Quince Plus Size Clothing Review

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After sharing my review of Quince Clothing on a size 14/16 woman, many of you in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community wanted a Quince plus size clothing review. Quince, a sustainable fashion brand that prides itself on reasonable prices for luxury, recently came out with extended sizing (1X-3X or US 16-24).

I reached out to Quince, to see if they would be game for having one of the members of the Wardrobe Oxygen community receive some pieces from the extended size collection to provide an unbiased Quince plus size clothing review. Many applied, and I finally chose Kathryn, who is 5'6″ and wears a 22/24.

I paid Kathryn a fair rate, and Quince offered Kathryn a few pieces of her choice from their extended-size collection to try, review honestly, and keep. Quince did not review this post before publishing, and my only edits were for structure and layout. Below is Kathryn's honest review of Quince's extended-size collection:

Quince Plus Size Clothing Review

The first time I heard the phrase “elevated basics,” I knew I’d found a way to describe my favorite kind of clothing. I’ve always been drawn to the simplicity and versatility of classic silhouettes and neutral shades – the kind of clothes I can easily mix and match at 6 a.m. without worrying about whether it’s okay to mix an avant-garde sweater with a sweet vintage polka dot skirt.

Even though I love basics, I just can’t do boring. There has to be something – like luxurious fabric, thoughtful tailoring, an interesting detail, a rich color – that makes me excited to pull a piece from my closet in the morning.

Unfortunately, finding elevated basics in plus sizes can be a tall order, and it’s even trickier when you – like me – are shopping with a relatively modest budget. That’s why I was so excited when I heard that Quince was offering some styles in extended sizes up to 3X.

As a size 22/24, people my size are often left out of the hip, sustainable, “affordable luxury” brands that have started sprouting up, and it’s always a bummer to click through a social media ad for a gorgeous piece of clothing that I can actually afford only to find out that it doesn’t come in my size.

When Alison asked for a Wardrobe Oxygen reader to try and review some pieces from Quince’s new extended size range, I nearly jumped out of my seat to volunteer. I had already placed my first order (for Quince’s super-soft Mongolian Cashmere V-Neck Sweater in Navy). I had sent my husband a link to the Italian Leather Quilted Convertible Shoulder Bag (with the email header: “Buy me this for Christmas, please and thank you”), but I was eager to try even more.

Quince Washable Silk Skirt

My first review selection was the 100% Washable Silk Skirt in Champagne. I have two small children, so I don’t usually wear very light colors – sticky fingers are an ever-present concern – but I couldn’t resist the Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wedding gown vibes. I instantly saw myself striding through the office wearing this skirt with a camel-colored sweater and simple gold hoop earrings, the personification of Quiet Luxury.

model wearing the Quince plus size mongolian v-neck sweater in camel with the champagne colored Quince washable silk skirt.

Naturally, the skirt was the first piece I tried on when my Quince package arrived just a few days after I’d given Alison my selections. It came out of the bag quite wrinkled, but just a few minutes of steaming with a handheld steamer had it looking fresh.

I worried that the fabric might be too thin or too sheer, but it was actually perfect – light enough to feel breezy but substantial enough to drape beautifully. I really liked the bias cut and elastic waistband, too. The skirt skims over my hips and stomach in a way that I think is really flattering, and the thick elastic fold-over waistband makes it comfortable and easy to wear.

Woman in the Quince plus size washable silk skirt in champagne with a black blouse tied at the waist. She is standing in a hallway and smiling at the camera.

Of course, this silk skirt is not completely perfect. (Nothing ever is, right?) I didn’t love the length – I’m 5’6”, and while it hits just below the knee in the website model photo, it falls to mid-calf on me. (The simple waistband makes it easy enough to roll up at the waist, though; if I get tired of doing that, I think it would be worth the cost of hemming it.)

