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When it comes to winter, a few pair of tights in the lingerie drawer are a must. However it’s so frustrating when those tights bag, sag, or run after just one wearing. I know I have run to the nearest big box retailer or discount mart for a pair of black tights when my current pair are unwearable, just to have that new pair be just as disappointing and unappealing.

A couple years ago I stopped the cycle of bad tights and decided to invest in higher-quality legwear. I figured buying several pairs each season (and then disposing of those same pairs after just a handful of wears), if I could find a more expensive pair that were higher quality, it would save me time and effort.


Everyone raves about Wolford tights, and I believe the hype, but my body shape (they only fit up to 176 pounds) and wallet (styles range from $50 – $70 for standard opaque tights) couldn’t afford to try them at the time. However after some online investigation, I found that Spanx tights also got great reviews for fit, opacity, and durability.


Years later, I am still wearing my Spanx tights. I have three pairs of them, and they are all amazing. They hold their shape all day, are truly opaque, and extremely durable. I can walk without shoes on the uneven hardwood floors of my 1948 home and not worry about a snag. I can throw them in the washing machine and then hang them up to dry and be ready the next day. They don’t roll down mid-day, don’t sag at the ankles, and they have sizes to fit short and curvy women like myself.

The other day I was chatting with two coworkers about tights, and one mentioned she was wearing Spanx tights (the ones that are reversible – brown on one side, black on the other). She started raving about their fit and durability and I chimed in. Soon the third coworker was convinced it was time to try a new brand of hosiery and get out of the routine of buying tights that only last one or two wearings.


For lighter-weight tights, I have been a longtime fan of Nordstrom's basic opaque control top tights.  They are a great price – if you buy three pairs at once it's only $8/pair.  Not as durable or opaque as Spanx, but a great standard denier that works great for fall and with tall boots.  I have pairs I bought three years ago and they still fit and look great.

My mantra is quality over quantity, but I believe that quality can be found at most any price point. However if you are finding that your low-cost good-enough item is only good-enough, it may not be worth your time and money. Do a little homework, for a bit more money, you may find a replacement that isn’t that much more expensive and makes your life, and your style far more wonderful!

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  1. I am also echoing all the love of Spanx tights! I have the reversible, the normal ones as well as a few of the patterned kind and I love them all. They are the best-fitting tights I’ve found especially considering I have fairly thick legs and thighs. They stay up, don’t cut me in half and I’ve had a few for 3+ years!

  2. I am about two hundred pounds and 5’6″ and I find the size large Wolford fit quite well. I don’t know if i am embarrassed or proud to say I’ve had two pair for about 7 years!

    I’ll have to try the Spanx next time. Quality csn be expensive but worth i5.

  3. Never tried the Spanx ones… they sound like a good choice.
    I do not think in my sane state of mind I would spend that much $$ on Wolford tights. I would get a massage.

  4. I need to check out these Target tights for the last pair I got would not hold their shape, bagged at the ankles, and cut me right in the middle. If you two like the Merona tights, might be worth a visit!

    And that sucks about your tights Moni! 🙁

  5. I have to second the recommendation for Target tights. They’re great! I’ve only bought one pair of spanx tights from RueLaLa and the zipper of my knee high boots snagged on them and ripped a hole in them!

  6. I bought a pair of tights from Target [This one, maybe? http://www.target.com/Merona-Womens-Tight-Black/dp/B003P9R3CG/ref=sc_qi_detaillink%5D that are extremely comfortable and thick. I’ve had them for a couple of months and I’ve worn them at least once a week and have no problem with them running or sagging.

    The only thing I don’t like about them is that the waist line hits at an awkward place in the belly. I wish it was either a little higher or a little lower.

    I’ll have to try out Spanx tights! They seem ideal!

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