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Wardrobe Oxygen in the Myne LA 'Heidi' dress in black silk with gold gladiator sandals and gold Ray-Ban aviatorsdress | necklace | sunglasses | earrings | shoes

Wardrobe Oxygen in the Myne LA 'Heidi' dress in black silk with gold gladiator sandalsDress: MYNE LA (no longer available) | Shoes: Bella Vita | Earrings: Jenny Bird | Necklace: bellezamia via Etsy | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

alison garyI bought this dress a few years ago. At the time it was, besides my wedding gown, the most expensive dress I ever purchased (if I recall correctly, it was around $350). I felt it was going to be the biggest retail regret… it turned out to be one of my best purchases.

Wardrobe Oxygen in the Myne LA 'Heidi' dress in black silk with gold gladiator sandalsI've worn this dress so many times and in so many different ways. With heels and bold silver accessories to a cocktail party at the rewardStyle conference, with heeled ankle booties to my blog's 10th anniversary event, and several times over the years in every season with a change of footwear and jewelry. Yesterday, I woke up early expecting to have plenty of time but life happened and I was scrambling to find something to wear to both work and a dinner afterwards. Something that would survive the DC heat and humidity, sitting at a desk for 9 hours, but still looking and feeling great at 9pm. I grabbed this dress, and it did the trick.

IMG 7857
Meeting of the fashionable minds with writer Jenn Barger, myself, Wendy, owner of WRABYN, E of District of Chic, Sylvia of Simply Sylvia, and Rosana of DC Style Factory.

Last night I went to Masseria with a great group of stylish friends.  We have a monthly dinner date together where we talk business, fashion, and life.  Though I was super comfy in my flat sandals and slouchy dress, I was appropriately dressed for the venue and to mix with the other ladies at the table.

Wardrobe Oxygen in the Myne LA 'Heidi' dress in black silk with gold gladiator sandals and gold Ray-Ban aviatorsUnder the dress I am wearing this Calvin Klein slip; I have this slip in nude and black and they're so useful for pieces like this and come winter when I want an extra layer of warmth and wind protection (here's a nice plus size alternative). Since it's free of adornment, it also works as a camisole to offer a bit of modesty at the workplace. This is a dress that may not look uber figure flattering in still photos on the blog, but has an elegant drape (hello silk), and unique silhouette that ends garnering compliments and strangers asking where they can get the dress.  I sometimes wear it with the bodice bloused up and skirt shorter, sometimes with an obi belt, large scarf, or metal belt at the waist.  Today I wanted to keep it super relaxed so pulled it down to be more like a maxi and kept the accessorizing to a minimum (yes, statement earrings is minimal in my world!).

Wardrobe Oxygen in the Myne LA 'Heidi' dress in black silk with gold gladiator sandalsSadly, MYNE LA is no longer. The brand became hot when a couple Kardashians were photographed in this very dress; designer Ashley Ann's pieces were in trendy boutiques but she ended up closing shop in the fall of 2016. While the line may no longer exist, this dress will remain a staple in my closet for many years to come.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I bought this dress after you featured it the first time. I only managed to find it in black, which isn’t usually my thing, and I *still* absolutely adore it and get so many compliments every time I wear it. Seeing it in all those colors on the Kardashians makes me think I should set up an ebay notification!

    1. I ordered it in pink back when the company was still in business and it was completely transparent. My friend Alison has it in navy and it’s very chic, but I don’t know how the Kardashians wore them without everything showing. I love that you also have the dress!

    2. Hi sweetie would u consider selling this dress .I’m in the UK .I would gladly purchase it from u if u would list it on ebay kind regards maxine

  2. Allie,

    The dress looks spectacular on you. I especially liked when you style it with the gold metallic belt. However, I think it’s a dress that takes confidence and a well developed sense of style that some of us don’t have, namely me.


  3. I loved this dress IRL last night! I really dig on the interesting shape – oftentimes those are the pieces I keep the longest and keep coming back to. I also really love how you dressed it up with the gold accessories. I die over those earrings!

    District of Chic

  4. I think that you look great in this dress. This dress is so you. Thanks also for reminding us that quality is more important than quantity. Ive repeatedly made the mistake of buying “bargains” that are never quite right. This versatile, stylish dress proves your point. I also love it when you show us multiple ways to style the same piece. More, please.

  5. I just don’t know about the bottom of that dress but I LOVE THE TOP HALF. And I like it in the candid shot of you with the other women? Ugh, this dress has me all conflicted, haha.

      1. That is 100% true! I just keep thinking I don’t like the bottom half, but then I do in the candid shot, but then I don’t, but then I do in another one of the shots… it’s a thought-provoking dress, is all I’m sayin’.

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