Also, the fact that it’s unlined makes it difficult to tuck a shirt in, because you can clearly see the outline of your shirttail under the fabric. Fine with me, though – I’m happy to pair it with some of my more cropped tops. Finally, the fabric does wrinkle quite easily. I still looked fresh walking into the office after my morning commute, but eight hours at a desk did leave me with some creases towards the skirt's hemline. Honestly, though, I think that’s just the cost of doing business with silk.

Quince Tencel Jersey Midi Wrap Dress

Actually, I take back what I said above about nothing being perfect. The Tencel Jersey Midi Wrap Dress in Dark Olive is perfect.

Quince plus size model wearing the Quince tencel wrap dress in olive. She is holding a taupe handbag in one hand.

I was hesitant about buying this wrap dress because jersey can be such a finicky fabric, but the gamble paid off – the fabric is silky and light but not clingy, and it has a beautiful drape. I love that the waist tie is long enough to fully loop around my waist with plenty of room for a knot or bow at my side.

woman in a teal short sleeve tencel wrap dress from Quince. She is wearing taupe ankle boots and holding a taupe quilted leather handbag, which is also from Quince.

I’m also really pleased with the dark olive color of this dress – it’s one of those “I’m not a regular neutral, I’m a cool neutral” colors that’s versatile but not boring. I love this dress so much that I plan to order another in navy.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to have an outfit go from “day to night” (shout out to all the women’s magazines that had me keeping clutch bags and statement necklaces in my desk drawer for a decade). Still, if that occasion comes up again, I’ll definitely wear this dress. It’s just as cute with big sparkly earrings and the one pair of high heels that live in the back of my closet as it is with sensible boots and a cute work bag.

Quince Italian Leather Quilted Convertible Shoulder Bag

Speaking of cute work bags, I am a little bit obsessed with the Italian Leather Quilted Convertible Shoulder Bag. (Thanks to my husband’s well-timed Christmas gift!)

Quince Italian Leather Quilted Convertible Shoulder Bag in taupe on the shoulder of woman in a cream silk skirt

This bag just checks so many boxes on my wish list: it’s big enough for my necessities without being “ludicrously capacious”, it has a crossbody strap that’s long enough for my plus-size body.

woman wearing a camel sweater blazer from Quince over a black v-neck and black pants. She has a taupe quilted handbag on her shoulder and she looks at the camera while holding the strap of the handbag.

It’s luxurious without being so expensive that I’m afraid actually to use it. The quilted leather is super soft, and the convertible chain strap has a really nice, satisfying weight that makes the whole bag feel high-end.

the interior of the Quince Italian Leather Quilted Convertible Crossbody

I also love the interior zippered pouch – perfect for my card holder and lipstick – and the large pocket in the back, which has a hidden magnetic clasp to keep my secret lollipop stash from spilling out at an inconvenient time. Overall, it really satisfies my high-end designer bag dreams without being so expensive that I have palpitations every time I take it out of the house.

Quince Organic Cotton Knit Blazer

My next selection was the 100% Organic Cotton Knit Blazer in Camel. This one is so close to being perfect! The knit fabric is thick and comfortable – when I wear a blazer to the office, I usually wind up taking it off at some point because it starts to feel too restrictive, but this was so comfy that I wore it all day with no problem.

A model wearing thje camel Quince Organic Cotton Knit Blazer in Extended Sizes over a white shirt and jeans. One hand is in the blazer pocket.

I adore the bracelet-length sleeves of this blazer, too. (Why, oh why, are blazer sleeves always way too long on me?) The only thing I didn’t love was the fit.

woman with shoulder length brown hair, wearing black pants, a black v-neck top, and a camel sweater blazer from Quince. She has one hand in her pocket and is smiling at the camera.

I usually wear a size 22/24, so I ordered this in 3X, and it felt slightly oversized. At first, I thought maybe I should have sized down, but I looked at the model picture on the website, and it seems a bit slouchy on her, too. It was also a little bit longer than I prefer – I’m 5’6”, and it falls mid-thigh on me. If it were just a little bit more fitted and shorter, I would be completely obsessed with this blazer. As it stands, though, I’ll still reach for it on days that I want to go for a “casual but still pulled together” vibe.

