My Wardrobe Today – Thursday

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UmbrellaLands End
Cardigan – Ann Taylor (no longer available)
Striped TeeAnn Taylor (stripe available in stores)
Black JeggingsOld Navy
Necklace – Ann Taylor LOFT
Boots DUO Boots
Bag – Banana Republic Sandhurst XL Hobo (no longer available)

Hair is second day, only brushed out the bedhead because no point in getting fancy with this weather.

A very very rainy day in DC, but I still don't see the need to have kiddie wellies. Each Spring, I refresh the waterproofing spray on these boots. I get the spray at REI, it doesn't affect the color or finish of the boots and it keeps my tootsies dry, as well as making the boots easier to clean after tromping through the mud at music festivals and the woods in my backyard.

If you read Wardrobe Oxygen you know I don't like the kiddie wellies – they are great for being in your backyard or attending a fest, but I think they look ridiculous on adult women and don't understand why they are so popular.  In DC there can be a whisper of 5% chance of rain and women from 21 to 71 get all excited and slap on their Hello Kitty wellies with their power suits, wrap dresses, and other work attire.  The worst thing is these wellies usually don't come off once they hit the office – they run around indoors tromping from office to conference room in these monstrosities.  Honestly women, there are alternatives.  Kiddie wellies have their place, but the office is not it.  Would you run around the office in a rain poncho?  Consider a pair of tall boots and waterproof them, or get some classic wellies like Huntersir?t=whaevewomneei 20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B002PJ56S0, or at least a simple solid color rain boot.  And take them off once you reach your destination!

I have tons of umbrellas – kitchy ones I got as Christmas stocking stuffers, swag ones from conferences and charities, even a jumbo golf umbrella that someone left at my wedding. However my favorite umbrella is this travel umbrella from Lands End. Nice color, reasonable size (not mini but fits in my bag), but man is this thing sturdy! Never have an issue with the pop-up button working, won't turn inside-out in the craziest wind… this umbrella is reliable and durable. They seem to have different colors and prints each season – I am just waiting for a really fun print or another bright color (hello candy pink!) to add to my collection.


A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I too must admit that I have a pair of plaid wellie imposters. I think they’re sperry, and I paid about $70 for them because they’re kind of lined inside and they’re my snow boots too. But if I do wear them to work, I definitely change them at the office because they can be too warm. And I only wear them if it’s like a hurricane outside.

  2. Fabulous rainy day look!

    I have one pair of wellies – they are pink but they are kept in the porch for when we decide to take the dog into the rockpools on the beach or go a long walk in the woods with her!

  3. oooohhhh….. see you had me confused…i consider wellies to be ONLY hunter wellingtons and do not refer to any other type of cutsie rain boot as “wellies”. So you see, i have a love on for actual wellies, but share your disdain for juvenile print rain boots!

  4. I love my rain boots but they are simple – solid blue – and I try to only wear them when I know it’s going to downpour. But, then again, I spend most of my day outside walking around so it makes sense for me to be wearing rain boots when it’s raining.


    I do find it odd when people wear rain boots with dresses or anything that is non-jean like – I don’t know why, it just looks funny. When they’re wearing suit or suit-alternatives, it looks down right inappropriate.

  5. I agree that it’s absurd when women wear rainboots on days it doesn’t even wind up raining, but mornings like today with a downpour, I fail to see the problem with rainboots of any color or pattern. I have a 1.5 mile walk to work each way on some very uneven, gravely sidewalks that turn into giant pits of mud. I don’t want to wear my real boots because I don’t want to drag all the mud around my work or my home by wearing them all day… I get to work, change into real shoes, and the mud stays outside my door. I also prefer to leave my muddy boots sitting outside my door at home to dry off overnight (would be different if I had a real house with an entryway), so spending $100+ on Hunters isn’t particularly appealing, considering they may be stolen.

    I guess I have always failed to see why people care so much about what other women wear on a walking-based commute, which is so common here in DC. What I wear in the office is be one thing, or if I simply walked from my driveway to the car and parked at work and had no walking involved, it might be a different story, but if I’m walking 3 miles a day, I’m going to dress for practicality, not for appearance. And for me, practicality and cost means I have plaid Sperry rainboots I got on sale.

  6. I have a pair of polka dot ones I bought at Target, but I hate them and have never worn them in public. They come in handy in the yard, but I feel a little ridiculous wearing them out and about.

    Maybe if I had the real deal?

    I crave the boots you have on! I have LARGE calves as well. 17+ inches I believe. Don’t make me measure πŸ™ Ha!

  7. I admit to being a fan of the more traditional wellies though- the ones I imagine the English have lined up on the back porch. I did once purchase slightly cutsey ones, not at all hello kitty though, and I cannot imagine not taking them off asap when I got to work! Those aren’t exactly comfy for long periods. Maybe it’s a passing trend thanks to Target and their 5 million colors.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    <a href=”http://lemondropvintage.

  8. Come to Washington State and we’ll see what you think of rain boots then. I love my boots, I have four pairs and I think they are fun.

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