find them in all sorts of weights (denier), colors, and textures. I usually find that for any time when I feel pantyhose is desired, one can look even more chic by choosing a pair of opaque tights instead. But I will write a post in the near future about this – thanks for the suggestion! πŸ™‚

  5. Help! I need your opinion on panty hose! Are we not supposed to wear it? Can you do a Wardrobe 101 on panty hose, tights and what’s ok and what’s not? What if it’s cold? What if you don’t like that sweaty feeling that your feet get in closed shoes with no hose? I’m so helplessly fashion ignorant.

  6. I love this outfit, the colour matching jewellery is a brilliant idea. The shoes are classic, true staple piece.
    And so sorry to read about your heath related problems. I hope you get better soon πŸ™‚

  7. Nice shoes! If anyone else is looking for a pump in that general style, a great one is the Calvin Klein Dolly. Comfortable, well-made and available in lots of colors. Zappos carries it in both narrow and wide.

    Feel better soon!

  8. boo! Hope it gets better soon. That happened to me before. stiff neck with infected lymph. I wonder if they are interrelated. It hurt to even hear loudly on that site. ugh. sorry dude!

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