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan

My final pick was the Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater in Heather Gray. The website reviews seemed to agree that this piece runs large, so I sized down to a 2X and found it to be a perfect slouchy, oversized fit.

a plus size model wearing the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater in gray over a white tank and gray pleated trousers

The cashmere fisherman rib knit is absolutely incredible – thick, stretchy, and as soft as a kitten’s fur. I’ve never been drawn to this style of cardigan before, but after a couple of weeks with this one, I’m pretty sure I can’t live without it.

Woman in black pants and the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan in Extended Sizes in gray. She has her hands clasped in front of her and is smirking at the camera, standing in a hallway.

This cardigan works with straight-leg pants at the office, it works with a t-shirt and jeans while running errands, and it works especially well for snuggling up on the couch after the kids are in bed with pajama pants, a gigantic mug of herbal tea and your book of choice. This is hygge-core at its finest, and I am absolutely here for it.

Final Review of Quince Extended Size Collection

Overall, I was really happy with everything I tried from Quince! I’d love to see them expand their extended-size selection to include more pieces from their straight-size collection (Italian Wool Cocoon Coat, I’m talking to you!) but I know these “elevated basics” will stay in heavy rotation in my closet for a long time.

Thank you so much, Kathryn, for this balanced review of pieces from Quince's extended-size collection. I am so glad you found great pieces for your wardrobe! And if you're reading this and have tried Quince plus size clothing, please share your thoughts and reviews of pieces in the comments. Your feedback may be just what another needs to determine whether to buy or pass on a piece from Quince!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Great review by a real person! I love that silk skirt. As a 4’11” person, I feel Quince does not truly have “extended” sizing. They have a handful of “petite” pants that still need to shortened by about 6″. I have to wear a L or XL in Quince sizing, and the proportions are all off for a short person. The average height in the US is 5′ 4″ , but companies seem to ignore this large population. Thank you again for the honest review. Hopefully, Quince will get the idea of designing thoughtfully for petites – and not just the skinny ones. Companies seem to forget that petites come in all shapes.

  2. Thanx for the review, and putting yourself out there with pics! Scrolling, the article seemed like it would be dry with only text and catalog photos . . . Alison kept us in suspensem until the fist photo was revealed. My fav it the cotton knit blazer. It looks good open like in the first photo with the purse, closed like in the last photo . . . How would it look belted? I wonder if you could sew buttons or loop closures hidden on the inside. Such a sophisticated tan! Quince came up with a lovely neutral . . . that would balance a patterned sweater or skirt. The length is perfect! It is elongating, slimming.

  3. Great review of your items Kathryn and thank you Alison for inviting her to do this and for giving us more information on the Quince line. I am becoming obsessed with their line of clothing! So many pretty and luxurious items to choose from. Right up my alley…lol!

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to review this line! I’m similar size to you — 5’5″ and size 24, so this was especially useful. I love how that wrap dress looks on you, so I’m definitely going to check it out for myself ;)!

  5. Love the dress! Absolute favorite. My question, is it a true wrap or faux wrap? If a true wrap does it feel and look like it will stay closed without adjusting all day long?

  6. What a wonderful and helpful review, Kathryn! Thanks for providing her with your platform, Alison. I have been obsessed with Quince since the outset of the pandemic and am thrilled that they’re also offering the extended sizes that Kathryn completely rocked. Love Quince, love this post.

  7. I have a couple of their sweaters and the v-neck Mongolian cashmere is so soft and warm. It pills very easily with a cross-body purse rubbing on the shoulder and the side. It also pilled a lot under the arms but a sweater shaver took care of it and it’s back to looking great. I have the navy fishterman’s sweater and love the fabric and color. The neck area is slighly too fitted around my neck, but I have issues with anything around my neck, so that’s more on me.

