What I Wore: Navy and Black

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navy sweatshirt dress with black
roughandtumble leather bag etsy maine 600
lands end commuter coat
Sweatshirt dress: Leith | Fleece tights: Amazon | Boots: Ros Hommerson | Bag: Rough & Tumble | Coat: Lands' End (similar) | Gloves: Nordstrom (similar) | Scarf: c/o Her Fashion Box

With the weather this frigid, my priority is not to look fun or fashionable at work, just to be warm. My desk is surrounded by windows which makes for a sunny workplace, but I'm regularly chilly. No meetings today, so a fleecy-on-the-inside sweatshirt dress with fleece tights. So perfect, I'm rewearing the same darn look from Saturday (see Instagram).  I've always loved navy with black and am so happy to see that this combo is being embraced on the runways and the retail stores.

The bag is new, a gift I gave myself for my birthday.  I've been trying to shop small, local, with more thought and Etsy is a great place to find such businesses.  I came across Rough & Tumble Bags and fell in love.  Made in Norway, Maine by Natasha Durham, Rough & Tumble Bags are high quality leather, crafted with care, smart, chic, but trend-free.  I've always preferred a bag that doesn't scream a logo, a fashion trend, a designer.  A bag that I can carry now and a decade from now.  I think this bag does just that.  My black leather hobo from Sabina was bought on clearance at a very nice price, it's a nice bag, but it's not quite perfect.  I dreamed of a black leather bag with shiny silver hardware that could be a crossbody or a shoulder bag, zip close, be big enough to be my purse for a long flight holding all my essentials, but be a comfortable everyday purse.  A bag that will get worn over the years, but that weathering will just add character.

This is the Rough & Tumble Large Hobo Pack; it's a shoulder bag, a crossbody, even a backpack.  It zips close with a clean pocket-free exterior, but inside is where the magic happens.  A pocket for an 11″ laptop, a large size zipper pocket like most bags but with a smaller pocket inside, a pocket for your iPhone, a pocket for your passport, a pocket for your business cards, a couple other pockets for other things, a removeable keyfob, a light colored lining so you can find all your stuff.  And with a quick switch this bag can become a backpack, which is awesome for travel!  All this, and the price is far less than what you would pay for a mass retail bag of a similar size and quality, made in the USA, supporting a woman business owner.

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I got my dress in the mail today! Thank you for the review. This dress is incredibly soft and flattering. I’m definitely wearing this outfit tomorrow!

  2. Thanks so much for the Rough and Tumble review – I’ve been eyeing her bags for years! So glad they’re as nice in person as they look. Also, your readers might like to know that if you sign up for her newsletter she regularly has 10% off coupons.

  3. I really love this outfit, Allie. It’s so flattering on you, and I, too, love navy and black together. That dress looks unbelievably comfortable, but it’s still structured enough to be appropriate for work. Also, those purple gloves? AWESOME.

  4. Sometimes I think about a post you did a while ago lightly scolding women who let cold weather derail their outfits and preaching that it’s important and easy to look chic while commuting in the cold. I thought often of that post the past few weeks where it was below zero where I live. I saw plenty of women who looked fairly put together on my downtown commute, but it seemed clear that most of them were walking from the bus or from their parking spots. I looked clearly less put together as my commute is a two mile walk. So while I try not to look outright silly (I don’t wear my bright red gloves with my teal beanie; If I’m in a dress I pull on black yoga pants over my tights or leggings instead of sweat pants), I kept thinking that yeah, I looked vaguely homeless given my giant bag and many layers, but my main priority was staying alive. Not staying warm, and not looking cute, just alive. Cute is hard when you have on a balaclava or a turtle fur pulled up over your face.

    Anyways. I agree that you can look cute on short walks in the cold (this outfit is adorbs!), but I was reminded that I’d wanted to leave a comment to see if you had thoughts on fashion for long-walk-commutes when I saw your post about an outfit for frigid weather that featured no hat, no face covering, what looks like only one layer of gloves and high heeled boots.

    1. hey Mel, your comment has been sitting in my inbox since i received it Saturday. I want to thank you for writing it, so much i wanted to write a post about it. i know you’re not the only one with this question. and i do want to write a post but with my arm its going to be a bit delayed but i didn’t want to wait any longer to reply directly to you. i agree with you, when it’s cold, be it living in a colder area or experiencing the polar vortex cute should be at the bottom of the prioity list, its all about staying safe and covered and alive. however i think many can use more care when they’re in the store deciding on a coat, boots, hats, etc. there’s usually options, hello kitty rain boots or ones in a solid color, hot pink sparkly fur earmuffs or a toned down pair that complements their coat, layering with pink sweatpants or printed flannel pajama bottoms instead of dark yoga or knit pants. i think you and i think the same way; make the best choice from the options but silly is way more stylish than frostbite. i think of the things i have done recently to stay warm may have looked vaguely wacky but that is to be expected. its less what you do with the cold and more about the choices you make preparing/shopping for it. once i can type coherently i’ll write a clearer response but seriously thank you for coming here to my blog and asking me this question directly!! <3

  5. Rockin the sexy librarian vibe!
    Further to the conversation about “boyfriend jeans” I wanted to let you know I saw “boyfriend socks” for sale. UGH! My TINY feet are just swimming in these hyper masculine socks of my man lover!

    1. What in the WORLD is a boyfriend sock? That is the silliest thing I have ever heard! Us poor delicate females with teeny tiny delicate feet, and our big strong manly boyfriends with their giant thick smelly socks? I don’t get it, but I am betting they are ragg/marled socks which shoudl actually be called ’90s Essential Socks!

  6. I love the bag! I’m in search of a new laptop bag, and I’m ready to bite the bullet on something quality and worthwhile…this company is added to the list of prospects!

  7. You look really great today, Allie! Your hair is gorgeous – it looks like you added some auburn highlights Love the purple gloves, too. So pretty!

    1. My hair dye is fading, and I hate to get it touched up because it’s fading to this pretty red color! I don’t like having actual red hair because of the upkeep and would need different makeup, but it’s fun these last couple weeks before I color it again and the grays haven’t taken over !

        1. The lipstick came in my HerFashionBox box (review soon). It’s from Ulta3, the color is Cherry Wine (wearing it today too). Never heard of the brand before, it looks red in the package but has a definite rosy tint to it!

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