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Yesterday was No Judgment Day, where we mothers should stop judging one another and support each other. I was honored that Redbook asked me to write a piece for No Judgment Day, and you should be seeing more pieces from me on Redbook's site in the future.  I encourage you to read some of the other posts on Mamarama, Redbook's Mom Blog Council.

Yesterday I spoke at The PR News Media Relations Next Practices Forum. They had a panel of journalists and bloggers share what they wanted to receive from PR folks and those in PR were able to ask us questions. I must admit I was a bit nervous – this was the first time I did public speaking as a blogger that wasn't about fashion and I was on a panel with some pretty impressive folks. But I think it went extremely well; I not only was able to share my experiences with getting pitches but I learned from my fellow panelists and those PR folks in the audience.  And of course we need to talk about fashion!  I wore this dress from Dobbin with this pendant, and these shoes from Boutique 9 (which are gorgeous but too high for wearing all day, just a little FYI.  Will keep for nights out or days where I sit more at work).

I am down to m last pair of contacts and decided to get an eye exam and a new pair of glasses.  Picking them up today, and the contacts won't be ready for later so you may see a few outfit posts of me in google googles!  I haven't gotten a new pair of glasses since 2004 (seriously!) so it will be good to give my eyes a rest from contacts… and I think I'll be having too much fun with this and getting another pair of frames or two in the next year!

I have really enjoyed being without a TV for the past week or so.  We bought our TV a few years after we moved here and it has been very good to us but the fan died the day before Thanksgiving.  Since then, we have entertained ourselves with the computer or iPhone and even Emerson has gotten used to it.  Makes me wish I didn't buy a TV on Black Friday (it will be delivered this coming week).  I didn't even miss Gossip Girl that much, and got much more reading and sleep as a result!

Off to take Emerson to ballet and run a few errands.  If all goes well we may get our tree this weekend!  What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Allie, 4 1/4 ” heels?! Yes, they are pretty but how can you walk in them at all? The multi-talented MS Allie. They would make me 6′ 1 1/4″ and I would walk about 10 steps and then break my ankle. Timber!


  2. I will be curious to see how you adapt your eye makeup for frames (or if you do). I am ready to branch out with my eye makeup, so any tips you find, please share!

  3. Honey – you should be getting an eye exam every three years and probably new glasses as often. Personally – I LOVE eyewear!!! I have very sensitive skin and eye makeup beyond mascara is just not possible. But colored eyewear – that’s the ticket! Fortunately, my prescription doesn’t change much over time so glasses can stay in the rotation for many years. I current have 14 pairs to choose from and I just love the daily selection. Hey – when you start to need bifocals, why not rock it! And if you get the right shape and wide bows, you can camoflage a few of the fine lines we all get along with the bifocals. Many stores (VisionWorks is my fave) have buy one get one free sales almost nonstop.

  4. I have two pairs of glasses (had three until I sat on a pair, sob) and love playing with them for different looks. I can sense you will come obsessed.

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