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    1. I am really craving a new hair color. I am not worried about dying my hair while pregnant – it’s been proven that this is now safe. What I am worried about is having my hormones cause a bad decision. The recent color (brown with caramel highlights) was done during morning sickness and I just wanted to feel pretty and feminine and not like a woozy green monster. I haven’t really liked it because it’s a bit too girly and a bit too pretty for my tastes. Looks fine, but just doesn’t completely feel like me. What I REALLY want is the dark dark brown/black I had back when I felt like Sara Ramirez, but with some unexpected highlights like an indigo-purple color. Not big streaks, just bits where in the light people say, “wait, is your hair PURPLE?”I know, random and not what I have had since having this blog. However in my past life I had hair of all sorts of colors and wacky cuts. My last job was very conservative – my wardrobe and shoe choices were already far more risqué and strange than my coworkers (except the fabulously stylish Katie who is keeping down the taste front now that I have left). On top of that, I did regular business trips and workshops with conservative clients in the military, government and pharmaceutical fields – not the arena where purple highlights would be welcomed. So now I work for a company that embraces individuality. I have coworkers with full sleeves of tattoos, nose rings, eye shadow to match their shoes, and creative clothing that fits their culture or personality. I am already seen as a more formal/dressed up person than many of my coworkers (gosh I love my dresses!), and have already sported the cherry red highlights several months ago without even a bat of an eye. The majority of client interaction is via phone or webcam so it won’t really matter that I have some Jeannie Mai-like tresses.

      Anyhoo, pregnancy is making me feel a bit frumpy and I kinda miss my funky side (why do all interesting maternity fashions have to be so darn expensive?). Have an appointment next Wednesday with my beloved stylist Kathleen… still not sure of what exactly I will do once there…


    1. I am in real need of some new shoes. My gold sandals from Lands End are comfortable, but are slippery when it rains or I am on glossy marble floors (like the lobby of my office building). Today in the rain I almost did a belly plant in the middle of the sidewalk and that will NOT do, especially since I am pregnant. I just don’t want a high heel, my feet are naturally wide and are already growing a bit, I walk up to two miles a day and I swear I will go as long as humanly possible without wearing tennies or flops to work (hopefully that won’t happen at all). However I don’t want to spend on some shoes that should only be left to grandmothers with hip replacement surgery. One would THINK there would be chic styles under 2” of a heel and aren’t slingbacks or sandals, but it’s hard to find something that is Allie-like. I don’t want a plain black pump or wedge… what I would really like is something like a black zebra-print pony hair kitten heel, or maybe something in a green croco leather. Heck, this upcoming season is all about purple yet I can’t find any sassy purple shoes in my price range (which is the “I don’t want to kick myself if these shoes no longer fit this time next year” price range). I have black ankle boots and a pair of black round-toe wedges, so I really want something that is low, comfortable, preferably with a pointed closed toe that can look cute with dresses but really jazz up trousers.


    1. Speaking of trousers, I am really in a maternity pickle. It seems most companies make maternity trousers out of twill or chino. Twill and chino are HORRIBLE on women with curves. They crease, they do a weird diaper-look at the crotch when you sit a long time, they get shiny, they fade with washing, they accentuate sturdy thighs and tummies. They make me look as though I work at Blockbuster Video, which is NOT the look I am going for. I currently own one pair of decent black trousers (which do not have the chicest silhouette but are a nice fabric and are comfortable) and one pair of faded washed chino ones that I think are heinous but were donated and a bit big now so I will wear in a couple of months when nothing else fits and I am desperate. Problem is, cool weather is coming and my company dress code no longer lets me wear denim (which I have about eight pairs in my drawer).I can’t find attractive maternity pants that don’t have slash pockets, aren’t made of icky twill and chino, aren’t some super delicate fabric that must be dry cleaned, aren’t itchy, aren’t ugly, aren’t pinstriped (never has worked for my solid legs), and aren’t $85 (yes, they take the $40 pants that are in the regular store, add an ugly knit waistband and then double the price). Le sigh.


    1. My eyebrows are out of control (thank you belly baby). I need a brow wax, but for some reason I keep forgetting every time I pass a day spa. I even got a pedicure this weekend and in the car before entering the salon I reminded myself to get a brow wax and yet I forgot. Does this forgetfulness hold some secret meaning, or is it just pregnancy brain?


    1. I hate all my clothes, but refuse to splurge on a bunch of maternity clothes that I won’t be able to wear in a few months. However these New York & Company dresses are starting to turn my stomach and non-maternity pieces I was fitting into two weeks ago no longer fit (olive shift, J. Crew knit dresses) so my options are dwindling.