    I loved this review and may need to try that silk skirt.

  8. Even though I can’t order from this collection (neither in the USA nor plus sized) I nonetheless read every word here with joy – wish I could order these too, so consider me #influenced!

    Are you sure you aren’t a professional blogger yourself, Kathryn? Because you’ve definitely found your ‘voice’ with your humorous yet informative writing style – more, please (if possible)!

    1. Aww, thank you! I used to blog regularly but haven’t really made time for it after having kids. Maybe I’ll pick it up again someday soon!

  9. I appreciate everything about this review! Great job, Kathryn! I’ve been eyeing that wrap dress for a while and reading your review was so helpful!

  10. Kathryn, you should be a regular guest writer for Alison! You are articulate and an excellent writer. This was a very enjoyable read. Well done!

  11. Thank you Kathryn, for the real-woman real-life honest review… love that olive wrap dress! And also thank you Alison, for opportunities like this for other followers and fashionistas to collaborate with you!

  12. This is such an excellent and helpful review – thank you Kathryn (and Alison)! Despite the many ads I’ve been served this is the first time I’ve been tempted to try Quince. I agree with the other commenters that the feedback Kathryn provided is just what I need to know to make an informed choice. That wrap dress really does look like perfection – thanks for mentioning that it comes in navy (olive is just not my jam).

  13. Kathryn, what a great review! Your information is helpful & I love your sense of humor too (“I’m not a regular neutral, I’m a cool neutral”)! The pieces you chose are lovely and definitely seem like ones you’ll actually enjoy wearing. And, they do all seem like pieces that will give you lots of options in your wardrobe. Alison, thank you doing a review this way for us.

  14. What a lovely review, Kathryn! I have had my eye on that skirt for a while and I appreciate the comment about the length based on your height – that is the kind of feedback I appreciate when considering a purchase.

  15. Kudos on a terrific review- both content and writing style!
    I am now “influenced” to explore the Quince website, and I’m already craving that silk skirt and the cardigan. I’m 5’10” and a decade older than you but your analysis of these pieces made it easy for me to visualize them in my life. Thanks to you for the review and to Alison for creating the opportunity!

  16. Thank you for such a great review! I always love to see clothes on non-model bodies, and everything looks great on you, Kathryn. I’m definitely checking out that cardigan.

  17. Great review! I am a Quince fan. You killed me with the secret lollipop stash—-I spent so much time in my younger years worried that the tampons would spill and now I too worry that my candy will spill out!! I feel you!!

  18. What a fantastic review, Well written and informative.! And you have definitely influenced me to take a look at that blazer. And that sweater. I am a little bit taller than you and so they might be absolutely perfect.

  19. Great review, and the clothes look terrific on you, Kathryn! Thanks for doing this. Consider me #influenced – I think I need that cashmere cardigan.

  20. Thanks for the great review, and the opportunity for a non-blogger “regular lady” to review Quince. I’ve clicked on many bloggers’ reviews of Quince, but have never found anything I wanted shown in extended sizes, and was sure that Quince didn’t even offer anything over size 16 or so. It had gotten to the point, that this week, I deleted three different emails from bloggers who reviewed Quince, certain that it was pointless. What perfect timing Alison, and your heading made all the difference to me. I will certainly be visiting Quince to look specifically for extended size clothing. What an eye opener. Thanks so much!

  21. Great review Kathryn! I can relate to your challenges and desire for elevated basics. You made great choices & I love to se how the fit works for a plus size, 5’6″ body. Fit models are generally on the tall size so it can be hard to determine the actual length of the clothes. You look fantastic & helped me see how Quince clothing would fit me.

  22. Thank you Kathryn for being willing to put your self out there and write and model this review for us.
    Thank you Allison for offering this for organizing, arranging and offering the space for this review.

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