    1. I’m a bit sad I am pregnant with this great fall look coming out. Every shop window I pass makes me drool – such pretty colors, fabrics and silhouettes! Everyone needs to go buy some purple for me!


    1. I ordered a pair of wide-calf boots from Duo. They fit in the foot, they fit in the actual calf, they do not fit from ankle bone to calf muscle. I am highly annoyed because I contacted their customer service, informed them of my large leg (not just calf muscle) and they specifically suggested this style. I was really hoping for some black riding boots to make a bit of style out of my humdrum maternity dresses and now am not sure what I can do. And now I have to go through the stupid and expensive return process to the UK. Really disappointed. I have raved about them so much on my other blog and then this happens. Need to write them an email pronto.


    1. Renovations on the house have yet to begin. Drawings are pending approval from the co-op and then the city. I have a feeling it won’t be finished in time for the baby and we will be living in my childhood bedroom at my mom’s house. Adds a bit of stress to the day…


  1. I feel as though this is all complaining. Sorry about that – in fact life is pretty darn swell these days. Very busy, but very fulfilling and enjoyable!
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  1. Awwww darlin’ I’m feelin ya!!! My baby is 1 month old today. I am a fashionista and had to go through the whole summer fashion deprived and shlumpy! (I mean, the HORROR!) I refused to spend a $fortune$ on maternity clothes…this was my 5th (AND LAST!!!) baby, and since I didn’t even start wearing maternity clothes until 5 months, I wasn’t going to get much use out of them. Now I’m trying to get back into my cute clothes (I can’t even L@@K at my pencil skirts right now…boo hiss!) I need some serious retail therapy after 9 months of torture, but why would I buy new clothes right now when I’m still losing the preggo weight? GRRRRR! As for the “pregnancy brain” and forgetting things…it’s a cruel trick pregnancy plays on us to make us forget all about the misery of those 9 1/2 months, so we will be willing to do it over and over again…trust me, I know. I’ve done it 5 times!!! P.S. Green croc pumps…SUPER FAB!

  2. I feel for you – it must be so frustrating to have several months of having your own clothes but someone else’s figure! Rest assured though that while you are sick of your old clothes, we still think you look lovely.

    But, if you need a little sartorial pick-me-up, have you tried Topshop Maternity? http://www.topshop.com

  3. I personally would wait with the color decision until after you have the baby. You may feel differently then or want to celebrate motherhood with a new look. If you’re feeling blah, why not try out some new hair accessories or hair wraps and get your color fix that way? Just promise you won’t get a “mom” cut after the baby is born. You have the great pregnancy glow on right now and you look beautiful..

  4. No worries, and no need for the donation… you are too cute. 🙂 Blogger is such a PITA some times and I do wish I could turn off comment moderation but I just have those couple of bad apples who want to ruin the fun and make really really nasty, disgusting comments. Those are the only ones I ever delete. Someone doesn’t agree with me or doesn’t like my outfit? All good. Someone wants to attack me or my loved ones or someone else on here? Ain’t getting past my filter! 😀

  5. Hi Allie,

    Sorry about that Allie, I’m the anonymous. I wrote a long post and I thought I had said something hurtful, that had upset you.

    I must not have hit enter properly, doh, I hate new computers.

    Now I’ll make a donation to the Allie baby fund and hopefully hit the enter key properly there! 🙂

  6. Hi Allie,

    While my “babies” are now 20 and 16yo, I can attest to the hair thing…when I was pregnant with the first one I got tired of my dyed red almost black hair. I have 3a/b curly hair and it was below shoulder length. I spent over 8 hours in a salon having them bleach my hair white (to get the color out) and then re-dyeing it to my normal brown…I ended up cutting all that hair off as it was fried faded crap….it did not hold the color at all which is totally opposite of how my hair usually behaves with color….after the birth of my son, my natural color went really dark almost black looking in photos… I think the idea of dark with a purple or blue streak/highlight would look good with your skin tone and would give you that pick me up.

    Clothes wise, I am sorry that things are not great…I lived in leggings and my husbands x-large t-shirts..not a great look on anyone at anytime. I was not working and a student but still when I see photos from that time I cringe! Maryland square has some comfortable 2″ or less heeled shoes that are not grandmotherly. I like the sofft brand in particular they have a vintage feel to me. I have two pair of the pumps.


  7. Hi Allie!
    I completely understand everything you are going through!! I am due on December 1st and am stylish but frugal too. I have lived so far at Old Navy and also with some hand-me-downs. The hair thing…I am too chicken to even get mine colored right now! I usually have honey colored highlights but now I feel drab and mousy…I don’t think I can do it as I would be too scared if anything ever happened to my little Aidan. I am ridiculous sometimes I think 🙂
    Anyhow, have you tried Target for pants? I know they are not the highest quality out there but I have two pairs of non-twill pants from Liz L. and LOVE them. And shoes…do you have a DSW near you? I always find something there for pretty reasonable prices. They have so many styles – edgy, preppy, etc. And many of the shoes I have are so comfortable. I second the comment about the Aerosoles, love them to pieces. Stylish too.
    I, too, can’t wait to get back into my “normal” clothes – maternity has come a long way…BUT it is still not the same, I know. I just seem to live in the same 6 or 7 tops and bottoms – think I will want to burn them after Aidan is born! Anyhow, thank you for your terrific blog – I read it every time I need a pick me up esteem wise instead of shopping randomly on items that I didn’t really think about in the long run. On my list after baby are a nice black pencil skirt and a pashmina! Have a great day!! Jamie

  8. Your thoughts remind me of my last three preggos. This is a big change in your life so things start scattering in the mama to be head. You think about things that you never thought you would. But it is amazing what so little babies really need and my third I call my practical one my first, oh lord I had every contraption known to man. You will be a great mom, bask in every moment so you can remember details and write it down.

    My thoughts and these are only my own is try the darker hair color and I think burgendy/wine colored highlights. Not too chunky though. I can not praise Farouk Silk serum for super shine and great smelling hair. I love to use it after I get our of the shower with my usual hair product on my natural wavy hair.

    I also love to use it on dry hair right before using the chi iron for super duper straight and smooth sailing locks.

    Honestly the matte jersey dresses are stunning on you they fit great, look great and seem to able to address expanding belly issues.

    Believe me I was all belly with all three. Skirts and dresses may be the way to go.

    I really have to say the wrap dresses looks great red/coral, black, and the teal one. How about some little above knee length skirts in dark gray, black, and another neutral that you can pair with your shirts you already have?

    I am anxious to see what you are planning.


  9. Aww you guys are so helpful! Thanks so much!!!

    I don’t feel bad about the hair idea since I have had it since January but have just been too chicken. Not going to cut it next Wednesday, just color. I have been far more conservative with cut and color since pregnant so I don’t think I am getting too crazy here. 🙂

    I know I can get my purple fix elsewhere, but I am just not a bright purple bag person, don’t paint my nails (toes are red, I am classic like that), and there isn’t much purple maternity that isn’t heinous. May have to do a smokey purple eye! 🙂

    Also pulling out the footless tights to see how they look with some of my knit dresses… too bad I look ridiculous in ballet flats…

    AND heard from Duo and they gave me some great suggestions for an alternative pair of boots. Off to check out their site and measure my lower calf! 🙂 I ADORE companies that have quick and personal customer service!!!!

  10. I can’t help with the pants question. I lived in maternity jeans at home and wore scrubs to work. My only advice is to get one or two pair that you like and then wear the heck out of them…save your money to buy great post-baby clothes.
    Also, expect your foot to grow at least a half-size, and it’s going to stay that way. I went up by a whole size and had to get a new shoe wardrobe.
    The pregnancy brain gets worse…I actually forgot what year it was one day. You get most of it back…most of it.

  11. Allie – I’m feeling your pain – hang in there. I’m about 14 weeks with #5 and belly is popping. Maternity jeans fall down or cut me in half. I love dresses, but next spring when I’m nursing the dresses will be useless due to access. The maternity clothes at the mall are all cheap and polyester. I want Isabella Oliver!
    How about a purple non-maternity cardigan to throw on over your dresses? Purple pashima?

  12. Oh Allie, I am so sorry that you are suffering the wardrobe blues! I don’t imagine that it will make you feel any better, but you really do look wonderful, so please remember that on days you don’t feel fab.
    Was thinking about your sartorial clothing dilemma, and was wondering whether you could carry through the Autumn your summer jersey dresses with some jersey layers and colourful opaque tights. Apart from anything else, some fabulous plum tights with a balck jersey dress would be a great way of buying into the season’s trends without investing too heavily in maternity clothing.
    Hmm, this reads more like a sermon than a comment, so will leave it here! Chin up!

  13. As soon as you mentioned wanting a new color, my first thought was that black with blue highlights or blue sheen that you can get! I say go for it – I’ve heard that your hair may react differently to color because of hormones and stuff, but since you’ve already had it colored while pregnant, that probably gives you a good idea of how well it would take. I know how easy it is to feel frumpy, so do what will make you happy. I felt a lot better after I colored my hair again. 😉

    About the eyebrows – I think that’s just pure pregnancy brain. Write yourself a little post-it note or something to put near the phone for when you have a chance to make an appointment so you won’t forget it!

    No need to be sorry. Hair color and fall fashion are important! ;D

  14. I was going to suggest looking at Van Eli shoes. They come in narrows (which I wear) so I assume they’d also come in wides. I have several pairs from them with a nice 2″ heel that are just adorable.

    Sofft also makes the occasional cute shoe (I own the Gemma, and they have a lower-heel version) amongst the grandma styles.

    I’d offer you my old maternity clothes, including the nice black straight-leg gabardine pants, but that’d be a little weird coming from a blogger you’ve never met 😉

  15. I like the feature on Zappos where you can search by heel height. I think that is also the case with piperlime. I know exactly waht you mean about this fall having awesome clothes and being pregnant – i am due around Thanksgiving and so will be missing all the fun fashions too. However, the bright side is the tremendous money saved!
    We just finished some minor remodeling and I am very glad we did it , but I’ll not lie – being pregnant and remodeling does not a good time make. However, it is worth it in the end!


  16. I completely gave up on decent maternity trousers during my last pregnancy – anything that worked at all was ten feet long, needed major alterations and STILL cost $100. So…no. I made do with skirts and higher-quality knit pants, mostly.

    This pregnancy (2-3 weeks to go!) (uh, holy moley!) I’m lucky enough to work from home, so yoga pants and capris are pretty much the deal.

    One thought though – if you can find something that *only* has slash pockets as the offender, sewing them shut is about the easiest and cheapest alteration you can make. Also, you might want to look at JCPenney online. They have a decent selection of not-twill professional trousers that – while they wouldn’t make the “long-term” grade, work for the 4 months or so you need them to last and run in the under-$50 range (and are on sale now, some for about $20).

  17. Go ahead and dye your hair!! What is stopping you? It’s just hair and it can be changed if you don’t like it. It’ll probably help your mood too. Keep the faith for those maternity clothes. I can’t even imagine how hard that is but I know if anyone can find them, you can. And in the mean time paint your nails purple or get some purple eyeshadow. You know how to make it work.

  18. I too am looking for stylist low, low or flat heeled shoes that are not frumpy or manly. I am not pregnant but I have a chronic foot problem and it looks like all the sexy high heels in my closet are going to be just for display purposes. WAAAA !!! I hope someone can suggest some kick ass flat shoes.

  19. I know what you mean about crappy fabric in maternity pants – My mum spent $70 on a pair of black work pants for me and after I washed them about 4 times they fell apart. I hadn’t even put them in the dryer!

    I have terrible regrowth now that I’m pregnant because every time I dye my hair the dye just washes out. Apparently it’s something to do with the hormones – my hair wont hold even permanent dye until I stop breastfeeding. Just another one of those *fun* things 🙂

  20. Hi Allie

    There are a few things on sale on this site:
    (e.g. would you wear the Charlotte skirt or the houndstooth skirt?)

    And ATL has a $25 discount (http://www.anntaylorloft.com/catalog/department.jsp?N=1200121&categoryId=619) on these bottoms:
    (there’s a pair of Ponte trousers, I seem to remember you like Ponte?)

    Or would you consider consignment items? Maybe you already know this website:

    Not sure if any of this is your style, but you never know…

    By the way: I can imagine you must be getting bored with your dresses, but you look amazing in them!

  21. So funny!! I swear I am in the twilight zone with you. I promise to return to non-woo-woo Belette tomorrow. But, I was wondering when I read your blog this a.m. if you had the “I am pregnant and I want to change my hair” moment yet. It seems to be a common motif. I have heard that most often women want to cut their hair drastically.

    I had a stylist who told me she will not do major hair cuts on pregnant women—it is her policy to stop gals from going super long to super short in the midst of a time that can be hormonally challenging.

    Hope you find some good shoes that are safe, chic and comfortable.

  22. I swear, the minute you have something specific in mind (ie: kick ass low-heeled shoes) is the minute everything looks like old school Clarks.

    You look amazing in the red dress!

  23. Hi my name is Mary and I just started reading your blog this week.

    I think I can help in the shoe department. Try Aerosoles! They come in wides, they have some really nice classic and great updated styles (it’s not your grandma’s Aerosoles anymore) and the bottoms are this great rubber like material that will NOT let you slip! I don’t work for the company or anything, I just like a stylish and COMFORTABLE shoe.

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